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Little by little does the trick…

A crow with an unquenchable thirst happened upon a pitcher that once had been full of water. The crow tucked her beak into the pitcher only to discover that much of the water had evaporated and the pitcher was nearly empty. 114 more words

Aesop Fables

Little friends can prove to be great friends, indeed…

A sleeping lion was awakened by a little mouse that was running back and forth on him. With his big paw the lion lifted the little mouse by the tail and opened his big jaws to swallow him. 146 more words

Aesop Fables

The Flatterer's Reward...

A fox observed a Crow swoop down and pick of a choice piece of cheese then take safety on a tree branch. He said to himself: “That’s for me.” 138 more words

Type Casting… And Coming Attractions

An Ant will carry a leaf hundreds of miles to bring it to the anthill or the “group mind.” An Ant work for the good of the entire community. 186 more words

Aesop Fables

May Day... off and running

In a recent post, I have the impression that rabbits might be asleep and not paying attention to completing the race… True, the old belief that plodding wins the race, but in the race of life, much strategy is needed to continue the race. 96 more words

Aesop Fables

Oh, How the Feathers Flew!

A Jay ventured into an area with some peacocks during molting season. There were lots of feathers on the ground, but the feathers started to fly after the precocious jay tried to re-purpose some of the discarded plumage by tying them to his tail and head. 104 more words

Aesop Fables

Aesop’s Great and Little Fishes

It’s never wise to compare yourself to others.

Earlier in the day, a fisherman was drawing up a net from the sea that was full of all sorts of fish. 53 more words