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Affective Computing – The Greatness of the Unknown

We are assisting a Disruptive Era. Technology and computer advances are being game changers in the past decades. Computers now have the ability of speaking with you, understanding what you tell them and being able of giving coherent answers, they can order taxis and food for you – Alexa, Amazon –, a device can track your tempo while running and play music according to the running tempo you have in a precise moment – Running, Spotify –, you can even scan your bank card with your phone and pay directly passing your phone through the card machine – Apple Pay, Apple –. 3,132 more words

Affective Computing

Psychological surveillance and psycho-informatics in the classroom

Ben Williamson

Psychology has long played a role in education by providing the expert knowledge and survey instruments required to monitor students’ attitudes, dispositions and habits of mind. 2,013 more words

Affective Gaming

The Electronic Gaming industry has been growing ever fast. The innovations and virtual realities clubbed together are building a new horizon of games ever built before. 5,352 more words

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