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Tough Coat™ Tuesday: Jeep Wrangler

This #ToughCoatTuesday! Check out these images of this Jeep Wrangler which came in for Tough Coat™ to be applied onto the grill, lamp guards, bed and floor. 314 more words


Diary 10-25-16

Dear Diary – Tom Hayden’s death reminded me of Dylan. I’m sure you’ve heard that he got the Nobel! You’ve probably also heard the objections that his stuff isn’t poetry. 393 more words

You are stardust

Have you ever thought of moving your fingers on your face just to see the shimmering grains on the tips of those slender bodies making their way to the white corners of your nails? 70 more words


Learning by Translation: The Hard Path

I guess this would be the post where I try to convince people to just don’t give a damn about the supposed difficulty power levels & start off with the moderately aesthetically powerful levels of Literature out there in any language. 1,432 more words


The Darjeeling Limited - Ode to Brother.

Tớ xem phim này thông qua sự giới thiệu của chingu Sớm. Đây là 1 bộ phim của Wes Anderson, có lẽ đây chính thức là bộ đầu tiên của Wes tớ xem mặc dù ông ý đã rất nổi tiếng với… 995 more words


A Task for S.E.A Conart: II

Modernity and Modern Art (1850s – 1945)

Let us agree for the moment on a common definition of the term Contemporary Art. The term, as succinctly as possible, is simply a type of art form and content that addresses, reflects and responds to a particular time in a particular age. 836 more words


Why Drake Was the Music Industry's Worst Nightmare

Because he’s a household name they didn’t make, a self-made man who slipped in through the backdoor, crashed their private party, and made fools of them all. 99 more words