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H is for Happiness - 3 things that can lead you there! (A - Z challenge still hangin' in there!)

This week I returned from an yoga retreat that filled me with inner warmth and vibrated my chakras with joy.

You know how it is: life is full of work, children, partners, social obligations, to-do lists, chores, and then something bad happens to really set you back? 698 more words

Unique Yoga Destinations & Practices to Try This Summer

Hey everyone! What are you up to on this fine Tuesday? It is finals week here at my college and, although we’re all trying to say focused, the warm weather we’ve had lately has many of us dreaming of summer. 840 more words


Aerial Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to get #FitToFly???

We’re so excited to launch our #AerialFitChallenge!!!!

☆Challenge runs 4/28-5/4☆

7 #aerialfitness poses in 7 days!

Aerial Yoga Fitness is a total body workout! 362 more words

☆AERIAL Yoga Teacher Training☆

☆New Age Aerial Yoga Certification☆


New Age Yoga welcomes you to join the newest addition to our Registered Yoga School!

This aerial yoga program is certified by Yoga Alliance for 22 continuing education hours. 258 more words

Tunnel Vision

When I was little my Dad would tell me to always try my hardest.  If I came home from school with a C, but I stayed after, got help and did everything I could a C was ok because he knew that I tried my hardest.  313 more words


Aerial Yoga @ Cardio Go w/ Classpass

If you’re here for the Classpass deal (3 classes for $10) click here!! Post is not sponsored in any way, I just love this service & it made a positive impact on my life ^_^. 1,206 more words


What's this Expat Been up to...

It’s March 2, which means about 75% of school year number 2 overseas is complete.  It also means I am less than 30 days away from my first trip in over 6 months.  973 more words