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Scarface GIF Gallery and Review

The world is yours…

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Scarface opens explaining the Mariel Boatlift – the immigration deal with Cuba in which the United States accepted Cuban refugees – but Castro also sent the “dregs of his jails” along with them. 891 more words


Classic film appraisal: Ingmar Bergman's Persona (1966)

Persona is Ingmar Bergman’s magnum opus. A masterpiece that illuminates the duality of the human psyche. From the moment early on in the film when a child steps out of his bed in a hospital qua morgue and sees a face of a woman transform into another in front of him, the slippage between being and personality in humanity is entertained. 1,114 more words


Loudness - Thunder In The East (1985)

I surprised myself by deciding to review this one. Loudness was (if my sources are to be believed), one of the first metal bands to come out of Japan, and… 438 more words


Sunday Poem-W.H. Auden

On The Circuit

Among pelagian travelers,
Lost on their lewd conceited way
To Massachusetts, Michigan,
Miami or L.A.,

An airborne instrument I sit,
Predestined nightly to fulfill… 309 more words

Public Debate

I am Miss Rozina Ali

They say that a human being has around 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certain I hit that 70,000 mark before lunchtime. 176 more words


Happy Hour

i think about you a lot
I’m reminded by cloudy Moonshine and the
neon of this dive’s bar sign of nights
i Had pined over you had counted… 264 more words