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Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D over Justice League

Forget about ancient Greece and their gods, Superheroes are the modern myths of our everyday life. we now embracing them as a fact and we are projecting ourselves in their universe or trying so humbly to fill in their shoes. 88 more words


Book: The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty

Who: Amanda Filipacchi, author
Where: W. W. Norton & Co.
When: Published February 2016 (paperback – which is the cover shown here)
Why Read: French-American novelist Amanda Filipacchi is a satirist whose previous works include… 597 more words


Rio Eu Te Amo - On "Rio, I Love You"

The whole concept of dedicating a bunch of shorts to one particular city is amazing, It goes beyond the saying that previous attempts such as “Paris, Je t`aime” or “New York, I love you” were successful in reflecting the whole diversity and plurality of cultures lay in one city to some extent. 81 more words




July is made of misty morning conquered by heart

Standing placidly in boring wait

Cigarettes clamped between fingers, fogged vision by smoke exhalation

Your trepidations blown out, blown along. 72 more words