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George Jonas: Discrimination is discrimination, whatever you call it

If you conclude that doing something is wrong, you have at least three choices. 1.) Don’t do it. 2.) Do it anyway. 3.) Do it anyway, but call it something else. 979 more words

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For Becca...Affirmation

Becca:  this will help settle your heart, after the conversation you had recently…love ya lots!!  Your sister Charissa

Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College…

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Gender Issues

Too Intelligent For Police Work

U.S. police applicants can’t be too intelligent for law enforcement jobs.

By Katie Rucke

Have you ever called a police officer “stupid” or questioned whether he/she was actually using their brain? 370 more words

Police Recruitment

When Will White People Finally Stop Complaining About Affirmative Action?

In 2008 Abigail Fisher, a bright eyed student, sued the University of Texas, Austin, her dream school, because she wasn’t admitted. Isn’t that something? Suing a university because you weren’t qualified and didn’t get in. 656 more words

Enough is enough: Fisher v. University of Texas

How many bites does Abigail Fisher get at this apple? Fisher was an applicant who sued the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 after she was denied admission both on the automatic admissions policy (the Percentage Plan) and by the holistic review process. 536 more words

Higher Education

An Argument For Sexism (Just This Once)

My very first job – dressing as Droopy Dog for a Cartoon Network promotion – happened because I was exactly the right height for the costume (5’3”). 874 more words


Jonathan Tyne makes one-time pad encryption practical

This post is an excerpt from the next to last chapter in my novel Affirmative Action. It is long, more than 12,000 words – read it as if it is a short story – and there is much dialogue in it between my protagonists Catherine Duvall and Jonathan Tyne, whom Catherine knows by his assumed name Michael Ware. 13,031 more words

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