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Footloose Friday - Wrong With Right

Happy Footloose Friday! The arrival of another weekend releases us from the strain of work and brings a couple days of freedom to recharge with positive energy. 721 more words

Footloose Friday

You don't make friends with salad.

On Tuesday night at around 8:34pm the kid told me that he needed snack for his whole class tomorrow.  I said that I wasn’t familiar with that request and I hadn’t gotten any correspondence from his teacher.  387 more words

Rihanna Shopped For 'Munchies' And Ended Up Singing Aerosmith In Her Bra

Celebrities, they’re just like they us. They, too, get the “munchies” on April 20 and head to the nearest convenience store — in Rihanna’s case, a Duane Reade in Hawaii — to buy junk food, and end up belting out Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” in their car while only wearing a bra and jorts. 52 more words


Mariel Hemingway Reveals The True Hollywood Underbelly...

Mariel Hemingway is the latest to reveal her encounters with big-name big-time Hollywood actors and powerful men.   Similar to KimRichards, Mariel was also pounced on by co-stars and directors, starting with Woody Allen: 244 more words


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A Long Strange Trip Deep Purple

On this day in 1968 Deep Purple made their live debut at a gig in Tastrup, Denmark. Formally known as Roundabout, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore suggested a new name: Deep Purple, named after his grandmother’s favorite song (which had been a hit for Peter De Rose), after his grandmother had repeatedly asked if they would be performing the song.

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Aerosmith Live (Get A Grip Will Ya!)

Aerosmith/Jackyl/June 13 1993/Minneapolis Minnesota/Target Center

June 93 and Aerosmiths Get A Grip tour touches down in Minnie and its the 8th date of the tour that will last til Dec of 1994! 983 more words

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