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Do Judge a Book by its Cover

“Aesthetic designs are perceived as easier to use than less-asehetic designs” (Lidwell, Holden & Butler, 2003)

Aesthetic designs are perceived as easier to use then less-aesthetic designs… 559 more words


To Be or Not To Be Consistent

The article discusses the concept of consistency in relation to the design of products, systems and places. It makes the point that “Systems are more usable and learnable when similar parts are expressed in similar ways”  (Lidwell, Holden, K, & Butler 2003) 528 more words


Workshop: Aesthetics, Form, and the Practice of Pluriverse

“Space holds rhythm and structure. Plus, what are letters, words, punctuations and sentences without the music and form of the page?” remarked Orlando White, one of the nine poets, translators and academics participating in the discussion about how to think about form and aesthetics when practicing poetry as a pluriverse. 418 more words

"OMG Are You Going To Coachella?!"

A phrase often said and heard by those who fit into the festival sterotype – and others of course!

So in our last lecture, we started watching all these festival ads and inspired vidoes, which made me think that it would be interesting to create a startpack that relates to the festival themes of 2018. 87 more words


May moodboard

I’m on a bit of a writer’s block. It really has been a while since I pushed myself to sit down and write, but May has been for me a month to stop, breathe and live the beauty of a Paris in bloom and sunshine. 478 more words


Android VS Apple

Are you an Android person, or an Apple person?

Samsungs? Or iPhones?

Well, this idea of ‘who prefers what’ struck me during my lecture, when we were talking about the differences and similiarities of these two operating systems and the types of phones. 73 more words