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Motivation Monday - Affirmations for the week

This is your Monday morning reminder that you are amazing and you can do anything.  So put on your positive pants and get ready to shine this week. 57 more words


Change Begins with Mental Action

In order for change to happen in life, you have to make a change. Life will stay just the way it is if you don’t make some kind of change. 103 more words

Law Of Attraction


“You are the best computer on the market and with the right programming you can shift your entire reality. An affirmation is a program. It is a special code that releases you from old systems of thought/belief, speaking, and action. 12 more words


Finding Balance

today I spent the day reflecting on my past week, preparing for this week, and coming up with a plan for keeping my balance/maintaining my peace while in Cape Town. 340 more words


The power of affirmations 

Let’s start of by defining an affirmation.

It is: the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. Synonyms: declaration, statement, assertion.

So essentially when you are stating an affirmation, it is simply a declaration of belief in yourself! 283 more words

Personal Development

Overwhelmed? Use Your Cute Li'l Inner Minions

A lighthearted scenario for meditation or affirmation when you feel like you can’t make your dreams happen: pretend you’re Gru and you have a team of playful creatures at your disposal. 38 more words


I am Love: 7.23.2016

I am love. I love rainy days. I love thunderstorms. I love crazy cats. I love my clients. I love my career. I love my friends and family. 215 more words