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Two Poems

Sordid Beauty
An ac unit
Weathered pane lain agape
Scraps of a loss remembered
Dream shattered
A lone man looks out
And sees nothing but the mirror… 32 more words

Genghiz Khan meets modern music

By Gordon Rugg

Regular readers of this blog will know that my tastes include an occasional penchant for dark humour. In that spirit, today’s article is about… 452 more words


The dreamers of Wren’s church

Christopher Wren’s church in Piccadilly, London has an unusual relationship with spirituality. The darkness of the whole interior does not give prominence to the altar but rather hides it; a Baroque stained glass window offers a series of symbolic representations of Jesus Christ, despite that the religious function of the building appears blurred. 239 more words


The aesthetics; they're real

Feast on the beauty that is Bangtan’s comeback teaser pics, ladies and gentlemen.

Their instagram is indeed, feed goals. 612 more words


L'amour Véritable En Mi Mineur

Bear … 11.25.2015
La vérité
Voix de
Ton amour
Est envoûtante
Dans un monde
Si triste que
Le plus
La musique… 149 more words


12:51 Centuries ago

I am more concerned with aesthetics than before. Music means something now and there is a constant need to discover a new journey in music each day. 204 more words


Bane, Loss and Phylogeny

Wordcount: 1650 words.

I have been developing a theory of Internet Memes, through which I hope to operationalize memetics for the scientific analysis of Internet Meme culture. 1,662 more words