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Divorce granted and a toast to single life

I finally got the confirmation I was waiting for. My divorce had indeed been finalised on 10th July 2017 and I could now officially refer to Chris as my ‘ex-husband’ and my status would change to ‘divorced’.  988 more words

Processing Anger After An Affair

This could be a dangerous topic. Emotions are high after finding out your spouse cheated. One minute you may feel emotionless, another you might feel sympathy if your spouse seems repentant, then the next you may want to kill them. 970 more words

Finally meeting the cheeky one!

My divorce was due to be finalised on Monday 10th July and I was just waiting to hear confirmation. The week before I had been a bit of an emotional wreck, a lot of hurt came flooding back which was enough for the flood gates to open a few times. 1,317 more words

Affair Recovery

Divorce moves closer

My favourite two weeks in the tennis calendar had arrived which happened to coincide with my first day at the new job. I looked forward to Wimbledon so much and had been lucky enough to go the tournament several times in the past but there was no chance of that this year; I would just have to make do with watching it as soon as I got home from work. 671 more words

New date and a new job

It was during the first week of the French Open tennis tournament that I matched with a guy that at 38, would become my oldest date so far. 847 more words

When The Trigger Pulls You



verb: trigger; 3rd person present: triggers; past tense: triggered; past participle: triggered; gerund or present participle: triggering

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Affair Recovery

My favourite time of year and another big decision

The month of May was always my favourite month of the year in England. I loved the landscape of flowers in the fields and trees proudly showing their new leaves. 1,213 more words