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Buddha Disappoints Me

We sit under no tree, far from the vicissitudes of an affected, materialistic life. We remain connected and actually uphold our responsibities of people dependant entirely upon us. Sometimes, Buddha disappoints me.

Where Is The Line Ideation Vs Serious

A recent posting has affected me for the second day now. I am certain I have missed it, but I promise I did go looking for the rules on such and can t find anything. 76 more words

Vanity of Insanity


Do you

Come up

With that shit!

In my head

It is scary


Stop sign ahead

Do not enter

You will be affected… 25 more words


How Has the Widespread Adoption of Smartphones Affected Digital Advertising_

How Has the Widespread Adoption of Smartphones Affected Digital Advertising?

There are very few inventions that actually change how we live and work as a society. 572 more words


Man is affected not by events but by the view he takes of them.   Epictetus (55 AD – 135 AD)

Epictetus (A.D. c. 55 – 135) was a… 108 more words


Roof replacement estimates are affected by various...

By going through research and project planning beforehand, you possibly can make it possible for your monetary plan for the project shall be enough. Often, it s natural to waste more over your blueprint for the house improvement projects assuming there no planning involve. 6 more words