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John D. Lynde Improved Your Life...

Today in History, April 8, 1862:

John D. Lynde of Philadelphia receives a patent for an “improved” aerosol spray bottle.  The concept was not new, but Lynde perfected the use of gasses to propel spray mists from a bottle. 30 more words

Aerosol Products Can Stain Wallpaper

See these tiny drops on the wall of this bathroom? I believe these are caused by people using aerosol toiletries, such as hair spray, air freshener, and other such products. 87 more words

Current show with Suchis

Me and my painting buddy are currently taking a break from large scale graffiti. My exhibition was humbling. Had a fairly small crowd but glad people made it. 297 more words

Graffiti, street art and all that...Part 1

Graffiti  “writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place”

It’s been going on a while – from early caveman right up to the present day.   278 more words


Prudence and Pollution

📷 Mike Wilson

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Climate change might kill you.

Say what? Welcome to this week’s blog and sorry for being so cheerful. 659 more words

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