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Death by HR: EEOC Incompetence and the Coming Idiocracy

After the EEOC lost a number of high-profile cases like the Sears case of 1980, where EEOC allegations of “disparate impact” of Sears practices on women in sales employment were unaccompanied by evidence or complaints, settlements have predominated. 1,335 more words


Don’t Blame Diversity for Distrust - NYTimes.com

Good piece by Maria Abascal and Delia Baldassarri on disadvantage and unequal opportunities being more important to trust than diversity:

For his own part, Professor Putnam filed 

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Injustice of skewed land ownership persists

After decades of apartheid and the oppression of black people, it is disheartening that some whites have the nerve to bicker when democratic government attempts to right the wrongs of the past and redress injustice. 713 more words

Economic Apartheid

It's not a man's world

By Tom Quiner

Feminist icon, Hillary Clinton, pursues the presidency on the premise that there is a ‘war on women.’

I beg to differ.

I broach the subject after seeing the photo above released by the Huffington Post. 502 more words


Bread price will weigh heavily on the poor

With the price of bread set to rise this month, it is the poor communities who will once again feel the strike. However, according to… 526 more words

Economic Apartheid