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Hydroponic Garden

Most of you probably don’t know, but Bob bought me a gorgeous bird for my birthday. Since my Prissy died about 6 years ago, I’ve been birdless. 133 more words


Water Garden

I was gifted an Aerogarden several years ago and I love the thing. There is nothing like having fresh basil for pesto, fresh cilantro for your taco’s, fresh mint and chamomile for your tea and fresh dill for potato salad. 102 more words


AeroGardens = Magic

AeroGardens are the best for small apartment gardening.  It’s always awesome to have fresh herbs on hand when cooking, or watching cherry tomatoes grow.  I personally own three (crazy AeroGarden-lady, anyone?). 290 more words


Transplanting herbs from an Aerogarden

Spring is coming in NY despite this past week’s snowstorm, and gardening calendars tell me I need to start seeds indoors soon. Since I have a 100% kill rate of starting seeds in soil, I thought it best to use my technology enhanced cheat system to give these plant babies a real chance at life. 327 more words


Spring is here! (Well, sorta)

The “Winter one day, Spring the next” weather we’ve been getting reminded me that I forgot to start up my Aerogarden last October. Well, not so much forgot as kept putting it off due to hectic schedules this year. 360 more words


Chatting Cats: Embarrassing, Scary and Delicious

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. We sure do wanna fank you all fur your luv and suppurrt. Mommy says it may have been a year since Lexi left her, but it feels like yesfurday. 1,016 more words