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Forced Recovery Day

Just got back in town looking forward to lifting in my home gym after Thanksgiving. Closed early on me! Still got that pump though!

Gotta adapt and overcome obstacles to succeed in life. 32 more words

Training Log

Undertale Review

“Seeing the hope and happiness that undertale has brought to people…
it fills me with determination.” — Toby Fox

2,961 more words

Jumping Off Place

I traveled to the
End Of The Road,
No path beyond,
All is darkness
And space,
There I found
The mythical
Jumping Off Place. 69 more words


Five Guys, Industrial Authenticity and Communal Luxury

Everybody knows what authenticity looks like. Hand-made, artisan, rustic, wooden, hearty, traditional, handed-down, rough around the edges, folk, old-fashioned. Certainly this is what recent claims to authenticity, especially in the world of food, have foregrounded. 998 more words

Und Sie wissen nicht, mit wem Sie reden

There will always be angry men shouting on the touchline of life.

The infelicitous confluence of the confessional disposition (or self-surveillance ala Foucault) and the rising prominence of visual media (tv and film) marked the advent of the confessional writer and his/her distortion of the writing workshop dictum “write what you know.” This writer type shares nothing in common with Montaigne but everything in common with Rousseau. 58 more words


Two Poems

Sordid Beauty
An ac unit
Weathered pane lain agape
Scraps of a loss remembered
Dream shattered
A lone man looks out
And sees nothing but the mirror… 32 more words