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Would You Rather?

My kids play this game where they present us with two disgusting choices that we are forced to choose between…and we have to say which one we pick. 812 more words


Reflections of a Year Gone By

I made it…he made…our marriage made it…we made it!!

It’s been a whole year.  As I have revisited so many of the moments, memories, trials, triumphs,…this entire journey has me spanning every emotion.   864 more words

Faith And Marriage

50 Shades of Unfaithful

Disclaimer: This is going to be a fairly graphic post. I need to work through this part of my relationship and his affair, and this is where I’m at right now. 1,071 more words


You've Got Time

I’ve been binge watching “Orange Is The New Black”…

I have a young friend that started watching with me, and we pile on the couch, after changing into sweats and t-shirts. 661 more words

To Polygraph or Not to Polygraph? That is the Question

I need some advice. In an earlier post I wrote about the various iterations of the truth that we have been through since I first found out SHE existed at the end of October. 886 more words


My Tears Are His Kryptonite

Seriously. They are his Kryptonite. In a really twisted way, I suppose that’s why we are in this mess. He doesn’t especially like a lot of people. 934 more words


The Other Woman's Shadow

I wish SHE didn’t exist. I feel so sorry for HER. I hate HER. I want to protect HER. I want to keep US safe from HER. 1,066 more words