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International children's book day

Today is the International Children’s book day. It is celebrated on the 2nd April, on (or around) Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday. The idea of the day is to inspire the love of reading and to call attention to children’s books. 554 more words


The Eagle and The Arrow

An Eagle was soaring high in the sky when an archer took aim and let his arrow fly. Mortally wounded the Eagle looked at the shaft that had pierced… 71 more words


Mimouka doing “The Twist” in ancient times

Upon the family’s return, there was a great celebration amongst the animals in honor of King Lion. Mimouka was asked to dance for the assembly and her dancing was very clever indeed. 167 more words

Aesop Fables

Mimouka’s adventures abroad

Greeks traveled with their pet monkeys. At this time, the Dolphins were also very friendly towards humans, especially towards Athenians. A Greek ship bound for Athens was wrecked near the coast of Piraeus and Dolphins came to rescue the Athenians carrying them on their backs to shore. 144 more words


The Boys and the Frogs... be nice!

Some boys were playing by the edge of a pond. Unaware that there was a group of frogs living there, they amused themselves by throwing stones into the pond to make them skip across the water. 102 more words

Design Motif - Eye Bead

Town Mouse & Country Mouse

The four- letter word emblazoned first line of Phillip Larkin’s poem “This Be the Verse” paints a picture of pessimistic inevitability to how parents influence their children. 984 more words