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New Recycled Post (with minimum 50% post-blogger content)

I wrote the following comment the other day in response to the post “Doubt” on Life.Post.Affair.

What you’re going through is perfectly normal. It takes time…

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Updated Links

Since getting back on the saddle with this blog, I’ve been looking around at some other blogs. Excited is not exactly the word I would use to describe the fact that there are some new blogs dealing with infidelity. 114 more words


Why the Insecurity

TwoCheatingHearts asked in the comments of my previous post why I feel insecure and why I need constant affirmation. I started writing a reply, but the more I wrote and thought, the more I realized this deserves its own post. 680 more words


Not the End, But a New Chapter

I can’t believe it’s 2015. I mean I really can’t. I keep thinking of the things that I need to get done before the end of the year and I have to remind myself that New Years day was a week ago. 745 more words


Post 102 - Is This The End?

The last week has been a bit odd between my wife and I. She’s been withdrawing from me. It started slowly, but it’s gotten worse since Friday. 937 more words


You Don't Know Me!

I say this to myself in my head whenever someone misjudges me: “You don’t know me!” What I mean is the person in question doesn’t know who I am, what my past is, what my struggles are. 431 more words


Other Blogs

I wonder sometimes if I should be reading other people’s blogs. They’re a mixed blessing to be sure. When I see people recovering, it gives me hope and makes me happy.  266 more words