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惡魔先生 - Don Diablo

●當今 Future House 代表人物

●2016年百大DJ排行榜 TOP 15



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Ten Years of Automatic Mixing

Automatic microphone mixers have been around since 1975. These are devices that lower the levels of microphones that are not in use, thus reducing background noise and preventing acoustic feedback. 625 more words

Audio Engineering History

Road to Ultra: Taiwan 2017 懶人包

Road to Ultra: Taiwan 你準備好了嗎?

這次 Spunite 斯邦奈 請到重量級百大 DJ,相信身為電音迷的你一定不會缺席這場盛事!

在出發以前,我們 AES – Asia Electrik Sound 特地準備了活動懶人包!



保證讓你能順利參與這場盛事並留下美好的回憶 :)

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Emulation of AESENC and AESENCLAST instructions in x86 assembly


aesenc and aesenclast are AES-NI instructions impelemented on the x86 architecture.

Recently, a well known cryptographer J.P Aumasson published code to emulate these instructions in C, which would be very useful for emulators, and virtual machines in general. 697 more words


Tesla has a big new competitor vying to build the batteries of the future

The new company, Fluence, will combine AES’ expertise in utility-scale storage with Siemens’ global sales and engineering resources.

Two of the biggest names in energy storage development have decided to join forces. 169 more words



Favorite Movies: Mulan, Prince of Egypt, Inglourious Basterds, Alien, Moana

Favorite Music: Hamilton, July Talk, Wye Oak, soundtracks

Favorite Games: Zelda, Journey, The Last of Us, Bioshock, Resident Evil


Skrillex 將與流行天后 Rihanna 首度合作

Skrillex 在過去幾年中一直在拓展他的合作夥伴
近期製作出許多不同元素的歌曲,不管是 Trap 或是 House 一點都難不倒他!

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