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Stress In Effect

Good morning

Today is a gorgeous day and yet stress is a foot. Like that relative that always tries to borrow money and can not get the hint of “NO” and “Go Away”. 282 more words

Hair and Buisness update.

Good morning you gorgeous people out there.

Keeping you up to date with not only hair progress but buisness progress. I finally posted pics on my last post of my hair length. 164 more words

Looking For Safe Skin Whitening Treatment?

Every person wants glowing, healthy and beautiful skin. However, skin starts to age with time. Some people face rashes, bruises and sunburns that affect their beauty. 353 more words


Hair Length

Hello CGO lovelies. I tried to post a video for you to see my hair length. I was straightening it and it was the perfect time to show it. 157 more words

Skin Tip: Sensitized Skin!

Happy Friday readers!

If you’ve never really had sensitive skin but all of a sudden you’re experiencing irritation, you may have sensitized skin.  Sensitized skin can be a result of  stress, hormonal fluctuations, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, medical procedures, over-exfoliated skin and fragrance.   19 more words

Skin Care

Skin Tip: Skincare Application Tips!

Happy Friday everyone!

Ever wonder how much skincare product you need to use during your daily regimen?  Use this visual, courtesy of Bioelements, as a guide.

Enjoy the weekend! 


Skin Care

Thread Lift: Effective Solution for Men’s Youthful Appearance

The idea that only women are concerned about their looks is a myth. In the fashion world, it is clear that men also want to look their best just like women do. 335 more words