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How do we keep it together?

A fellow blogger whose pen name is Liberty is going through a rough time right now.  She is 21 weeks out from Dday and in so much pain that she was thinking of throwing in the towel.  168 more words


Older children suffer, too

My children are young adults in their early 20’s.  I had all three in 3.5 years so they are close in age,  and they have close bonds with each other, too.  642 more words


The Emails

The Old Woman (my coach’s name for OW) lives across the country from us.  The time difference between us and her often made it difficult for them to talk as much as they wanted.  513 more words


Letter to Exercisegrace

Exercisegrace asked for help today, and I wrote a response.  After posting my comment, however, I thought that I should turn it into a post so that more of you can see it and offer your own suggestions for coping with infidelity at 5 months out from D-day.  748 more words

Extramarital Affair

Love is a fire

“Love is a fire.  But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.”

-Joan Crawford

I stumbled upon this quote today.  93 more words


Awestruck wonder

I live in a gorgeous place.  I am sitting at my desk in re-found wonder at it all.  My desk looks out over the trees of my next door neighbor.  550 more words


There is a big difference between being sorry and being changed.

“There is a big difference between being sorry and being changed.

To be sorry means to feel bad. It’s a temporary little prick of the  heart. 222 more words