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“PRÉsentismus. Gegen den Puffkeïsmus der teutschen Seele”, in ‘De Stijl’ (Leyden), n.9, sept.1921, pp.4–5 (”Wir fordern die elektrische, naturwissenschaftliche Malerei!!! Die Wellen von Schall und Licht und Elektrizität unterscheiden sich nur durch ihre Länge und durch ihre Schwindungsanzahl voneinander; nach den gelungenen Versuchen mit den mobilen freischwebenden Farberscheinungen fon Thomas Wilfred in Amerika und den Tonexperimenten der amerikanischen und deutschen Funkenstationen ist es eine Kleinigkeit, diese Wellen durch geeignete Transformatoren von Riesenausmass zu farbigen oder musikalischen Luftvorstellungen zu gebrauchen … Nachts werden riesige farbige Leuchtdramen sich an unserem Himmel abspielen und tags werden diese Transformatoren auf Tonwellen umgestellt, die die Atmosphäre zum Tönen bringen!!” R.Hausmann… 12 more words



Here I am; reading, thinking & writing about roses, and then suddenly this poem comes along – almost as on demand …


A rose, rose. 207 more words


All That Jazz - On "Guy and Madeline on the Park Bench"

Watching an indie musical movie that digs out of your most sincere affections to cinema felt like love is in the air: The ingenious Damien Chazelle… 279 more words


Reading to write ...

How to write about art …

Since he applied paint thickly, and then repeatedly scratched it off the canvas as his work proceeded, the floor was covered with a largely hardened and encrusted deposit of droppings, mixed with coal dust, several centimeters thick at the center and thinning out towards the outer edges, in places resembling the flow of lava.

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Repost-Some Thursday Music: Beatbox Sax & Bach's Chaconne In D Minor

A lot of breathing, technique, and multiphonics going on here.  That can’t be easy.  Smooth funk?  I see you, Detroit.


From what I’m told, it’s really tough to get the fingering, and the feel, and the different voices of a Bach piece working together, but Ireland’s John Feeley does a really fine job:


51st Bakery & Cafe - LIC

Long Island City is quite up-and-coming with their cute cafes, and since its not as busy as the cafes in lower Manhattan, it makes it seem much more like you are discovering something unknown, which is way more hipster than the hipsters of Manhattan because Manhattan is just so basic, right? 217 more words