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The Power of Affirmations

It’s a small classroom of just ten kids. Specifically, ten girls from extremely challenging backgrounds who now live in an orphanage in Bangalore. Some of them have a parent in prison, two are sisters who witnessed their mother commit suicide, another girl’s relatives tried to marry her off before she turned 13, just so they could get their hands on her “inheritance” – less than $800 that her parents had left in her name. 223 more words


Affirmation 10/27/16

Stay strong. You are strong. Keep being you. We need you.

I’m glad you’re here.


Find a Place Inside Where There's Joy... #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #wisdom

Are you dealing with pain, loss, disappointment, grief, anger?

The past two weeks have kicked me down into the gutter. This flu has dampened my spirit and I’m in need of inspiration. 109 more words


How to Maximize Your Self Focus

A while back I shared with you all my morning routine. You can read that entire post here. A lot of what I commit to at the start of my day is my way of shifting my focus to self. 797 more words


Spiritual Thursdays: The Power of Affirmations

“Program your mind daily or the energies of this world will continue to program it for you…Affirmations are a powerful tool for this.” ~Lalah Delia… 178 more words

Soulistic Healing

But you don't look sick? Living with a hidden illness.

Suffering with a hidden illness or disease, whether it be mental or physical can take it’s toll on you. But unlike visible physical illnesses, no one knows you’re suffering but you. 923 more words

27 October 2016

I matter and what I have to offer this world matters.

–  Unknown

Have you ever felt you are meant for ‘bigger’ things?
Do you feel you have something to share that could help others? 128 more words