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Forgiveness Redefined

I recently learned a new definition for forgiveness. It is this:

“Letting go of the hope of ever having a better past.”*

That may sound like a ‘no-brainer’, and it is…if you aren’t the one who must let go! 545 more words

Christian Living

Bad Blood

Had a sad epiphany yesterday…

I stayed in my marriage.

I choose to stay in my marriage.

Let’s be honest, I fought with everything I had to save my marriage… 544 more words

The First Step Is Always The Hardest.....

No one ever said this journey would be easy.  And if they had, they would be liars.

Once the truth of my husband’s indiscretions had finally trickled their way out and I was no longer spending most night’s crying myself to sleep while curled in a ball on the bathroom floor, the logistics associated with the “recovery” process began to present themselves.  853 more words


Behind my choice: To "Keep fighting out of the dark"


It rears its ugly head still.

If allowed it becomes a breeding ground for resentment.

Resentment is a toxin.

A contagious, awful, relationship killing toxin. 1,245 more words

Affair Recovery

I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Pumpkin Garden

So Fall is here, technically it arrived about a week ago, but for those of us who don’t have an alarm on our phones alerting us to its arrival on September 22, the season doesn’t arrive until the calendar flips to the month with the orange lettering. 1,162 more words

Spiritual Growth

Fight Song

So emotions are a little high this week…

Anniversary coming up remember, and it is going to hurt, no matter what I do.

It is making the triggers that hit do more damage than usual. 548 more words

Intermission is Over

I took a little break from blogging. I thought it was time to choose to move on. I thought posting and reading about infidelity was keeping his affair at the front of my thoughts. 1,245 more words