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My (Our) Story

It has been almost ten months since I was awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of text messages being received on my tablet. 307 more words

Affair Recovery

Behind my choice: real, authentic, honest

Despite all the blessings, all the good, all the progress, all the forgiving and loving and survival….I just have days where I don’t want this to be my testimony. 456 more words

Affair Recovery

Behind my Choice: To Not Let "alone" In

I started this blog a few years ago to let out what I was feeling, to continue healing, have a safe place to leave everything out there.   742 more words

Affair Recovery

Really Brain? Really?

We are good.  I know we are good.  We’ve made such great progress.  I can see the changes in him. I feel the changes in me.   1,106 more words

Affair Recovery

Oh Henry

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary…

Do you think it’s too late to ask for a refund?

“Hey Osage County courthouse, I’d like my $20 dollars back, this license you gave me was defective…in fact it didn’t work at all!!” 654 more words

The Temptation of Pornography - part 2

A man decides that one of their goals in life is to have a very nice watch.  For them, the Rolex, or whatever brand, is a measure of success…  a $5000 watch. 752 more words


Give Yourself Permission To Imagine More Love In Your Life

If you are uncomfortable today because you’ve been hurt, you aren’t alone. Often times, the day-to-day steps that led to you feeling hurt in your relationship were subtle enough that maybe you didn’t even notice them. 1,062 more words