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Geo Pics: Chott el Djerid, Tunisia

This photograph of Chott el Djerid in central Tunisia draws any discerning viewer in to explore what at first glance appears to be a landscape of very little interest.   307 more words


Dust Storms in Hellas Planitia, Mars

Post by Mr Martin Voelker and Dr. Daniela Tirsch, Institute of Planetary Research, German Aerospace Center, Berlin.

In July 2012 the Context Camera (CTX) on board Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) observed an upcoming and well-defined dust storm in a giant impact basin in the southern hemisphere on Mars known as Hellas Planitia. 942 more words


A Peek Under The Hood Of Modes

Modes are ancient scales of the church which are still used today by jazz musicians.  You can also hear modal music in many of today’s film scores and in some churches who still value their rich musical heritage.  196 more words

(Originally Published 02/20/15) The Deep

This is a short story inspired entirely by the music and photographic work of artist, Benjamin James. Check out his album Aeolian on Itunes, his photography  3,001 more words



Saharan dust reaching the UK gets in the news quite regularly, usually unfavourably in connection with pollution events. Desert dust is one of several types of minute particles, called aerosols, that are emitted into the atmosphere including salt, carbon and volcanic ash. 2,380 more words