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A Fall Garden - The Greens

It’s that time of year again! The mornings are starting to feel brisker, the days are getting shorter and the air cooler, and the stores are bringing out their pumpkin-flavored everything…yes it’s almost FALL! 942 more words

Vegetable Dreaming

All the leaves are green

and the screen is grey

I’m gonna have fresh food

On a winter’s day…*

(*apologies to The Mamas & The Papas) 219 more words


New Kid In Town

If I were a plant, I would probably be a sweet bell pepper. They aren’t very fast and they are mild, but you know when they are in the food.   311 more words


It's Gonna Be Okay, He's a Fun Guy

After 5 days of watching the lettuce pod (which promised to be the fastest sprout but tomato beat it by far), I noticed a small white cotton ball on top of the grow sponge.   375 more words


Welcome to the World...

Shazam!  The first sign of life in Gotham Gardens (my name for the whole shebang of food I intended to grow in my kitchen in an effort to become my own Whole Foods).   207 more words


Life is Suffering

The first of the four noble truths in Buddhism is:  Life is suffering.  That doesn’t mean that Buddhists like to suffer, or that we are negative about the things that happen around us. 271 more words


Day 1: Houston, We Have Lift-Off

So I opened up my Aerogarden and read all the instructions. I had expected to spend a crazy amount of time putting this together.  Turns out – it took me longer to put together the rack in the kitchen to put it on than it did putting that machine together. 206 more words