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Aereo – Il decollo

By giuseppepeppoloni

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Court Jumps into OTT Fray

In a really surprising ruling, a federal judge has ruled that FilmOn X should be able to get access to local network programming like a cable TV company. 717 more words

The Industry

Federal judge gives FilmOn the copyright win Aereo couldn’t get

If our bodies burn 2,000-2,500 calories per day anyway, that could power a smartphone.

Only Apple’s newest, fastest tablet supports all the new features.

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US judge delivers potential landmark ruling, says Internet TV should be treated like cable

”In a potential landmark ruling that could have a dramatic effect on the media landscape, a US federal judge has suggested that an online TV service should be treated like a traditional cable company,” James Vincent reports for The Verge. 92 more words


Comcast's "Stream" Online TV Service Is Basically Aereo With HBO

Comcast is, by far, the biggest cable TV provider in the country, but its pay-TV numbers is sinking while its Internet user base grows. In an effort to sell some sort of TV service to this increasingly large segment of the market, the folks at Kabletown are testing an online-only live-TV service dubbed Stream. 292 more words

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TiVo Invokes Aereo's Corporate Corpse To Market An "Exclusive" Deal That Costs $70 More Than No Deal At All

Aereo only operated for two years, and in that time the company commanded a small but loyal fan base. Customers in the cities where the streaming service operated enjoyed being able to capture, record, and stream local over-the-air broadcasts… until the company got shot down by the courts and went bankrupt. 669 more words