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Confessions of an Aerial Addict: Defeating Your Inner Pessimist

It’s not easy to accept your limits. You’re told, “Don’t compare yourself to others”… but it’s awfully hard not to.

My first aerial lesson, I rocked up on my own, the kind of confidence which had to be faked (it was) with the acceptance that I would suck (debatable) and the knowledge that my cardio was at an all time low (so true it hurts). 615 more words

Aerial Hoop

Confessions of an Aerial Addict

I’m sat here sipping my coffee, having come straight from work to the climbing centre, watching videos on the safe way to get into an Arabesque…because I’ve become an aerial addict. 494 more words

Aerial Hoop

Film Review: The Greatest Showman

So my first review isn’t about a novel, a poem or even an article, it is in fact a review of a movie. And I have good reason for this. 533 more words

Aerial Hoop

Hoop VI

Went to aerial hoop class tonight. First time I moved since Christmas, and damn, it was a struggle. All that eating left its traces. Perhaps on Friday I will be in better shape again to try this kind of shoulder stand.


Aerial hoop V

I have been sketching a lot recently, trying out new techniques. Another hoop drawing…

I was thinking to try portraits next, using different techniques, and see what comes out of it. 22 more words


Aerial hoop IV

Walking man – I think this pose looks really cool but hurts like hell on your feet….


Aerial hoop III

I always mix up the names but I think this move was called “Peter Pan”.