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A Lifetime Experience: Travelling from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad by Road

As you might be aware of, atmospheric aerosols are particulates suspended in air; their most common examples are dust, smoke, and sea salt. These tiny particles pose a big challenge to the global scientific community due to their impact on Earth’s climate. 1,044 more words


Molecular Processes, Global Effects

Streamlined proposal call focuses on aerosol sampling at DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility site with analysis at Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory. Read more… 10 more words


Accidental geoengineering caused by contrails?

Our climate could be affected by aerosols from airplane exhaust. The haze caused by aeroplanes could unintentionally cause geoengineering.

Charles Long of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado said: “We might be actually conducting some unintentional… 625 more words


US: Torture Without Borders

Form New Eastern Outlook, by Janet Phelan

An attorney with the State of California reports being gassed inside her home and taken to a hospital Emergency Room, following repeated incidents of electromagnetic attacks. 2,334 more words

World At WAR

A book on "air pollution" matter. PM2.5の科学(畠山史郎、野口恒, 2016)

Wuled Lenggoro contributed on making the “first-connect” between two authors (Shiro Hatakeyama, a well-known professor of PM2.5 and Hisashi Noguchi, a Journalist). Published by Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (2016).. 20 more words


Aspiration Hazards and Aerosol Products

In Revision 6 of the United Nations GHS, as in previous revisions, aspiration hazards apply to liquids that can enter into the trachea and lower respiratory system either directly (nasally or orally) or indirectly (vomiting). 235 more words

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