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Another geoengineering scheme plans to use planes and ships to cool the planet

From the UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND, and the unexpected consequence of Geoengineering Department, comes this thesis from a grad student:

Atmospheric aerosols can significantly cool down climate… 725 more words


Climate Change Engineering: A Project of the United Nations/IPCC

Climate Change Engineering: A Project of the United Nations/IPCC

Undeniable Evidence of Large Scale Climate Engineering (CE)

Before we begin to unravel the UN Climate Change Engineering agenda, a review of how the Rockefellers and Rothschilds were instrumental in forming a corrupt global governmental authority that spawned the IPCC is advised. 121 more words


A Clash of Evidence - Carnicom Institute

A thoughtful piece written by a scientist with a deep and thorough knowledge of what is going on in our skies, as deep as one can get when these operations are so covert (yet hidden in “plane” sight lol) ; this subject is only ridiculed by mainstream media, and taboo for the general public to speak about.  47 more words

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Stop Global Geoengineering – National Health Freedom Coalition – Geoengineering Working Group

Good idea – a ban on those climate modification or environmental control projects.  In my mind at least, these activities do not mitigate “global warming” but are the very cause of it. 11 more words

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Vin Diesel Exposes Chemtrails On His Facebook Page

Source: YourNewswire.com
Sean Adl-Tabatabai
April 29, 2016

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel has gone public on Chemtrails, lending support to the theory that the U.S. 98 more words


Particulates, Aerosols, And Climate: The More Important Story

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball [1]

The article “US Senate Considering Albedo Modification Geoengineering Proposal” appeared as I finished this article. It commented on the plan to introduce particles into the atmosphere to increase the reflective capability of the Earth’s atmosphere known as the albedo. 2,029 more words