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Making a plan

I am on the verge of taking a career break after working continuously over the last 10 years as a Supply Chain professional in the Medical Industry. 1,178 more words

Monitoring Email Deliverability

The world of business communications has changed dramatically in the last two decades and with it the way you go about marketing your products has changed too. 708 more words


Do's and Don'ts for Reciprocating Traffic to Promote Your Blog

Some mockingly call it as the mutual admiration society and wherein people praise – and link to – each other in order to generate traffic. No matter how way you look at it, reciprocating traffic works not just for promoting websites but blogs as well. 539 more words


Take Control of the Email Deliverability Problem

There is something fundamentally wrong about email deliverability being able to get in between your customers and you. Under the old model of internet marketing where online businesses basically did mass mailings to anyone who had an email account, the deliverability problem had a huge impact on the payback you got from using a mass mailing service to send your marketing email out to 10,000 or 100,000 random potential customers. 530 more words


The Good of Giving it Away

The phenomenon of downloads has gotten a lot of press that has indicated that people who seek to download things for free from the internet are stealing and are bad people. 596 more words


Forget Mass Mailings and Get Customers to Bring You Customers

Customer recruitment has always been a big challenge for retailers even before the internet came along. It is one thing to have a loyal community of customers who bring you business regularly week after week. 634 more words


Draw Customers to You Through Web Events

Email delivery problems has put an urgency to the priority of changing how we communicate with customers on the internet. At one time, you may have conducted virtually all of your marketing and customer interactions via email. 567 more words