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Saharan dust reaching the UK gets in the news quite regularly, usually unfavourably in connection with pollution events. Desert dust is one of several types of minute particles, called aerosols, that are emitted into the atmosphere including salt, carbon and volcanic ash. 2,418 more words


My little sister got married!

Last weekend I had the supreme honor of standing next to my little sister as she married the love of her life!  I also had the pleasure, this winter, of knitting her a shawl fit for her gorgeous wedding. 399 more words

FO Friday


Aeolian. Of or relating to Aeolus; characterised by a sighing or moaning sound as if produced by the wind.

I promise just a little bit more and I’m there…

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Exploring the Modes with the I - IV - V Progression

Ever hear of the I – IV – V progression? That’s 1, 4, 5 for those who don’t know how to read Roman numerals.

The I – IV – V progression is one of the most heavily used progressions in music, and is used in AT LEAST 90% of every blues song out there. 193 more words

Music Theory

Exploring the Modes with The Trooper

I want to start a new series of video lessons that takes fairly popular (or straight up popular) riffs and change the mode they’re played in. 159 more words


Viva l'Italia!

If you asked me how do I culturally identify myself other than Australian I would say Italian. Out of interest I had my DNA tested… 454 more words

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The Ever Circling Sands of Titan

This image shows hypothetical corridors of sand transport on Titan. ¬†According to the authors of a new paper, these equatorial dunes “may represent a single, global sand sea with west-to-east transport providing sources and sinks for sand in each interconnected basin”. 139 more words