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Aerospace engineers research, analyze, design, synthesize, develop and test aircraft, spacecraft and weapons. Aerospace engineers who focus on aircraft are called aeronautical engineers; those who concentrate on spacecraft are called astronautical engineers. 243 more words

Propeller paperweight

Paperweight in brass.

pro·pel·ler\prə-ˈpe-lər\noun :a device with two or more blades that turn quickly and cause a ship or aircraft to move.

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Generations of Fighter Aircraft

The fighter Aircraft are classified as generations according to their DesignAvionics and weapon system. Thus we have five generations of fighter aircraft and sixth generation fighter aircraft are in testing phase. 533 more words


Difference between Ballistic and cruise Missiles


Ballistic missiles are the one following a ballistic trajectory or parabolic path. It reaches the target in the consideration of launching angle, launching speed (like javelin throw) and earth rotation. 261 more words


Indian Stealth Aircrafts

Stealth aircraft have ability to hide from enemies radar. People using Radar, Infra red, RF spectrum, visible light and audio to detect the aircraft  or missiles flying in their airfield. 192 more words


BrahMos Missile

BrahMos missile is india’s proud.

BrahMos is one of the world’s fastest cruise missile (Mach 2.8-3), BrahMos II (Mach 7-8).

 Cruise missile means it can be driven to the target ,it will fly in the predetermined path.

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