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BehindMyChoice: To Live By Self-Worth Not Self-esteem Alone

My wedding day…I loved every minute of it. It was the day I will always remember feeling like the center of my husband’s world.  He made it clear he was choosing me above all others that day.   1,449 more words

Affair Recovery

MC: "Forty costs of my infidelity"

One of the many exercises I appreciated in Rick Reynolds’ Affair Recovery program was when he asked me to list forty costs to TL of my infidelity.   1,126 more words

The Unfaithful Spouse

A Charmed Life

My mother and I are not particularly close. That’s a bit of an understatement. I haven’t really talked to her in 5 years, though we will exchange the occasional obligatory text, and she does like to keep up appearances. 1,320 more words


A Bandage for Our Broken Vows

Part of letting go means accepting his efforts to repair the damage he has done. I mentioned that I am not ready to forgive him, but I am no longer going to reject his efforts to rebuild what has been broken. 1,354 more words


Stupid Snitch Stories

MY relationship with HER is finally over. It’s been complicated; it may have been more complicated than HIS relationship with HER. He was done texting her in September. 2,299 more words


Deadlines, Decisions, Deletions & Destruction

I have told exactly three people in real life about his affair, and after lurking around on blogs for months, I decided to step out and tell my story, but I also hoped for some compassion and wisdom from others who are on this heartbreaking journey as well. 1,088 more words


House of Gold

Lou was playing on my phone…

She is five and knows how to work it better than me. She has games and likes to take selfies (scary I know), and she likes to look at my 5000 plus pictures. 844 more words