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That Sweater & Colour

No matter how much money that we may have, we are quite curious, in awe of- and aware of aesthetics surrounding us. Whether in the natural environment, thanks to Mother Nature, or in the more aesthetically human-made one, we see it all: That beautiful sculpture, the eccentric painting, or the oh-m-g overtly decorated food dish that we’re scared to eat because it looks too good lol. 648 more words

Beholder and the Beheld

The summer sun multiplies in the ripples of the lake until the reflections are as numerous as the stars of a clear night sky.  Standing on the wooded shore of my campsite, I contemplate this proliferation of the sun’s image in the lake.   1,180 more words


Ramos'2016 NYFW Collection Pt. II

All photos are copyrighted by Buddhas Photography© 2016

NYFW 2016 | Photographer: Dimitri Ramos

NYFW 2016 | Photographer: Dimitri Ramos

NYFW 2016 | Photographer: Dimitri Ramos… 356 more words

Buddhas Photography

Home Sweet Home

I have a dainty little place that I share with my younger sister and it feels so relieving to be on our own. It is small but comfortable enough for the two of us, even now, I still find it difficult to grow up… 45 more words

Learning to Look

It may be impossible to find a work of art that is globally regarded as beautiful. Aesthetic beauty is as hard to define — and certainly as subjective — as physical beauty. 475 more words