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Doppler Effect Hudsons

I’ve just logged in and found 5 posts that I clearly didn’t make live! lol….oh well, time to update and make them live!

These are my seconds pair of Hudsons, from Perfect Pattern Parcel #5  The last pair ended up being really comfy to wear for hoop, but I made the waistband a little bit big – I also wasn’t convinced by the style. 260 more words


Vulcana Women’s Circus Incubator Program, Easter Cohort

I applied to participate in Vulcana Women’s Circus’ Incubator program to develop a solo work piece with working title – “Curious Pixie”.  This opportunity for me, is to gain a greater insight into the staging and making of devised work where different elements are at play – putting the vision of movements together with the constraints and freedom offered by the rigging, aerial equipment and physical scenography. 371 more words

Professional Development

All that "healthy January" talk

We broke the “January barrier” in the new year. Now almost rid of all the holidays’ guilt, out of the window goes the dry Jan promises and a bulk of those enthusiastic “January gym crowd” is starting to get bored… But why not keep it going? 1,521 more words


One by one - the story of an act

The Evil Queen

Snow White and the seven dwarfs, and her evil step-mother is where the story began.

I debuted this act, as my very first aerial hoop act as well, on the 2009 London Burlesque Festival. 655 more words


Fun Fitness Review: Aerial Hoop

Tuesday! Aerial Hoop Day! The obsession continues.

I am convinced the only way to stick to any form of exercise or healthy eating is to find your why (the reason you want to do a thing or achieve a goal more than all of the reasons you have for staying the same) and find your passion. 694 more words

5 Fabulously Fun Ways to Stay Fit

It’s the beginning of the year; the time of year when we are all thinking of ways to improve our lives. We want to be more productive, finally clean that closet, or get in shape. 345 more words

Classes for Free...???

How would you like to attend Bliss Dance classes in Nuneaton for FREE?

Learn to Pole Dance for FREE?

I am sure ALL of you would like that opportunity surely….?? 102 more words