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I am open and receptive

I am open and receptive to all the financial wealth life offers me.

Particularly the $15,983 that keeps bouncing in my head.

I’m struggling a little bit with the manifestation success (and a bit more this morning in a non-financial form, but that covers a backup plan for a critical need!) and I understand that may be a form of self-sabotage. 183 more words


Affirmation 7/21/17

Friend, it’s okay. Deep breath. You can do this. Only you are in control of you. No one else gets to dictate how you feel or what goes on inside of you. 12 more words


The Power of Affirmations (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Alexis Wilder

Founder & Owner of: Fat NO Fear

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Health & Fitness Writer

It’s never easy to make a big change in hopes of becoming a better self (if it was, we’d all be in amazing shape, be CEOs, have perfect health, never feel anxious, and have found a simple solution to every other problem we have, right?) The truth is, a good mind is the first step to making a positive change in any aspect of life. 435 more words


I am Grateful: 7.20.2017

Yesterday was an amazing day. I had some really spicy food and it was delicious. I had some unexpected events. That were really startling.

I am grateful for and love myself. 90 more words


Fingers Move Across The Page

Fingers move across the page
Feeling emotions that do rage
Calming down anxious stress
With each word that is expressed.

Yes, fingers make anguish
Dissipate… 11 more words


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This video is one that I’ve found unexpectedly helpful with focusing; I often have it playing in a tab in the background, and sometimes head over to it for the images and text that compose it. 37 more words