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From Yahoo News: Is it a UFO? Sun Halo Sparks Fear and Jokes in Mexico

So, here you have it. Again, a synthetic Parhelion, not a true, naturally occurring Sundog, and it is labeled safe! If this was a natural event you would have multiple suns refracted in the circumjacent ring.  895 more words

Weather Modification

Extreme Weather -Weather Modification -Censorship -Frequencies -Mind Control -et al.

Third night running… One would think there was something that someone did not want the general public to notice.

So, how do pilots use this type of censored weather data? 744 more words

Weather Modification


Amid the massive RF/EMF Operations that are ongoing in the south central region, from Houston through all of the Gulf States to the east, a HAARP Ring -IRI event has presented. 511 more words

Weather Modification

Tropical Storm Ana -Weather Modification Operations

This is far more than the creation and steering of Environmental Conditions to Create Extreme Weather. 

This is Future Weapons overtly in use. Systems are compromised so the overview can hardly be shown. 135 more words

Weather Modification

Tropical Storm Ana Moving Up East Coast

The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season is off to an unusually early start as Subtropical Storm Ana spins off the coast of South Carolina. Although not expected to become particularly strong, Ana will lash the Carolina coast with heavy downpours, gusty winds and large swells through the weekend. 178 more words

Weather Modification

Volcanoes, Dust, Clouds and Climate

What are aerosols?

Aerosols are fine, airborne particles consisting at least in part of solid material. Density of the basic materials of aerosols range from 1.0 g/cm3 (for soot) to 2.6 (for minerals). 993 more words


Toxic Chemicals, Parasites, Flash Burn: The Trees Are Dead

This is a Post Script regarding the current state of forestation in New England and elsewhere…

Parasitic growth signals the decay and immanent fall of oaks and a growing number of other species of tree. 159 more words