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Danger Zone

Yes  I changed my blog name.  But more about that soon.

Some days I am in a danger zone, of the Max kind. Dangerous thoughts.  Dangerous Desires. 645 more words


Behind my choice: To get off the Carousel

I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan.  Haven’t missed an episode yet.  I love the monologues and internal dialogue we get to hear as we watch them. 930 more words

Faith And Marriage

Life Happens and then you Die.

I am an Registered Nurse. It’s more than that though. It’s part of who I am.

So because it’s Nurse’s Week I’ll start like this… 2,174 more words

The End of An Affair - One year on......

I wish I had some incredible epiphany to share.  This past weekend marked one year since I officially ended it with Max. I neither wanted to celebrate or commiserate on it being a year, or even have to remember it, but I do remember.   1,658 more words



It’s been weeks since I posted…

But I’ve been wallowing in Suckville (I stole that from someone’s blog!)

I finally decided it was time to stop wallowing… That Suckville sucks. 1,054 more words


Behind my choice- To Sing in the Rain

Have you ever watched the movie Singing in the Rain?  That famous scene where Gene Kelly kisses Debbi Reynolds goodnight at her door step and then dances and sings his way through the city streets proclaiming he’s, “…happy again. 702 more words

Faith And Marriage

FREEDOM: The Story of the Bathtub Picture

The “Thread Family” is a group of people with a Facebook status that has been running strong since February 2013. There are over sixty-three thousand comments on the status update, and I don’t think there has even been one day when someone hasn’t commented. 1,307 more words

Affair Recovery