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Days That Bite

Bad day.  Bad, bad day.  My worlds usually operate all independently in my brain I think, but it feels as though they have all collided at the same time in different ways. 371 more words

Marriage Course

Just a snippet I wonder might help both some BS’s & WS’s.

At the end of our night everyone was encouraged to sit with your spouse and discuss your marriage. 142 more words

Marriage Course and New Blog

We are starting a marriage course.  The best thing is that my husband initiated it.  I am sure there are a raft of reasons why, and I am both excited for the next few weeks, and if I am honest quite terrified at the same time.   149 more words

Behind my choice- Not to Dwell

Real life is non-stop and sometimes you don’t get a break from the emotional hard stuff; but when you finally deal with it and start working toward solutions things in life give you a break. 1,076 more words


He said, She said

He said he would be her friend.

She said she had never had a friend like him.

He said, “Let’s take a walk on the beach.” 282 more words

Affair Recovery

True Love

A boulevard of broken dreams,

The horizon of lost hope,

The trail of a thousand tears ….

For too many of us, this is what love has meant.   238 more words

Behind my Choice-To Let Go of His Healing

How many times have I told one of my children, “Worry about yourself please.  You have enough of your own responsibilities to take care of before you can worry about someone else or tattle on them” 1,112 more words