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I’m a Medical Aesthetician from Northern Virginia, currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. An aesthetician is a skincare specialist that performs professional treatments such as: waxing; tinting; makeup; facials; chemical peels; microdermabrasion; microcurrent; lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, and other facial massages; LED; ultrasonic treatments; dermaplaning; and so much more. 275 more words


10 Healthy Skincare Habits You Can Start Today

So I think one of the most popular and frequent questions people ask me as an esthetician is “how can I make my skin look better?” I went over the basics you should start with in my post… 942 more words


Crotchet braids hairstyle has always been present in the African woman hair history though it wasn’t that common or regularly braided since it required a proper hook needle to install it. 412 more words


Clients with Thinning Hair

How many clients do you have with thinning hair?

Brian is excited about his results after taking Liquid BioCell Life for only 6 weeks

Submit the form below to learn how you can share this with your clients… 8 more words


The Easy Life

Sometimes life is just easy….
The day begins joyously, the air smells fresh, you weigh less than you did yesterday, you accomplish literally everything on your to-do list, your children and husband do exactly what they’re supposed to do without reminders, nagging, threats, or yelling (sweet Jesus).. 691 more words

Blog #1 - Talking Treatments

I was getting a facial a few days ago and the aesthetician and I were discussing face products that you put into your skin. We talked about different types of products (Oil, clay, crèmes, etc.) and she told me that you should be mindful of what you put onto your skin. 31 more words


How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoo Ink?

With the increase in demand for tattoo makers, demand for laser tattoo removal has also increased. Laser tattoo removal targets the tattooed area with laser energy. 368 more words