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Elasticsearch tips - Inconsistent search results

We experienced that executing the same query multiple times resulted in different responses.

How could this happen? 

A bit of theory

For results with identical score, the order of the elements can differ – depending on how the interrogated node arranges them. 429 more words


Introduction to Asymmetric Cryptography - Part 1/2

Before getting deep into the second part of the Cryptography (Asymmetric Cryptography), let’s do a quick recap of the previous part (Symmetric Cryptography… 216 more words


DES, 3DES and AES - Part 2/2

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a Block Cipher that require the following:

  1. AES shall be publicly defined.
  2. AES shall be a symmetric block cipher…
  3. 104 more words

Block Ciphers

This blog will introduce the second type of the symmetric cipher, which is known as “Block Ciphers“.

Claude Shannon is an American mathematician and cryptographer who defined… 195 more words


Elasticsearch tips - Poor result relevance

In the recent months I’be been developing a Search API – using Amazon Elasticsearch Service in the background.

Elasticsearch is a well known, widely used, and well documented product. 612 more words


Aes-y Listening Episodes 11-14

More episodes of Aes-y Listening are up!

Episode 11: The Owning of Books – The joy of owning and reading books. A private library is a must for anyone in this day and age. 35 more words


Energy giant AES partners with Measure to improve worker safety with drones

Major power producer AES Corp. is ramping up the use of drones with an eye toward shielding workers from industry hazards. Rather than buy all their own unmanned aerial systems, they’ve engaged D.C.-based drone services provider… 309 more words