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IV Drip Therapy

These past few months I have made a lot of changes in my life and unhealthy habits. I have been eating healthier and working out a lot more and I have been having a lot of fun doing it. 328 more words


Nr. 82 - Aerial Barre

A mix of aerial (flying/floating), yoga and ballet. At first, a little sceptic about the ballet element of the class, Gabby and I booked in a class with our friend Rossu. 131 more words


Iloa ilmajoogasta / A Joy of Aerial Yoga

Sununtaihin sopii hyvin sananen rentoutumiskeinoistani. Itse olen hyvin kehollinen ihminen, rakastan liikkua, mutta siitä syystä kehoni kerää myös jännitystä, stressiä ja tunnelukkoja. Joogan eri suuntausten myötä olen löytänyt tapoja purkaa tuota kasautunutta energiaa. 666 more words


Fusion Fitness: New Ways to a Healthier You

By Avan Tolat

Living in a city like Mumbai, where people are constantly on the move and living a hectic lifestyle, Fitness Regimes have become the need of the hour.  660 more words


5 FUN Ways to Work Out

Remember the days when working out didn’t feel like you were even working out? Maybe you were on the football or baseball team. Maybe you played volleyball or took gymnastics. 663 more words


My First Aerial Yoga Class

Alternative title: how I learned to quit worrying and let go.

My friends Kevin and Jessica had taken aerial yoga before, and after hearing about their experiences, we planned a date at the Om Factory in the Fashion District of Manhattan: 952 more words

Cross Training

Turn Your Yoga Practice Upside Down with Aerial Yoga at Your Body Center

Nothing says change up your yoga routine like getting off your mat and into the air. I went to one class on a whim at the recommendation of a friend at… 687 more words

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