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Sunday Poem-David Ignatow

The Bagel

I stopped to pick up the bagel
rolling away in the wind,
annoyed with myself
for having dropped it
as if it were a portent. 44 more words



もう2ヶ月以上も前の話。『ブレードランナー 2049』の公開を控え、オリジナルを見直しておきたいとS氏が言うので、『ブレードランナー ファイナル・カット』を一緒に観た。僕自身は続編が公開間近であったことも知らず、そちらは結局観てもいないのだけど、高校生の時に先生の家で中途半端に観ただけで全く内容を覚えていなかったこの作品を改めて観れたのはよかった。

個別のセリフやファッションなどだけではなく、一つのSF的な都市全体の空気感の「型」を作りあげた画期的な作品である。その魅力はすでに隅々まで詳細に語り尽くされているだろうから、ファンにとっては新味のない話だろうけれど、二つばかり思ったことを書き留める。(長くなったので、ポストを二つに分ける。) 33 more words

Lightwaves 2017

Once again finding solace in the ever-contemporary heart of MediaCityUK, Lightwaves continues its insightful social commentary through the use of digital light displays, which can be viewed in a wide variety of public spaces this Winter. 261 more words


The Book Aesthetics Tags (+ my top indie novel recs!)

For my last tag of the year (holy crap we’re nearing the end of 2017 you guys!) the Queen of Aesthetics herself, Lia of Lost in a Story… 1,092 more words


Regain Your Beautiful Smile With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation can also be referred to as full mouth restoration or full mouth reconstruction. The treatment relates to the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in the mouth that is both in the upper jaw and in the lower jaw. 733 more words

Dental Health


Dickens gentrified Grub Street.

He wrote to the popular taste — which at the time was in thrall of sentimentality — and thus diminished his literary art. 81 more words


Blogmas #11 (14 days to go!)

Hey guys! This is going to be a more of a rambling just so I can take a break from writing Blogmas- themed posts. As much as I love Christmas, did you guys have the slightest idea how difficult and annoying it is to consistently write interesting Christmassy themed content? 445 more words