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  beauty    lies

in    broken





transcends   original

the broken  cups    and the  broken   bowls

put together with tender…

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Another Musical Dialogue

©2017 By Bob Litton. All Rights Reserved.

The genesis for the essay below dates way back to May 2003, when I had a brief email dialogue with a disc jockey in Dallas. 1,929 more words


Saturday Poem-Gwendolyn Brooks

The Bean Eaters

They eat beans mostly, this old yellow pair.
Dinner is a casual affair.
Plain chipware on a plain and creaking wood,
Tin flatware. 58 more words


Lighting and Design

Good lighting is an essential part for every video production.  Chapter 7 goes into details on the aesthetics of light and design. The three types of aesthetics of light include realist, modernist, and postmodernist. 219 more words


There is always the choice between going with the TRUTH or HOLDING BACK (aka feeding into the fearful ego). When a girl arouses you and you feel like engaging her but… 278 more words

Spring: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XXII

Winter has finally melted away and opened up into spring. I had forgotten how warm weather felt. While the new season is not as visually pleasing as autumn or winter, spring has its perks. 65 more words


Winter: The Aesthetics of Princeton Part XXI

Snow blankets the campus every winter and turns it into a Christmas village. At night, the soft yellow light of streetlamp reflects off of the snow. 35 more words