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Joachim Spieth - Layer 12"

Artist: Joachim Spieth
Title: Layer
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Cat: Affin 033 LTD

Release: 24th October 2016 (Vinyl), 21th November 2016 (Digital)

Mastered by Gio @ … 18 more words


Affin showcase 8th October at Redgate, Bordeaux

Arnaud Le Texier and Joachim Spieth meeting in Bordeaux this Saturday. Playing all night long. Allez!

Event details see on

Resident Advisor


Joachim Spieth - Evaporate 12"

Artist: Joachim Spieth
Title: Evaporate
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Cat: Affin 032 LTD
Release: September 2016 (Vinyl),3rd October 2016 (Digital)
Mastered by Gio @ Artefacts Mastering Berlin… 20 more words


Cliche Morph - Ricochet 12"

Artist: Cliche Morph
Title: Ricochet
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Cat: Affin 031 LTD
Release: August 2016 (Vinyl), 29th August 2016 (Digital)
Mastered by Gio @ … 23 more words


Affin showcase 5th August at Griessmühle, Berlin

We’re back at Griessmühle Berlin for a showcase in August

Line up

Joachim Spieth
Arnaud Le Texier
Keith Carnal

event details on Resident Advisor


Malaysian Bank Industry Analysis - 1 May 2016

The following figure summaries performance of Malaysian banks based on the latest financial year results. BIMB is excluded from the comparison because its funding structure is different from conventional banks. 44 more words

d_func. - Unified Fields 12" ( + Edit Select remix)

Artist: d_func.
Title: Unified Fields (including Edit Select remix)
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Cat: Affin 030 LTD
Release: June 2016 (Vinyl), 16th May 2016 ( 20 more words