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Three Euthyphros, and other shorts


Plato’s Socrates asks Euthyphro (10a): “Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious? Or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?” 495 more words


The Truth About Art: Reclaiming Quality

The Truth About Art: Reclaiming Quality

by Patrick Doorly

“A bad work of art is an oxymoron, like bad skill,” writes Patrick Doorly, art history professor at Oxford University. 735 more words

Book Review

Serrano's Piss Christ Reconsidered

Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ, a 60 x 40 inch full color glossy photo of a plastic crucifix submerged in a container of the artist’s urine, was first displayed in 1988 at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 1,350 more words


Deamon Love: Dennis Cooper

On a whim I went to the blog I had not checked in on in a long while, only to find there was no blog. Everything had been replaced with a page stating that the blog had been closed down for violating terms of use. 1,401 more words


Rage against the Machine - On "I, Daniel Blake" by Ken Loach

Tُhere`s a quiet rage against injustice through the movie, so mildly flourished, so calmly plotted that you cannot betray yourself by rejecting it. I, Daniel Blake… 130 more words

World Cinema

Reading Visual Novels helps you Understand Poetry Part 1 Chapter 1 Section 1: Wallace Stevens’ Esthetique Du Mal and Sakura no Uta

Esthetique Du Mal (and Wallace Stevens as a whole) sometimes reads like SCA-Ji Philosophy, which is no surprise though since Wallace Stevens was sort of like poetry’s equivalent of Kusanagi Naoya (in terms of daily life philosophy), given that he never stopped being a business man even while winning poetry awards everywhere, and also made this comment: 1,273 more words


Sunday Poem-William Carlos Williams


When I was younger
it was plain to me
I must make something of myself.
Older now
I walk back streets
admiring the houses…
65 more words