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Finding Home in Your Mars: Salt On Wounds [1]

Finding Home in Your Mars:

Salt on Wounds

Mallory Jeon x Jae (DAY6)

“Your existence is like pouring a salt into my open-wounds.” 3,014 more words


Windy Creatures

The wind turbines, wind farms, windmills,
Weathercocks, and farts from your Lipari caves,
And the sails that we never pull down,
In our journeys with the wind, 231 more words


Exploring the completeness of the aeolian record within synthetic stratigraphy

To be submitted soon! 

Abstract: A reduced complexity model aeolian dune stratification model is developed and applied to explore the role of dune morphodynamics in the creation of synthetic sections of aeolian stratigraphy and shredding of environmental signals originating from three sets of environmental forcing: … 242 more words


Aeolian™ Diffuser - Mash up

Here’s one of the first install pics of our new Aeolian™ Sound Diffusers, installed in a home project studio. Also note the Art Diffusor® Models F & C… 26 more words


Howard Shore Music and Searching For Gandalf's Name...

I ventured last night to learn about the “Aeolian mode” in music. Only because I heard from Rick Beato (who is a music genius!) that Howard Shore plays a lot of his music in that mode. 369 more words

Richard Skelton ~ Towards a Frontier

Towards a Frontier is a multidisciplinary work: a CD (with bonus material for early purchasers), two films and a book of photos and other art.  As with most of… 512 more words

Richard Allen

Alternative ventifacts

Iceland ventifact by Dr Tim Barrows on Sketchfab

Iceland isn’t the first place you would think has aeolian landforms. Aeolian landforms are those that are produced either by erosion or deposition by wind. 492 more words