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AESOP'S FABLES: "The bee-keeper and the thief"


A Thief found his way into an apiary when the Bee-keeper was away, and stole all the honey. When the Keeper returned and found the hives empty, he was very much upset and stood staring at them for some time. 72 more words


The Country Mouse

A Town Mouse went on a visit to his cousin in the country. Country Mouse loved his town friend and offered him heartily welcome. Beans and bacon, cheese and bread, were all that Country Mouse had to offer, but he offered them freely. 277 more words

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Bee and berries

A Bear roamed the woods in search of berries. He happened upon a fallen tree in which a swarm of bees had stashed their honey. The Bear began to nose around the log very, very carefully to see if the Bees were at home. 144 more words

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AESOP FABLES: "The Lion and the Crane"

The Lion and The Crane

A lion had been gorging on an animal he had killed, when suddenly a small bone in the meat stuck in his and he could not swallow it. 201 more words


"Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel"

Hercules and the Wagoner

A Wagoner was once driving a heavy load along a very muddy

way.  At last he came to a part of the road where the wheels sank… 80 more words


The Fox and the Goat

The Fox and the Goat

By an unlucky chance a Fox fell into a deep well from which he

could not get out.  A Goat passed by shortly afterwards, and asked… 112 more words


Little by little does the trick…

A crow with an unquenchable thirst happened upon a pitcher that once had been full of water. The crow tucked her beak into the pitcher only to discover that much of the water had evaporated and the pitcher was nearly empty. 114 more words

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