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Essence of Diversity


Campus Reform:

Harvard med students demand diversity, but no more Asians please


They similarly lament the insufficient diversity of the student body, complaining that “while … 21.7 percent of HMS students are underrepresented in medicine,” just two of the 165 current first-year students are black females, and contending that “these numbers are not reflective of a nation in which African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians comprise 32 percent of the population.”

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Death by HR: How Affirmative Action is Crippling America

I’m starting a new series of posts on a new book tracing the decline of competence in organizations due to affirmative action hiring, and how it is leading to economic stagnation and declining growth for everyone. 1,043 more words


Virginia school district nixes video on race, discrimination after criticism

GLEN ALLEN, Va. (AP) — A school district in Virginia has decided not to use a video about race and affirmative action after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it “white guilt.” 155 more words



Science is a great thing and I’m very happy to have brilliant fine-tuned minds available to make life better for most and remedy dangerous situations. I am not, however, so happy with some of the experiments that are… 515 more words

Affirmative Action

Model Minority or Model Majority?

By Bryan Ang 

Up until entering Rice, I harbored the view that affirmative action in the college admissions process was detrimental to Asian and Asian-Americans, due to a possible oversaturation of Asians in higher education. 759 more words

Rice University

Blacks in positions of power = trouble

A few years ago, I wrote about Ellis McCoy, a Portland official who continued his corrupt practices for several years before he was finally dismissed. 673 more words

Africa And Blacks