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La Union, Philippines (2016)

Another surfing destination was ticked off the bucketlist!

San Juan is quickly evolving into an escape haven for the modern millenial, with establishments displaying creatively-themed aesthetics in bohemian, contemporary, rustic, industrial, nautical designs and more. 108 more words

Another Reflection of Dylan

Daughter W sent this letter about Dylan, to a mutual friend and myself, in the context of ongoing conversation about how to provide a just distribution of “goods.” 1,133 more words

Fascism and Aesthetics

This node works with different audiovisual forms of media and architectural expressions in order to analyse the ways in which fascism operate in our contemporary setting. 57 more words


Female Bodies, Feminism, and Fascism in the US Circa 2016

This node explores connections between the fascist macro-political forces seeking to control/destroy women’s bodies, micro-fascisms of women desiring their own repression, and potentialities for female rupture/escape/mutation (lines of flight) from forms of American fascism.


10 Thing's You (Probably) Didn't Know About Botox

  1. Botox is actually a brand name. This name derives from a neurotoxin known as Botulinum Toxin and it was first discovered by accident when a group of people died following food poisoning!
  2. 497 more words

Schopenhauer on aesthetic experience as a relief of pain and suffering

A brief historical and philosophical account preceding Schopenhauer seems to me highly appropriate to begin with, much of it for the sake of the clear understanding of this paper and, more importantly, of Schopenhauer’s theories regarding aesthetic experience particularly, how the latter succeed in permeating the field of aesthetics and influence our own aesthetic visions. 1,894 more words