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BEST PAPER AWARD at an International Conference (PURE 2015, Malaysia)国際会議で最優秀論文賞

11 Nov. 2015. BEST PAPER AWARD, 2nd International Conference on Purity, Utility Reaction and Environmental Research (PURE 2015), Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia.
“Development of a battery-driven passive sampling system for electrostatically trapping atmospheric particles” 82 more words


No H20 Dry Shampoo

 No H20 Dry Shampoo – $12.00

This dry powder is the perfect answer for days you don’t have time for a traditional shampoo. A simple application renews and revives hair giving you fuller, more voluminous hair that has body and movement. 33 more words


Hold Please Hairspray


Control-lt Hairspray is the latest in spray technology. This versatile product lets you decide what type of spray pattern and hold you want. 35 more words


Aerosols in the Stratosphere

How do aerosols, or tiny particles, affect the climate? Do they block solar radiation or warm the planet? On this episode, John Moore discusses the science of dust in the sky and how we could mitigate the effects of hurricanes. 8 more words


Claim: A warmer world will be a hazier one

From the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – RIVERSIDE and the Department of Modeled Inconsistent Results comes this unlikely claim: that there will be more of an aerosol load with global warming. 680 more words


Things are complicated between Arctic sea ice and air pollution

Sea ice and air pollution are in a bit of a love-hate relationship right now. On the one hand, pollution from extracting and burning fossil fuels is causing global warming, which is melting all the sea ice. 381 more words

Climate & Energy

Aerosols and The Breaking Bad Media Propaganda Formula

You know I do not watch TV. On a rare occasion, someone will send or stop by with a DVD set. So, long story short, I caved and began to watch Breaking Bad. 77 more words