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Aerial Yoga: Inverted Baddha Konasana

Still loving aerial yoga.  I just finished up my 4th class this weekend.  Sadly I can only go once every 2 weeks.  I’d love to do it more often but there isn’t a studio by my house so I go when I visit my parents an hour away. 291 more words

Μείνε σε φόρμα και χωρίς να πας γυμναστήριο!

Το καλοκαίρι έρχεται, τα κοντομάνικα και τα μαγιό βγαίνουν σιγά-σιγά από την ντουλάπα κι εσύ αναρωτιέσαι μήπως θά’ πρεπε να επισκεφτείς το γυμναστήριο της περιοχής σου ή να ξαναθυμηθείς εκείνο το ετήσιο πακέτο γυμναστικής, που ούτε θυμάσαι πότε αγόρασες. 34 more words


AIR Yogalates Teacher Training

When I was ten, I mastered the art of climbing my tree. It was a huge Norway Maple outside of my house, and although I understood that Norway Maples are an invasive species and can take root in the most undesirable of places and empeche (I know I can’t remember the word in English) the growth of the native species, I loved that tree and sobbed three years later when it had to be cut down.(As my mom always points out, the tree was very old and had become quite sick). 492 more words


Aerial Silks=New World Peace

As I have talked about in my previous blog, growing up I was encouraged to participate in the arts as well as athletics. I never got into the fine arts part (couldn’t sit still long enough) but found joy in the theater, recording studio and dance studio. 457 more words

Aerial Dance


Welcome to the blog of the LaPlume Aerial Movement Company (further referenced as LAMCo.) of Bristol, NH. Although, at the time of this blogs publication there is no said LaPlume Aerial Movement Co., its a dream in the making. 761 more words

Aerial Dance

#1 - Flying high with aerial yoga

Ok, so less ‘high’ and more ‘free’ – a few feet off the ground but hammocked up and swinging around Amazonian style in my yogic cocoon. 358 more words


Aerial Yoga

I read about aerial yoga online a few years back when I was just getting into yoga. It looked like tons of fun but (1) there weren’t any local studios offering it and (2) I had my usual reservations/reluctance about trying new things (mainly fear of looking stupid or in this case that I might be super uncoordinated and end up tangled like a pretzel having to be rescued by the yoga teacher or something overly dramatic like that). 611 more words