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Prepared and ready

Although communication between Chris and I had been emotionally difficult for me to handle in recent weeks, it had in fact been constructive with regards to agreeing the terms of the divorce settlement and we just needed to iron out a few final details. 1,518 more words

Preparing to meet the ‘soon to be ex’

The new positive mindset had come just in time as a couple of weeks later I was due to meet my ‘soon to be ex’ husband to finalise the divorce settlement. 795 more words

Taking stock and moving forward

After two days of drinking, laughing and not a lot of sleep I was ready for my bed that Sunday night. Although when my head hit the pillow it wasn’t sleep that came but thoughts of the naughty afternoon I’d just had running around my mind. 1,001 more words

The very naughty detour around London

I really wish I could describe the huge contrast in my mood from just a few days before. Sitting on the train from Glasgow to London I couldn’t stop smiling at the fun I had just had with the girls and for the first time since I’d been living back in England I felt I belonged to something. 1,580 more words

Five ladies go wild in Glasgow and the story of the woman who has sex with a tree

I had started seeing a new counsellor to help with my situational depression as I was at a pretty low point emotionally and really struggling to cope. 1,518 more words

More 'Players and Facades' but finally something to look forward to

I was very disappointed that some British guys thought it was fun to play games and despite being duped a couple of times already it was about to happen again. 1,014 more words

Affair Recovery

Situational Depression takes hold

A few weeks into life back in England, I had a lot of internal dialogue going on in my head. I had felt like this before, that feeling of not belonging. 1,115 more words

Affair Recovery