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Neuroscience and art: a threnody


What is the functional purpose of the current trends of neuroscience? to produce understanding? or perhaps to produce better means of control? More to say; but first, a bit of prophesy: 1,813 more words


Clenchedness, Liminality, Loose Thoughts

I should try to project into dreams I’ve had to try to encourage lucidity.

Liminality is always around us—the present always evaporates in the time between past and future. 246 more words



Movement hidden
Furtive shadows
Sliding when
Your eyes
Shift away
Some secret
Words shared
With those
Looking for
Me from
The corners
Of their… 40 more words


Discovering Aesthetics - Ultherapy

My recent visit to the Four Seasons Hotel in London’s Mayfair was a triple-first for me.

The first time I’ve been to the Four Seasons Hotel… 587 more words



Okay, well first of all I do not own this image, I got it from an article on Well + Good.

Check out the visual brand design on this bottle. 159 more words


“You are not Stanley”: Cyranoids in "The Stanley Parable."

In 1897, Frenchman Edmond Rostand wrote a play entitled “Cyrano de Bergerac.” The play told a story which has since been retold in various other plays and films: an eloquent man (Cyrano) who is in love with a woman, but who finds himself too ugly to suit her (in particular, he is ashamed of his long nose), instead woos her by feeding lines of his own poetry through one of his more handsome but less eloquent friends – essentially using his friend as a puppet for his own affections. 3,200 more words