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How the ATSB is mismanaging the MH370 search

Bayes and the search for MH370

We are now approximately 60% of the way through searching the MH370 search area, and so far nothing. Which is unfortunate because as the search goes on the cost continues to go up for the taxpayer (and yes I am one of those). 452 more words

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Whatever happened to AirAsia QZ8501? Pt II

Stall warning and Alternate law

This post is part of the Airbus aircraft family and system safety thread.

According to an investigator from Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) several alarms, including the stall warning, could be heard going off on the Cockpit Voice Recorder’s tape. 498 more words

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The C* continuum

This post is part of the Airbus aircraft family and system safety thread.

While there’s often a lot of discussion about short term response of aircraft to control inputs, in practice it’s often the long term response of the aircraft state vector at constant thrust and neutral control inputs that’s just as important to flight control system designers.  1,064 more words

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Understanding Air France 447

This book by Bill Palmer is a must-read for everyone interested in aviation and one of the most mysterious accidents in aviation history.
A detailed, thrilling and objective view from Bill Palmer on how a modern Titanic type accident could happen with a high tech airplane in modern times.


MH370 - Some Ping Happening Here

It was breakfast time, 14th of May 2014. I was reading thru a Daily Mail article dated May 12 (updated the 13th): “Searchers fear “pings” they thought were from missing MH370 were not from the plane at all.” 1,089 more words

MH370 Least We Forget

Making Autopilot Systems Safer

Woodrow Bellamy III

 Would you believe that just 30 lines of computer code might have saved Air France flight 447 from crashing into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009? 439 more words

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The Ping

Exactly one month ago on this day, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 vanished from the radar. The story of this missing plane has baffled the general public and many experts; and the investigation by the officials only made the disappearance much more convoluted than it’s supposed to be, especially due to many false leads and abhorrent standards of journalism employed by many media outlets and the writers alike. 267 more words