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Super Critical Airfoil

When an aircraft flies at subsonic speed (0 M to 0.8 M) the velocity of the air over the wing will be in the subsonic limit. 351 more words


Speed of an Aircraft

Speed of an aircraft noted in terms of Mach number.

1 Mach = Speed of the Sound

But the speed of the sound will change according to the atmospheric condition, For example speed of the sound at sea level atmospheric conditions is 340 km/h at 10000 m is 1091 km/hr. 126 more words


Primary Control Surfaces of an Aircraft

To drive (fly) the aircraft to the desired location we need control surfaces and also to recover the aircraft from disturbed position to stable position we need stabilizers and control surfaces, 517 more words


Aircraft Lift:


Lift is the upward force produced by the air on wing because of the shape (Airfoil) of the wing. Lift is the one which keeps the aircraft on air against gravity, At the time of Takeoff lift is more than the weight of the aircraft, While cruising lift is equal to the weight of the aircraft, while landing lift is less than the weight of the aircraft. 146 more words


Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: FAA-H-8083-25B

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: FAA-H-8083-25B

The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Understanding gives essential understanding that’s needed for pilots. This guide features pilots towards the broad-spectrum of understanding which is required while they advance i… #, #Aeronautical, #FAAH808325B, #Handbook, #Knowledge, #Pilots… 11 more words

Total Productive Maintenance

Traditionally, maintenance has always been viewed more as a supporting function versus a non-value adding function of a business or organization. Until recent years, managing equipment performance has not been the biggest priority in a manufacturing industry. 215 more words

Transforming Tables with Boulon Blanc

Living in London you come to realise that space is at a premium both here and in most other cities around the world. Boulon Blanc… 573 more words