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Aesop Fables Updated :swallowing more than one can chew

A snake became a terror to all travelers who passed by. When other snakes said he created fireworks simply by hissing the snake said,” My power to scare is special,- it works well to scare those who visit the pyramids”. 224 more words

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A Shadow Play-a fable

A Shadow Play


In the time of Emperor Wen a minor official in the Palace, Lai Chutang having retired from his office returned to his native village. 204 more words

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Illustration from The Life of Aesop

(Aesop at the age of 12 is brought to the House of Iadmon, a Samoan and he wants to find out more about his new purchase. 181 more words

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Aesop Fables Updated- taken by the blind side

A deer blind in one eye moved over to Black Sea. The deer from Kiev knew he could keep his blind side on the seawards from where he did not expect any trouble. 199 more words

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A Fable Illustrated: Pen and ink

An Identity Crisis?

Confucius was waiting in the Hall of Thousand Moons at the Palace Grounds on Yu Island. The Emperor of China had come on an expedition and expressed his desire to see him. 349 more words

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The Life of Aesop- Illustration

Momus gregarious as ever, another day invited Iadmon to hear the special guest he had that evening. Momus introduced a wretched looking man from Rhodos. He said, “Don’t let looks deceive you. 175 more words

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The Elephant of Brahma

Brahma’s Elephant ©

Brahma once went visiting. His mind was in a whirl and not realizing he  stopped over at some place. Absent mindedly he tied his elephant to a tree. 166 more words

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