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Icarus Landing

Flying high and higher, experiencing everything, yet instead of burning and crashing, as the legend tells us, he gains love and wisdom and gently comes home. 469 more words


What is Beauty?

Beauty has no exact definition, because beauty can be anything. But, there are two types of beauty, personal beauty and beauty in the world, from nature to music to art and culture. 726 more words


144. Decay (Aesthetics 3)

The Japanese have a helpful term, wabi sabi, which means the beauty possible within imperfect things, even difficult things, like death. There is a strange beauty that we can see if we train ourselves to do so, in the processes of dying and decay. 80 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Vader - De Profundis (1995)

Are Star Wars jokes still topical, and if so, are they popular in Poland? Vader got their start in 1983, in the turblent last years of the local communist government; by the time it fell they apparently had enough momentum to get their debut (1992’s… 450 more words


Repost-Photo And A Poem By Gary Snyder

Where:  Birkenhead Lake, B.C. Canada.

No, I can’t take photos like this, but people in the family can.

This is the poem that came to mind, even though Gary Snyder… 76 more words


Dan Schneider's Drama: "The Thing After Death" & Our Human Weakness (First Impressions)


At 11pm Sinagpore time, I received a Gmail notification sent by the Cosmoetica e-list containing the full manuscript of Dan’s 51k word play – The Thing After Death. 6,755 more words


Photos from our Film Aesthetics workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our last event of the (academic) year, Film Aesthetics: Bowie, Berkeley, Beckett.

Below you can find a few photos from the event: 48 more words