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Alex in the jean jacket I painted and tore up <3 the girl is lovely and I am getting nothing done

I am a child and I’m so hungry rn I might eat my hand… 80 more words


Why I believe Art Education is Important.

Arts education is something near and dear to my heart. I am after all a product of it. I have my BA is Art History and my MA in Art Business. 255 more words


A Blog called Honestly Aesthetics

Well I have worked in the industry since its early beginnings and I have watched treatments and procedures change over the years. I have also tried so many treatments and I thought I would be in a strong position to talk about them openly and honestly. 264 more words

Aesthetic Treatments Lip Fillers Laser Treatments Antiaging

Virtual Reality and The Empathy Machine

Each epoch dreams the one to follow.

-Jules Michelet, “Avenir! Avenir!”

Every age has utopian dreams. These virtual worlds provide escapist allure, and they create a space in which to sort the residue left over from unrealised hopes. 2,177 more words

Critical Theory

Beauty is in the Breakdown

A Brief History and Discussion on Aestheticism

There’s no doubt that when one thinks of aestheticism, one thinks, hears, feels, ‘beauty.’ Indeed, when a work of art is presented, ‘beauty’ is always on the tip of one’s tongue and on everyone’s mind. 1,210 more words


5. December 2016

Creating lasting memories can also be done by a scent, try to your parents leaving the house for a social event and you will most likely remember their scent, if you think of a old love you will also most likely remember their scent, as you know I seldom change mine but I like the aesthetics of the linie of fine fragrance launched by rag & bone this summer – there is… 17 more words