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Dutch Treat

Approaching Saba’s Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, home of the shortest commercial runway in the world, and knowing Travel & Leisure has deemed the runway, … 27 more words

What do skyscrapers, tractor-trailers, and precision flow meters have in common?

Here’s a hint: Can you name this natural phenomenon of swirling vortices, pictured below in the clouds around the island of Guadalupe? (I’m looking at you aerospace engineers!) 623 more words


Bird deflector and air replacement system technical field


A bird deflector and air replacement system for a jet engine, the bird deflector being conical or arcuate in shape as formed by suitable longitudinal and lateral interconnected bars, and the air replacement apparatus being one of a frustum or a selectively perforated tube or a modified cowl with cooperating external spaced-apart channels or openings formed therearound for directing additional air into the mainstream of the jet engine inlet. 757 more words


Leading B2B tradeshow on 3D Printing comes to India !

Inkjet Forum India, a leading knowledge transfer platform for digital printing had collaborated with Meckler Media and Colour Publications to launch Inside 3D Print Mumbai.  340 more words