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The Asinine Alt Right, 5/13/17

More stupidity from the Alt Right.

Outrageous Neocon pontificating.

Trump has always been a one-way man-crush for the Alternative Right. 

That’s true enough.  But only Trump?  

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The Privilege of Protection

This whole debacle at Duke Divinity has me spinning like a friggen lazy susan. I’m in this weird middle ground between being the typical white, evangelical, cis-male with some experience of academia and yet also being someone who has experienced oppression and the unjust exercise of social and institutional power. 2,132 more words


The Words "Short Bus" Come to Mind


Of course there was a blacks-only graduation ceremony at Harvard.

The affirmative action students want to celebrate being gifted a degree in a “studies” major, don’t they?


Push back against political activists

At the site below George Leef of the North Carolina Martin Center for Academic Renewal makes the case against activists who want to distort federal law to use it as a political tool for their misguided and biased agenda. 7 more words

Education Politics

Back of the Bus

I recently posted a blog after I learned that it was a paratrooper from my old unit at Bragg who was the student veteran that killed himself not long before I arrived at Duke University. 663 more words



|…….tindakan positive discrimination, sebagaimana diprogramkan Perdana Menteri Mohd Natsir dengan politik Ekonomi Benteng (1950-1957), kiranya sangat relevan memperbaiki keadaan buruk ini| 1,284 more words


Affirmative Action - Henry

Prompt: Given what your own experience, what are common misconceptions of affirmative action?

Our reading last week was all about education.  The reading focused in on the issue of affirmative action.  374 more words

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