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Honest Fear - Love Addiction Explained, Part 2

I was sitting on my porch reading a Stephen King book when I had a scary thought. Ironically, the fear didn’t come from reading about an evil clown or an animal brought back to life in a Pet Cemetery. 1,537 more words

Affair Recovery

The Last Marriage Class

Our classes have now ended.  The last one wrapped it all up and sent us out to go make a difference, reach for the next level. 635 more words

Behind My Choice-To Practice Patience

Patience is a key element to any relationship if you ask me.  From being a friend, parent, child, co-worker, spouse what would any relationship look like without patience.   1,297 more words

Faith And Marriage

Some Days

Some days I don’t think we will make it. Some days it feels as though I am the only one trying to build a marriage.  The only one making an effort. 496 more words

Honest Beginnings - Love Addiction Explained, Part 1

Long before sin corrupted my life, a dysfunctional way of thinking had polluted my mind and my heart.

In this 3 Part Blog Series I will attempt to explain what I have come to learn about Limerence, or “the love addiction”, and the way it corrupts the thinking of those it affects, and what I am learning about living with this psychological anomaly. 1,697 more words

Affair Recovery

Beauty in the Aftermath

It was ten days after the affair had ended.

It was three days after my failure had been announced in a large public forum.

I wandered into my husband’s study and sat down at his computer and created this Blog-site.  781 more words

Affair Recovery