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window moment

a window moment

Jane Hirshfield: Many good poems have a kind of window-moment in them–a point at which they change their direction of gaze or thought in a way that suddenly opens a broadened landscape of meaning and feeling. 43 more words

Reading To Write

Mysterious April

While the swamps of north east Florida are always mysterious, dawn is particularly so, as this photo from 2013 attests.



On Creativity

“Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.”

– Arthur Koestler


Disaffected - Vast (1995)

If being from Portugal is a gimmick… and from the perspective of the music media, it probably is… it doesn’t seem to have given Disaffected very much commercial success, at least not compared to… let’s say Moonspell since I can’t name any others off the top of my head. 480 more words


Thoughts on Etiquette

With years of experience to my credit I’ve had time to figure some things out.

For example, I believe that every aesthetician who performs services on clients should experience those services for themselves. 371 more words