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Warning over aerosol climate fix

Any attempts to engineer the climate are likely to result in “different” climate change, rather than its elimination, new results suggest.

Professor Ken Caldeira, of the Stanford University, presented research at a major conference on the climate risks and impacts of geoengineering. 667 more words


Smoke supercharges twisters

Researchers have found evidence that smoke, for instance, from forest fires, can make tornadoes more frequent and more severe. Hear the full story in my podcast… 18 more words


This is What Happens When You Lack Sleep

                And then you go unconscious…    Its Serenity...

                                           Take My Love – Take my Land 

                                       Take Me Where I Cannot Stand…

                                        I Don’t Care, I’m Still Free…  80 more words


Heavy Metaled Parhelion The Synthetic Recurrence Post Aerosols

While driving along about a mile of roadway, yet another Heavy Metaled Parhelion was captured. This one did not, from the vantages observed, present colors. It simply went the the halo as the Aerosols disbursed and the sky became the ill gray that is now mistaken as natural. 693 more words


Theresa Paulsen: Getting my Hands Dirty with Data, March 24, 2015

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Theresa Paulsen
NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
March 16 – April 3, 2015

Mission:  Caribbean Exploration (Mapping)
Geographical Area:  Puerto Rico Trench… 1,029 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea

Aerosols Continue to Show on Satellite and Radar Feeds - Part 1

This is going to jump around and show aerosols captured on different Radar imagery systems over the last two months. These are just the ones that were sought. 266 more words


Claim: Did volcanic induced climate change wipe out Neanderthals 40,000 years ago?

From the Geological Society of America: Boulder, Colo., USA – The Campanian Ignimbrite (CI) eruption in Italy 40,000 years ago was one of the largest volcanic cataclysms in Europe and injected a significant amount of sulfur-dioxide (SO2) into the stratosphere. 436 more words