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About Frellin Time!

Lots of excitement last week, well, maybe excitement isn’t the exact right word, but lots going on. My wee one’s daycare was on vacation last week so my full time ‘grown-up’ job became part time for a week as I took care of her with the help of some family. 580 more words


Waving the white flag of surrender!

Whelp, I’ve searched high and low for MONTHS and my front leather (completed!) side panels have just vanished. So with an exasperated sigh, I started tearing apart a lovely leather jacket I purchased at the thrift store a few months ago to replace those panels. 509 more words


Costume pieces grow legs and walk away

So in typical fashion, things never go as planned. Originally I had planned to finish this costume in June for a convention in Niagara Falls. I had to get more leather to lace through my vest and I couldn’t get that soon enough to finish it without sleepless nights (and I already have some of those with a wee one). 340 more words