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I am a pole dancer!

Yes, I am a pole dancer (or at least I aspire to be one!) but I’m not a stripper. Most people associate pole dancing with dirty images of… oh I don’t need to go into details of that. 290 more words

The Graceful Art of Aerial Fitness...

If you’ve ever been to a Pink gig you’ll be familiar with her spellbinding ability to combine flawless vocals whilst hanging from the ceiling twisted up in aerial silks and effortlessly flying through hoops.   506 more words


Release Your Inner Bird with Aerial Yoga

One of my favorite local newspaper columnists recently wrote an article that poked a bit of fun at the many alternative forms of yoga that seem to abound. 481 more words


Try not to look like you’re in pain

Everyone who practices yoga has that one pose that they can’t quite do right. We’re all built differently, we have different aches and pains brought on by our lifestyle, age, genetics. 505 more words


Pole Goals 2017

This year will mark the 1st anniversary of me beginning pole fitness. It will also hopefully, be my first full year of pole fitness. Come September a lot of my fitness activities are going to have to be dropped but my hope is to keep Pole as the one thing I do still do. 211 more words

Pole Fitness

Try Something New Challenge: Week 1

In 2014 I lived outside of Portland, OR. Portland is known for its quirkiness, so the news station would showcase different things to do in the city. 310 more words