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Human echolocation, absolute pitch and Golden Ears

I’m always intrigued by stories of people with amazing abilities, and similar questions often come up. Is this for real, and is this a latent ability that we all might have? 917 more words

Profit-driven, foreign interests made Aquino President; is Mar Roxas next?

Recent pre-election surveys show that administration and Liberal Party (LP) bet Mar Roxas supposedly gaining ground after consistently lagging behind in previous surveys. One dubious research firm even claims that Roxas is the new man to beat. 1,696 more words

Noynoy Aquino

Dashcams: Another Source for Enforcement

Let’s start with some interesting videos

The above videos, whilst may seemed impressive demonstrates how some morons rather endanger other road users so that they can have cheap thrills on the road. 1,289 more words


Microsoft Azure Storage Service Encryption now in Preview

Microsoft just introduced the preview release of Storage Service Encryption that enables you to encrypt data at rest with AES 256 bit encryption. This feature is similar to AWS S3 AES 256 bit encryption provided by Amazon as part of their S3 storage offering. 15 more words

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April and May Events - Fundraisers!

April and May return Aes: Brass Revolution to activity, ending our 2 month break.


From April 22-24, we’ll be at HavenCon! We’re helping to run Tabletop (and we’ve pitched in with scheduling). 425 more words


Windows PowerShell cmdlets to secure PSCredential Objects

I have previously discussed securing credentials using Windows Powershell atPowershell: Securing credentials using the PSCredential class. In this article, I will discuss a number of cmdlets I have created to secure credentials using a Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption key to retrieve the content from a encrypted standard string. 457 more words


ProtonMail brings end-to-end encrypted email to iOS

ProtonMail has announced the official launch of their mobile apps for iOS and Android today. ProtonMail brings seamless PGP end-to-end encryption to emailing, making it significantly more secure for those looking for an extra layer of privacy. 282 more words