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So this is what you call 'afternoon delight'!

I know I’ve mentioned before that sex outside of bedtime hours and even the bedroom with my husband was rare. I even joked when he left me for another woman that I hoped she only enjoyed sex between the hours of 10pm-8am because that was all she was going to get.   1,561 more words

Affair Recovery

3 dates in 4 days!

The beauty about relocating in terms of my dating life was that there was a whole new pool of fish to cast my net into. Between Tinder and Bumble I matched with about 20 people in one session and within 10 days of living back in England, I had lined up my first two dates. 1,184 more words

Affair Recovery

Going home to the new phase of my life

The journey to the airport was very surreal. I’d done this journey many times before but this one was so very different, I was going back to England for good. 1,168 more words

Affair Recovery

Been a while

Last time I posted, over a year ago now… I had taken some time off at a cabin. I was ready to climb out of the pit that my husband’s affair left me in. 599 more words


Humbled by "Lovely Blog" nomination

WOW! I am humbled!  Thank you Fighting the Fight  (https://secondchances685.wordpress.com/)  first for taking the time to read the simple words of someone just like you trying to make her way out from the trauma of adultery.   261 more words

Affair Recovery

My (Our) Story

It has been almost ten months since I was awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of text messages being received on my tablet. 307 more words

Affair Recovery

Behind my choice: real, authentic, honest

Despite all the blessings, all the good, all the progress, all the forgiving and loving and survival….I just have days where I don’t want this to be my testimony. 456 more words

Affair Recovery