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Twenty Arguments for God - Seventeen - The Argument from Aesthetic Experience

This post is one of a serious that picks apart the arguments for god that can be found at the link below. This post addresses number 17: 136 more words


To make an aesthetic judgment

Further musings on Fear & Anxiety 

The other day, while stumbling around in my research on anxiety & fear, I came across Sianne Ngai. Her studies of (& writings on) minor feelings is absolutely great! 331 more words


Schopenhauer on aesthetic experience as a relief of pain and suffering

A brief historical and philosophical account preceding Schopenhauer seems to me highly appropriate to begin with, much of it for the sake of the clear understanding of this paper and, more importantly, of Schopenhauer’s theories regarding aesthetic experience particularly, how the latter succeed in permeating the field of aesthetics and influence our own aesthetic visions. 1,894 more words


Why Do We Thrive on Self-Expression?

Art is supposed to be experienced. Recently in Massachusetts, there has been a big push for why the arts matter. People blasted social media with photos holding signs explaining why the arts matter, which was truly awesome. 692 more words

The Value of Art

The value of art is regularly challenged. Our state recently lowered the amount of money going to the Massachusetts Cultural Council. This raises a question: are the arguments we use for arts funding the best? 651 more words


Shapes and Light

That divide between the green and red fields tempts you to see a landscape with a high horizon. It’s a recurring temptation, isn’t it.  Feels so nice, ah, a… 86 more words


What I talk about when I talk about literature.

Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid and an adult would read aloud to you? Do you remember how it felt as if you were in a completely different world, each word spoken, each word you heard, formed an image, not in front of you, but around you; you were immersed in the story, you lived in another world. 1,273 more words