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'The Decline Of Western Civilization' Documentaries Are Finally Coming To DVD, Blu-Ray

The three seminal documentaries ‘The Decline Of Western Civilization’ on punk rock and metal music are being packaged as a four disc collection for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray. 154 more words


Quite Frankly - Nina Baker [album]

Looking only at the cover artwork, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Nina Baker’s debut album, Quite Frankly, were pretty, but nothing more substantial. After all, cartoon cupcakes, lollipops and gingerbread men (not to mention the odd pint-sized woodland creature), set against a pastel-coloured pastoral scene, don’t exactly scream ‘substance’. 477 more words

By JOVE You Have To See This!

Tyler Gets His Day!

Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler!

The lead singer of Aerosmith is having his birthday today! Party on, Steven!

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Petrarchan Birthday Sonnet for Steven Tyler (written March 26, 2010)

Petrarchan Birthday Sonnet for Steven Tyler

Spring is newly arrived; it kisses the Earth,

Exciting the trees to blush green. Air sweet,

Damp, and cool; winter is slow to retreat, 96 more words


Song of the Week: "Country Band Man"

I saw this band for the first time on Saturday and it was instantaneous love! They put on a great show. Even more importantly, they are extremely talented musicians. 46 more words

Shit Lyrics - A Case Study

For as long as humans had a voice, for as long as there were stories to tell, for as long as your mate Stan could completely kill a conversation by playing Kumbaya on his guitar, the ancient art of song writing has prospered, guided by the faithful hand of the human race. 1,613 more words