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I am with The Force & The Force is With Me - On "Rogue One" by Gareth Edwards

I am with the force and force is with me! The latest installment has much greater things to enjoy; a new android called K-2SO, some volatile diverse heroes and heroines, Amazingly crafted battleships and fight scenes, and a very reasonable back story. 94 more words

World Cinema

Old Adage of Mixing Patterns

It seems every fashion blog, magazine, unsolicited advice eventually comes to this “new” idea of mixing patterns. They seem to go by the same rules of proportion and balance. 478 more words


Relativity in Art School

There are lessons learned in art school from the coursework, and there are lessons learned in art school from the experience. Both are instructive.

The lessons taught in classes generally relate to the history, theory, technique, context, and vocabulary of that discipline. 337 more words


Berlinale 2017 - part 1

  1. Golden Exits  (2017 ‧ Drama film ‧ 1h 34m)

Here are some immediate sketches:
– It was my first encounter with Alex Ross Perry movies, and I am appreciating Berlinale for it. 219 more words

World Cinema

Engineering Aesthetics: Beautifying Practical Solutions

Engineering, we might think, is simply the application of math and science to solve practical problems. However, there exists an intimate connection with aesthetics. Rolf Faste—in his article “The Role of Aesthetics in Engineering”—mentions that the word ‘aesthetics’ has its origins in ancient Greek with the idea of sense perception. 286 more words

Saturday Weekend Inspo

“Talking of Pleasure,

this moment I was writing with one hand, and with the other holding to my Mouth a Nectarine – good God, how fine. 57 more words


Want to feel like a princess?

As you walk in, a soothing all-white interior greets you as warmly as Theo does. Located in the quaint Wyndham Arcade, Bellisimos Aesthetics offers up the finest range of treatments any woman (or man) can desire. 282 more words

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