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#WhateverWednesday: Another Unpopular Opinion RE: Diversity

Apparently I am still in a disagreeable mood.

But disagreeing is fine. Having an opinion is part of being human. We don’t have to agree with the masses in order to be allowed to exist. 1,588 more words


Why I Support Male Privilege

The title of this post is provocative and that is slightly mischievious on my part. Unfortunately the world we live in requires headline-grabbing statements. I could have put in a more convoluted, more accurate summary of what I want to say forthwith. 1,223 more words


Five liberal Democrat policies that hurt minorities

The five policies are:

  • higher minimum wage rates
  • opposition to school voucher programs
  • releasing criminals from jail
  • affirmative action
  • single mother welfare

This article is by Jason L. 857 more words


Death by HR: Biased HR Degree Programs Create Biased HR Bureaucracies

So modern HR departments are risk-averse, feminized, and tend to know little about the technical requirements of jobs they are recruiting for while screening out candidates liberal arts majors don’t like. 1,959 more words



Seorang jurnalis bertanya kepada saya tentang ucapan JK bahwa 71 tahun Indonesia merdeka baru mampu sekadar aman sandang, sedangkan pangan dan papan belum. 585 more words


Affirmative Action Comes Home to Roost

There are some people — a lot of them, in fact — who simply can’t abide the truth:

Professors at Smith College in Northampton, Mass.

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Social Commentary

Why are boys struggling to succeed in school and to find jobs?

Although you might think that there are no reasons for boys underperforming in school and work, a little research shows that this is not the case. 1,564 more words