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Triggers and Flashback

I didn’t realize how traumatic an affair could be, I understood the destruction of trust and the resentment, but I never thought about flashbacks. It seems that everything is a trigger, when my wife calls my son “E” it sets my mind off because that’s how she referred to him to Mike. 132 more words

Affair Recovery


I discovered my wife’s affair in January, and although we are doing incredibly better (thanks only to our faith and relationship with Jesus) I thought it might be helpful for me to blog about what is happening inside my own head rather than reopen old wounds within my marriage by constantly bringing it up. 548 more words

Affair Recovery

When It Matters Most

I like to imagine that I have my own bodyguard. A tough guy, who is equally intelligent. Imagine James Bond, minus the misogyny, following me around and protecting me from the world’s terrors. 1,202 more words

Spiritual Growth

Lost Boy


Is it funny, ironic? That the ONE thing we have all been searching for, when found is maybe the scariest part of healing?

We used to take happy for granted, at least I did. 783 more words

Two Years

Two years on… Seems time to do an update yeah?

Life. Is. Good.

It’s true.  It is good.  So much has happened.  Life is full.  My husband and I are settled, happy, and mostly in tune with each other.   758 more words

After The Affair

Behindmychoice: Allowing Respect to Grow Trust

It’s been over a year and a half and recovery is still a word that I would use to explain where I am most of the time when it comes to my marriage.  1,675 more words

Affair Recovery

Back it up Buddy!

As I have been afraid would happen as I blog, my fingers have moved faster than my mind.  I would be leaving too much out if I failed to go back and add a few things that in retrospect had a HUGE impact in my adult life. 288 more words

Affair Recovery