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Are you feeling stressed?

There is a form of physical exercise which can help you relieve your stress, this is called Yoga. This starts from focusing on definite body parts to combine the body with the mind and mind with the soul through right breathing and poses. 311 more words


How You Raise Your Son can make or break someone's day

The actual title of this post is “when you raise an asshole you fuck up someone else’s day” But I thought that might be tad offensive. 1,106 more words

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Where do you spend most of your day

Today I thought I’d share a typical day in Viviane Land. I wake up and drink some coffee while playing with my cat and chatting with my husband about the coming day or about the previous day’s adventures. 159 more words


Happy Milwaukeeversary

This month marks one year since our family in toto took up residency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The dark months prior, during which Seth was largely in Wisconsin while I was attempting to manage two children and a full-time job at a roller coaster of a company, may be part of the reason I love Milwaukee SO F**KING MUCH. 190 more words

Aerial Yoga

Book Review: Finding Love in Eureka, California

There is so much going on in this book. I kinda wonder if the author went, “I want to take all the controversial issues that are important to me and make a story from them, yes, I’ll do that!” 267 more words


Yoga By Sarah

I am a huge yoga fan. I have visited and/or been a member of many yoga studios in different countries. A good yoga class centres me, it makes me feel strong, improves my flexibility, and realigns my body after I sit hunched at my computer all day. 301 more words

St Catharines

#71 Kuu Yoga & Sleep

I’ve heard that opposites attract, and despite my skepticism about that platitude, Almas and I personify this in an especially focused way. While I love the inherently competitive and violent BJJ, Almas focuses her energy on the personally expressive and relaxing yoga. 314 more words

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