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Searching for Sub-Visual Atmospheric Structures in the Daytime Sky

On sunny, warm days the sun heats the Earth’s surface and the air close to it. Periodically a parcel of air will rise from this area due to the warmed air being buoyant. 399 more words


Dirty engine after winter?

A nice day in winter. We then, are all tempted to climb on the bike, for a couple of hours are we not?


But even when the roads are dry, in winter there are still remnants of the salt on it. 153 more words

Royal Enfield

Rexzy Paze painting

In regard to my comments on working with Paze and Rexzy what is important to note is I am just stuck in my ways. A lot of writers call me an artist and I get worried that on the day I might do a bit of an odd ball piece out of the flow of what is going on. 141 more words