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Hullo again,

Yeah thats my current face up there. My eye lids are currently scraping over my eyeballs dryly, like sandpaper. Im tired. Its new year now, and while mama is washing dishes and papa is mopping the floor and xin is having a conversatoon with morpheus in dreamland, i am here, typing away on the tablet a new random entry that probably would be read by only a few, like xin or you, im not sure. 671 more words

Ohio AEP has been bullied by Sierra Club?

We have often noted that BUYERS for renewable power have not been especially active in Ohio. This is not surprising as the quality of the wind and sun is better elsewhere. 466 more words

L'année de la justice globale en 2015

Alors que l’année 2015 vient de se terminer, nous revenons sur une année riche dans la lutte pour la justice pour les crimes de guerre, crimes contre l’humanité et génocide dans le monde entier. 2,459 more words

République Démocratique Du Congo