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Are You Living Up to Your Potential? #inspiration #motivation #nolimits

Are you living up to your potential?

Each of us has incredible potential and has the capability of changing the world! It’s all a matter of believing in yourself and hard work! 215 more words


Just Go Ahead and Do It!

How many of us want to wait until just the “right” time before we do something that we want to do? I’m guilty of thinking like that. 128 more words

Visualising is key

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Happy Friday everyone!

I’m working all weekend, but still, there’s a certain feeling to Fridays, don’t you think? My favourite day of the week is Sundays, but I really love all days, to be honest. 1,818 more words

Create Your Life

Just Think...

Just think…

What would happen if, no matter what the experience, you just knew that all is well and will be well? What if everything is working in your favor and when it all comes to the outcome that it is the best for your life experience even if it doesn’t feel like it is? 65 more words

Law Of Attraction

How to be Fulfilled

If we want the deepest fulfillment, we can achieve it only one way: by deciding what we desire most in life – what our highest values are – then committing to live by our decision every day.

Tony Robbins


Full Moon - Set your intent

Tonight’s full moon is a sign of power and clarity of one’s mind. It symbolizes an end of an event in someone’s life and the cycle to begin a new chapter. 146 more words