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Vin Diesel Exposes Chemtrails On His Facebook Page

Source: YourNewswire.com
Sean Adl-Tabatabai
April 29, 2016

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel has gone public on Chemtrails, lending support to the theory that the U.S. 98 more words


Particulates, Aerosols, And Climate: The More Important Story

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball [1]

The article “US Senate Considering Albedo Modification Geoengineering Proposal” appeared as I finished this article. It commented on the plan to introduce particles into the atmosphere to increase the reflective capability of the Earth’s atmosphere known as the albedo. 2,029 more words


Fukushima -Part of The Global Life Negation Agenda -A Full Spectrum Operation

From race specific bio-weapons, to the distribution or experimentation by dispersal of varied aspects of other life negating formats, the Agenda is Full Spectrum! Eugenics, modern genocide, on a global scale, is quickening its pace. 267 more words


Chemtrails: Now You Can Do Something About Them



Chemtrails: Now You Can Do Something About Them

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Date: Friday, 8-Jan-2016

In Response To: Doctors Sound Alarm as State of Emergency Declared over CA Gas Leak: Leave Now… 338 more words


Top Climate Scientist Confirms Covert Climate Engineering an Uncontrolled Experiment

Millions of Conspiracy Theorists Proved Correct, Again



Chemtrails Project UK

Campaign to Ban Chemtrails and Geoengineering

By James Hodgskiss

 “But I think we can perhaps all agree that certainly none of us want to continue the current uncontrolled experiment” 3,435 more words

Global Warming

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Further proof that geoengineering is real and has been happening for some time now .... decades in fact. This is why your weather is crap. Wake up folks. Those chemicals they rain down on your are toxic. This is planet wide including NZ. EnvirowatchRangitikei

Aircraft Contrails Could be -Unintentionally -Changing the Atmosphere and Exposing Us to More Solar Radiation, Researchers Warn!

This is in other news outlets as well. The published admission, once again, of GeoEngineering negates the labels attached by the ill informed and, Psyop crowds. 259 more words