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Comparing Moments of Betrayeds and Betrayers

What He Said Before the affair was uncovered:

Yes, I spoke with another woman. About us. About me. About being miserable and wanting more. I did NOT have an affair. 1,326 more words


Early Days of New Marriage History

Those first days…so painful, so instinctual, so desperate, so surreal. I vacillated between sadness and anger, between commitment and fleeing, between love and hate, between blame and self-blame. 600 more words



Today it has been three years since my life imploded? Exploded? Got blown to hell?

I am still here.

and if that was all I wrote, I feel like it would be enough. 1,164 more words

MC: "Follow-up to travel travails"

Here’s what I’ve learned from this experience. ¬†First, I was overconfident in recent months when I went about saying and writing that I would have no trouble spiking a lunch invitation or something similar from a woman. ¬† 667 more words

The Unfaithful Spouse

Esther Perel and Rick Reynolds, a comparison

This is a rehash of things of I’ve said before here, there and everywhere. But, I just wanted to make it as a stand-alone post, as opposed to an addendum or comment to another. 603 more words


A Little History

I realize that before I can move forward in describing my amazing bad ass affair, I need to give you a little history about my husband and me. 63 more words


Let's talk about love

Ok, so as you know from my previous post, we had a conversation with Wayfarer and some IHG staff about love’s place in marriage and reconciliation. 937 more words

For Both