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When Will The Tears Stop?

Tears. They can be such a blessed relief and comfort sometimes, but they can also feel never ending. When I first learned about my husband’s affair I strangely couldn’t cry very much. 1,186 more words

Back to reality

Whenever you leave somewhere permanently whether it is a house, a place or a job, there is a part of you that mentally detaches too. The first two weeks of my trip felt as it should, familiar but no longer ‘home’. 636 more words

Affair Recovery

Houston here we come

2 days before leaving for Houston I had another emotional blow to my already weakened resolve. I received a text from my son to say he and his wife had separated. 890 more words

Idols of Sex

Ever since I was a teenager and understood the purpose of sex in marriage I held it in high regard. I believed it was a gift and something that I only wanted to share with the man I married one day. 1,293 more words

Laying ghosts to rest and the first dates of 2017

I was really looking forward to my trip back to Texas, I missed my old neighbourhood and friends so much. It’s ironic that for such a long time this was a place that felt nothing like ‘ 923 more words

New Year New Beginnings

Yesterday I finished my last journal entry of 2017. With the busyness of life it can be hard to keep up with journaling about life’s events. 408 more words

Breaking the Ice After Confession

This past Christmas break my husband and I went to the mountains for a day hike. At 19 degrees with steady falling snow, our hike was extra challenging, but beautiful. 666 more words