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TForge 0.70 is released.

The release adds a new package TCiphers implementing private-key cryptography (block and stream ciphers). The current release supports:

  • Block Ciphers:

Character Sheet v2

One of the key parts of any game is the character sheet. It has to be brief (2 pages, at most) and contain the most vital information for players to consult at a glance. 319 more words


Scenes from a Playtest

Aes: Brass Revolution had its first public playtest session last Friday! The event went very well, with all involved having a blast. Feedback from it has spurned a second version of the alpha booklet and lots of great ideas for new content.


The Feel of Aes

When we decided to go the path of Minimum Viable Product, we started with the feel of the game. When someone plays, what emotions do we want them to experience? 505 more words


Dream of the Red Binder

Games go through many phases when they’re being developed. Most people know of beta releases – this is when many games are brought to public attention. 391 more words


PUC looks into possible problems at Oahu's largest generating unit

Oahu’s largest generating unit, an independent 180-megawatt power plant operated by AES, went down Wednesday.

The incident caused Hawaiian Electric to shut off power to large portions of the island. 249 more words


Using GPG to password-encrypt files

In addition to public key encryption, GPG can also be used to password encrypt files. This doesn’t use public/private key encryption but uses symmetric key ciphers like AES or… 358 more words