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The deeply familiar light

An artwork will not ‘shine’ unless the artist has lived the moment and is honest,naked, and competent in its capturing. If this is achieved the artwork will invite a dialogue between the viewer and a presence via the humanity of the artist. 21 more words


Never a Dull Stripe

We’ve seen a “stripe painting” by this artist before. https://artamaze.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/stripes/
Stripe is a “fast” word, it summarizes and generalizes.
Now close your eyes and recall what it was like to look at this painting. 151 more words

Technique And Demo

Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror: "Fifteen Million Merits" (Spoiler Alert)

I haven’t posted in some time and although I have watched quite a bit of thought-provoking and amusing television, it really took this show to spring my television blog back to life. 1,116 more words

Film And Television

Exhibition at Prix Cube in Paris

In late November we were invited to display our bodymetries installation in Paris in the framework of the digital art award Prix Cube.



Thanks to the super team of Prix Cube the exhibition went really well and we received a lot of valuable feedback.

Life, books and everything ...

We’re here, finally. Yesterday I finished my novel The Sunset Valkyrie, which has been a long time coming. I started writing while still at the university, planning my master thesis. 585 more words


The History of Satan

I’m posting this link here for educational purposes under ‘fair use’ provisions of the Copyright Act… I do not own, nor do I claim any copyright in the above video production.


Religion And Atheism

AOV: Chapter 4: Images and Ideologies in Totalitarian States

Chapter 4: Images and Ideologies in Totalitarian States

Although the Zulu were not the only South African people to be subordinated to the system of apartheid, they are of central importance to the symbolic analysis of South African history. 14,838 more words

Aesthetics Of Violence