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These findings have implications for what we all must do to prevent disaster. An ECS of 3°C means that if we are to limit global warming to below 2°C forever, we need to keep CO2 concentrations far below twice pre-industrial levels, closer to 450 ppm. 44 more words

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Climate: Do cities trigger their own weather?

Study tracks increased thunderstorm formation over Atlanta

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FRISCO — Along with steadily raising global temperatures in the long-term, human-caused changes in land cover can affect day-to-day weather, including the formation of thunderstorms. 257 more words

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Child-Resistant Closures For Aerosols

Although I gave this article a different title, it is the continuation of my previous one, “What’s New In Child-Resistant Packaging”, regarding child-resistant packaging other than the well-known caps and closures for bottles and jars. 1,399 more words

UI researchers link smoke from fires to tornado intensity

Can smoke from fires intensify tornadoes? Study finds smoke from Central America intensified 2011 tornadoes

“Yes,” say University of Iowa researchers, who examined the effects of smoke–resulting from spring agricultural land-clearing fires in Central America–transported across the Gulf of Mexico and encountering tornado conditions already in process in the United States. 592 more words


Terrifying video shows smog taking over the earth

If you lived your entire life on NASA’s International Space Station, watching the earth like some sort of space-age Rapunzel, you’d probably imagine that life on the blue planet looks a little like… 255 more words

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Climate Change? What Climate Change?

About that climate-change argument…

Snowstorm Barrels into Northeast was the headline on the New York Times at the door; Rainless January sparks fears, fires proclaimed the lead story in the… 421 more words

Cool high speed video: Rainfall can release aerosols, study finds

High-speed imaging captures raindrops releasing clouds of aerosols on impact, showing once again that we just don’t know all the sources for aerosols and other climate forcings. 1,006 more words