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Cleaner air changes our climate (for worse?)

We all believe (or rather should believe) that climate change is caused by human activities. It is supported by scientific evidence and the correlation has been tested many times. 138 more words


Claim: Your wood stove affects the climate more than you might think

From the NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY and the “wood stove police will soon come knocking” department comes this claim:

Your wood stove affects the climate more than you might think… 856 more words


NASA finds something else climate models are missing.... forcing from 'Secondary Organic Aerosols'

A new paper published by NASA by Tsigaridis and Kanakidou suggests that climate models have missed the forcing effects of organic aerosols, such as VOC’s from trees, oceans, and other sources that combine chemically in the atmosphere to create new compounds. 430 more words


Claim: Scientists accurately model the action of aerosols on clouds

From the “models aren’t the same as reality unless you have a bigger computer” department.

Global climate is a tremendously complex phenomenon, and researchers are making painstaking progress, year by year, to try to develop ever more accurate models. 427 more words


Aerosol Emissions from Great Lakes Harmful Algal Blooms

Abstract from a recent paper by May et al. in ES&T:

In freshwater lakes, harmful algal blooms (HABs) of Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) produce toxins that impact human health. 221 more words


Study: Interactions between smoke and clouds have unexpected cooling effect

Atomspheric physicists have found that the way wildfire smoke from Africa interacts with clouds over the Atlantic Ocean results in a net cooling effect, which is contrary to previous understanding and has implications for global climate models. 661 more words

Study: A barrage of viruses and bacteria is falling from the sky

New research may explain why genetically identical viruses are often found in very different environments around the globe.

An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth’s atmosphere – and falling from it – according to new research from scientists in Canada, Spain and the U.S. 408 more words