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Untitled #162  (Aeneas Wilder)

Workplace (Adel Abidin, Emily Jacir, João Onofre, Superflex, Pilvi Takala, John Wood and Paul Harrison)

As I wandered round Aeneas Wilder’s… 804 more words


The 186th Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy

In Stuart MacKenzie’s Owl, ink trickles hastily in a black cascade to form great beating wings. The bird, leaving its split-second retrograde-self perched on a branch, tenses leg muscles and prepares for take-off. 745 more words


Present to See the Fall: Thoughts on Aeneas Wilder's Kick at Temporality

With a kick Aeneas Wilder’s sculptural installation “#156”, nearly two stories tall, collapses in a loud, eerie decent. It is as if in the moment of collapse we are interacting with the death of a thing, but it’s just atoms shifting place. 370 more words

Rachel Carstens

knock down

Aeneas Wilder is a U.K. artist who creates installations that might remind you of those popsicle structures you built way back in elementary school. Just a bit of a difference, though, as he is world-renowned and his installations are worth a few (thousand) dollars more. 155 more words

Other Art

Creative destructions

I noticed that destructions has been a theme for my art viewing recently

I saw this wonderful sculpture by Gustav Metzger at the Whitworth, Manchester… 121 more words


Aeneas Wilder Unitled # 155 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Aeneas Wilder’s Unitled # 155 is showing at the Longside Gallery at Yorkshire Sculpture Park until Thursday 3 November 2011. It is an installation, made especially for this space, constructed through the careful placement and balance of uniform lengths of recycled Iroko wood, used for parquet flooring. 128 more words


The straight curves of Aeneas Wilder

At the Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Aeneas Wilder has installed Untitled # 155, which I will post about another day. In the side gallery there is this Untitled Drawing (2011), a mandala shape made of carefully placed straight strips of wood (they remind me of lollypop sticks)

straight means, curved ends!