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Even I Don't Know If I'll Ever Be Back

We were born to take over the world, no prisoners, but most importantlyno survivors. 

These things are tricky; sometimes I… 153 more words

The Ghost of Some Flickering Candlelight

It’s not a revolution, not. just. yet.

-but I think it will be, s:o:m:e:t:i:m:e from f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I think it will be.

It has the… 32 more words

Let's Play Final Fantasy VII - Part 10 - The Guy in Briefs is the one in Charge?

Costa del Sol – Corel – Gold Saucer
Final Fantasy VII Playlist:
Final Fantasy VII is the property of Square-Enix.

Final Fantasy Vii

Then I Met You

I’ve always wanted to meet someone who saw the world differently. Someone with stars in their eyes, ya know?

Well, it always seems like I won’t be able to, cause apparently all the stars are gone and there’s nothing but dust left again. 63 more words

Army Enduro Team Training - Bikepark Wales - Jan 16

It was 6am and 5 degrees below freezing when I woke up shivering. I was shaking so hard the coat hangers in my cupboard were rattling a cacophony against the MDF sides. 1,385 more words

Bird Cycleworks

Lost To the Wind

Sometimes you can’t leave the places you were born. 

I know you wanted to leave, but now you have to go back. Some of us just aren’t meant for the wonders of freedom.

But that’s okay… right?