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Who Had Earliest Of Early Traumas?

And how do they think they ve affected you? I had a couple assaults as an adult, one I mostly remember. I tried to kill myself after that one…a few times. 77 more words

Boy Plans To Score Viral Video By Shitting Himself While Playing V.R Horror Game

A 16 year old boy, owner of the youtube channel “LeGiT VR ReAcTiOn Vids” has plans to make a video that he expects to go viral. 211 more words


Storm Jonas

Oh boy, you got us.


WONDERFULLLL. So as promised I looked for the best in every situation & decided that visiting my grandparents after 3 years of not seeing them was the ultimate thing to do instead of being held up in a hotel room for 3 days while Strom Jonas takes its toll on our landing strip in JFK. 78 more words


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Gentrification Annotated Works Cited

Beyer, Scott. “San Francisco NIMBYs Reach New Low With Anti-Arena Stance.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 1 May 2015. Web. 18 Jan. 657 more words


It’s Not Gentrification, It’s Urban Development

By Nyah Herbert

One of the more powerful arguments being made about modern gentrification is that by improving urban areas, everyone benefits. While some believe urban renewal can be described as… 1,082 more words


Gentrification or Fear of Change

By Stella Burke

Whether you use the term “gentrification” or “urban renewal” many people are more than displeased by the idea of change. It does not matter the intention when one mentions an idea of change to people who are set in their ways, they will revolt– this itself is a common stance by someone using ethos appeals to show their disagreement. 1,218 more words


Gentrification and its Negative Impacts

By Yesenia Ortega-Valencia

Gentrification has been happening throughout the past century and is on the rise recently especially in highly coveted urban areas. A substantial group of people believe gentrification is a problem because of the displacement of longtime residents and the related ethical questions that arise when people are forced to move because of rising housing costs brought on by neighborhood development. 895 more words