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Nothing In Itself Blackout (10)


the locus of authenticity  |  the defacing lines in the angle of the sun  |  the fantasies of our psychic life  |  the habits of mind  |  the decoration lavished upon the surface  |  the rarest embellishment  |  the drama of colours  |  the not quite dead… 51 more words

My Poetry

Corridors of Leeds - Multicolored

Colour, colour, colour, everywhere there’s colour …

© Lara Rose 2016

The Aesthetics of Murder and its Rivals

“There is no essential incongruity between crime and culture.” (Wilde)

“Deaths for Deaths’ Sake
With the haunting lucidity of insomnia, he organized populous orgies that often lasted four days and four nights.

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moonskin iridescence

smoothly silvers

nautilus chambers

Jurassic jeweled finish

prized since the pharaohs

beloved by the khans

splendidly conjugates

function and form

aesthetic exemplars

the finest of finework… 8 more words


Art museum adventures

Last week, I ventured deep within the Musée des beaux-arts (Montréal), seeking sweet, bright, and strange curiosities. Here are some of the things I found: 32 more words


Why even care about Art?

Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts

—the book of their deeds, the book of their words, and the book of their art.

Not one of these books can be understood unless we read the two others; 30 more words

Great Britain

Hiroshi Hara | Osaka + Kyoto

Hiroshi Hara | Umeda Sky Building | Osaka

Hiroshi Hara | Umeda Sky Building | Osaka | Blacklight Skylight

Hiroshi Hara | Kyoto Station | Kyoto