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Fix Your Face: The BEST APP for Editing Your Face

When I first began using Instagram the only method of editing I used was filters. Now that I have been on the app for a while I have found some resources that can more accurately manipulate the face. 114 more words

A New Theory of Video Games

With a Terrible Fate has been quieter than usual lately because, for the past few months, I have been working on a thesis to fulfill part of the requirements for my degree in philosophy. 136 more words

The Intensifying Silence of Violence

Do you like to watch an epic battle with a jaw-dropping choreography, seeing the manly hero succeed to his rightfully earned position?

What about ships clashing against each other in another war scene, man against nature, fighting each other and a storm at the same time? 910 more words


T. E. Hulme Modernist Philosophy and Aesthetics

The collected works and thought of Thomas Ernest Hulme form both a minor and a major role in modernist philosophy, and in particular aesthetics. As is rarely left unmentioned, Hulme was no academic, and his entire collected works were put together from several published essays and an array of notebooks, scribblings, and a small handful of poems. 1,452 more words


Don't You Go Anywhere: A Close Reading of my Favourite "Calvin and Hobbes" Strip

This time around, I decided I’d take a break from film criticism and turn to the second-most-influential visual medium in my life: the comic. Though in my preadolescence and early teens I was a keen True Believer, the one comic that has never failed to delight, entertain, engage, and move me is Bill Watterson’s daily… 1,206 more words


'Glitchy' Stuff

( Just in case people didn’t catch my terrible pun, I was playing on the idea that this is ‘tricky’ stuff, as I initially struggled with this weeks lecture content) 324 more words


Aesthetics: tsundere facial expressions

I noticed something interesting the other day about an anime character’s face. I was trying to explain to my roommate why I found the above ‘tsundere face’ cute, but I had a surprisingly hard time describing her exact facial expression. 409 more words