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The First Alarm

Shift change took place at 0630 and I was there on the first day at 0545, ready to save the world.  I had already been given my bunker gear, and been assigned a locker and a bed and was learning the ropes about Central Station when my first alarm as a professional firefighter came in.  322 more words


Beginning the Life of a Fireman's Wife

Just as other dating couples do, we had our good days and a few that were not so good. As we were dating I began to notice a few things.   474 more words

Healing. For Me.

After the discovery of the porn, things began to break open in a new way. We were immediately at entirely different places…HUSBAND floating in a new reality of freedom that he had not experienced before…and me…duly and heavily burdened with even more knowledge of betrayal and inadequacy and shame and disgust. 1,086 more words


Bathrooms and blogs...life continues

In our married life we have accepted that we do not live a normal life, as you readers will learn more about in future blogs.  However, for the last week we have experienced normalcy in the form of a leaky pipe that destroyed our master bathroom, forcing us into a remodel that we decided to take on ourselves.  346 more words

Behindmychoice: To Glorify the Thank You

The simple two word sentence, “thank you”.  It’s one of the first things we learn to say as a child.  It shows gratitude.  It shows appreciation. 1,061 more words

Affair Recovery

A Breakthrough, Literally. And Figuratively.

On the day of the biggest storms our country has seen in some time – yesterday – Jan 23, 2016 – I got to fly across the country. 377 more words


The Drag

From the “World of Games” where we met again in junior high school. I gave E my dad’s phone number, because I didn’t go there but only on holiday’s.   623 more words