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What young writers need (no, it's not reading)

I often get quite tired of writing advice. As an English major, I’m at the receiving end of it pretty often. Don’t take me wrong, I try to incorporate as much of it as I can. 608 more words



Tlapatsí Technique

64 x 122 cm.


The number seven holds a special connotation in the human psyche, remember that the ancient alchemists determined seven metals corresponding to seven planets and seven entities that guard the mystery of the great work. 279 more words


Groundhog Day

The bars on my heart are not to keep people from loving me, not to push people away, and not to protect myself from others. 553 more words


No 1 Styles Manager in Africa

Hello there,

So Eistyles is finally on track; the fashion hub has never looked this DIVINE. With some remodeling, exquisitely tailored contents to keep users updated with our latest campaigns, African designs, African designers, fashion tips, and the list goes on. 233 more words


Beauty, Beasts & Bookworms

Dear buyers,

All the while long, you have been patient with my generous sharing of biased opinions about consumerism. So I thought, why not take a break from hearing about what I have to say, instead let’s hear about what my friends have to say.   79 more words

Friday Poem-William Stafford

Traveling Through The Dark


Traveling through the dark I found a deer

dead on the edge of the Wilson River road.

It is usually best to roll them into the canyon: 132 more words


she lived as frost but fought like fire

Some say she wept
some say she cried

never told anyone

she wish she had died

the winter came early

the fall left too soon… 150 more words