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The Totality of Facts

In 2013 I attended the European Quizzing Championship in Liverpool and wrote a piece about it. The original was so long and misshapen it took me two years to get around to editing it. 90 more words


Beautiful Preferences and Dementia

When you look at a beautiful work of art what do you feel? It may be happy, sad, eerie, entranced, or a number of other stimulating emotions. 685 more words

Psychology & Neuroscience


I was mindfucked by art.

I have experienced similar feelings when watching movies that blew my mind and left me wondering who, what, and where I was, but today, it happened at a Paul McCarthy exhibition. 741 more words

All this light ...

Just the other day I finished reading Anthony Doerr’s “All the light we cannot see.” This is one of those rare books that incorporate everything and forms perfection. 621 more words


Some Orwellian Fun (II): Setting the Stage

The Human without Human Consciousness

Our films warn us of AI acquiring consciousness, or becoming “self-aware,” with disconcerting images of tremendously powerful robots and computers using or killing humans, even to the point of genocide, because of their lack of capacity for moral and aesthetic experience. 808 more words


The deeply familiar light

An artwork will not ‘shine’ unless the artist has lived the moment and is honest,naked, and competent in its capturing. If this is achieved the artwork will invite a dialogue between the viewer and a presence via the humanity of the artist. 21 more words


Never a Dull Stripe

We’ve seen a “stripe painting” by this artist before. https://artamaze.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/stripes/
Stripe is a “fast” word, it summarizes and generalizes.
Now close your eyes and recall what it was like to look at this painting. 151 more words

Technique And Demo