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Aerial hoop IV

Walking man – I think this pose looks really cool but hurts like hell on your feet….


Aerial hoop III

I always mix up the names but I think this move was called “Peter Pan”.


Aerial hoop II

Some scribbling from the other night. Back balance on a hoop.


Aerial hoop

I am completely hooked on aerial hoop. I just got back to it this summer after a year long break. Love to be upside down in the air again!

Water colour & ink


The adventures of UK Pole Professional Championships (UKPPC) 2017

My 360 Pole Dancing sisters with stage side seats!

Pole Christmas came round quickly again this year, as it literally seemed like last month that my pole family and I were whizzing up the M5 in Cleo the pole-mobile, all buzzing with excitement and eagerly anticipating the loss of our UKPPC virginity. 688 more words

My New Fitness Journey

Gone are the days that people who performed with Aerial Silks and Hoop were either Gymnasts or ran away to join a moving circus. Just like Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness has become popular in the last couple of decades, it fuses everything from Pilates based core moves to gymnast styled aerial tricks. 509 more words