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The Good Ole Boys Put Their War Cart In Front Of Their White House Horse

And they did it publicly. Holy smokes, I ain’t mad at Donald Trump, no, just the opposite, because Trump scared the bejesus out of the Good Ole Boys and their ventriloquist dummies. 559 more words

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Does Hillary Clinton Have Supreme Powers?

Because that’s what our corporate media apparatus want us to believe. But in order for anyone to believe that Hillary has supreme powers, he/she must first believe that for him/her self. 367 more words

Book 2

Teaching Morals Using Fables in Kindergarten!

Aesop’s Fables has good moral lessons that go with each story. This month with Mother Goose Time, Elion is learning with Aesop’s Fables. Using fables to teach morals for young children is nothing new. 469 more words


Jaku Rin || Sparrow Forest

A hare and sparrow.
Golden ribbons of sunlight.
Jacquerabbit’s forest.

Tropical summers.
The resilient Ulu tree.
Tasty Pono Pies.

Meditative waves.
Coldplay in converging streams.
Viva La Vida.


The Wolf and the Crane

A feeding wolf got a small bone stuck in his throat and, in terrible pain, begged the other animals for help, promising a reward.

At last the Crane agreed to try and, putting its long bill down the Wolf’s throat, loosened the bone and took it out. 48 more words


The Lion, the Panther and the Fox Who Went Hunting

One day the lion, the panther and the fox went hunting together, and it was agreed that whatever they caught would be shared between them. After lulling a large stag, they decided to have a hearty meal. 109 more words

Moral Story