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Trying Out: Podcasting (Week 35)

Trying Out: The Humble Story Teller (Week Thirty-Five)

My friend, and a grand orator, passed away on his one hundred and eighth birthday.  I like to tell stories.  164 more words

Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Ziggurat Donkey Pope Bridge edition)

This flowery bridge picture was taken the other day out near the hermitage where I often go on my day off for a bit of quiet time (after all, it’s a hermitage) and not so quiet time (Seals and FBI qualification courses for fun). 788 more words


The Art of Domestication

By: Leena Beddawi

Have you ever looked into a dog’s eyes and seen yourself? Do you contemplate the figment of your own moral code while encountering another species that your own kind designed, for decades, to be just like you? 199 more words


Different Sides of the Story

Dogs and wolves are two similar canine species that have to rely on different strategies in order to be successful at survival.  In Aesop’s fables, dogs and wolves appear in situations in which each animal is depicted in a different manner from the other. 182 more words

Aesop's Fables

Cleverness is Power, Naive is the Power of Tyranny

Aesop’s fables have been passed down through various cultures, countries, and generations to highlight the power struggles occurring within the political province by using fables that revolve around the usage of animals. 81 more words


The Hierarchy of the Animal Kingdom

Esther Quintanilla

From the life of a slave to a political advisor, Aesop holds a unique view to the world around him. Being a slave, Aesop has a biased view on the government that keeps him a slave, and that is shown greatly through the fables Aesop created. 151 more words

Aesop's Fables