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The Four Things You Must do When Trying Aerial Hoop

Many exercises have clear resources and a huge following, see Yoga or Pilates, and therefore a wealth of online knowledge. Aerial hoop does not. When I first started I remember researching the best stretches, or the best exercises to help improve strength and flexibility. 499 more words

Aerial Hoop

Confessions of an Aerial Addict: Bruises, Burns and Blisters

First aerial class, and I remember being told:

“You’re gonna feel it tomorrow, and you’ll probably have a fair few bruises.”

The next day I couldn’t lift my arms above my waist, my shoulders burned and my core popped up to say hi for the first time in forever. 446 more words


Daily Fitness: Aerial Silks

(This article first appeared in the June 14, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)

Aerial silks have captivated millions in the form of productions like Cirque du Soleil. 509 more words


If you can't take the heat, I WILL!

What I’ve learned in the almost 10 years living in Portland is that Oregonians have a perfect temperature range of 75-85 degrees.  For a city that is covered by clouds and rain for 9 months out the year, this small margin of comfort baffles me. 554 more words


What is Aerial Yoga?

Two Important Notes:

  1. This post was inspired by a first date 
  2. The leggings you see all over this post were provided by Marika & I’m obsessed with them!
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