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Thoughts on Painting

I am searching for a kind of ‘aesthetic resonance’ that interrelates painting with the earth. Confronting the geologic brings about an elemental fascination with what is not human but which has its own agency. 351 more words


The Mid-Atlantic Lounge Seven Day "Aesthetic Madman" Workout Split

Working out every day in the week…is it insane or just another method to become aesthetic? I’ll dish the details on how I manage to do this and keep my composure AND my gains in this article. 1,115 more words


Travel and Adventures

Tavel is the only thing you can buy, that makes you richer

After reading this quote over years on places like weheartit, Instagram or tumblr, I can now finally agree with that.

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Combinando a gravação de “Aufklärung für Kinder” com as imagens que gravei com Chuckie no antigo endereço de W.Benjamin em Berlin.


Death as a Photo Theme

Death has been an artistic theme for millennia. A stroll through an old cemetery will produce a number of death-related themes, including that odd mix of a skull and angel wings called a death head, weeping willow trees, more symbolic of mourning than death itself, and the occasional “cut down in his prime” gravestone carved in the form of a tree stump with its branches cut off. 184 more words

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