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It started in my iPhone “Notes” app. I wrote down my opinions about social and political issues. I shared some ideas with friends but what 18-year-old kid wants to hear a girl go on and on about Affirmative Action right? 283 more words

Affirmative Action

Equal Results

“In the beginning, the basic idea of civil rights was equality under the law, and, flowing from this, equality of opportunity. This meant that an individual was to be judged in terms of his personal qualifications or abilities, without regard for his race or sex. 67 more words


TOK presentation 2, Reverse Racism

On July 6th, 2015, like a week after the end of term exam, we had our second TOK presentation. This time, I grouped up with people out of the friendly zone, which means it was with the girls.   2,354 more words


The Conventional Wisdom and Its Pitfalls

One should always be skeptical of the conventional wisdom, or at least occasionally reconsider it. Not so long ago it was hard to find a poll or pundit best-selling non-fiction publication that didn’t proclaim the Republican party’s opposition to unrestrained illegal immigration and discomfort with ethnic identity politics in general and certain queasiness about abortion and noticeable reluctance to embrace same-sex marriage would lead to its demise, what with the changing demographics and the hip young voters and the arc of history bending toward liberalism and all, but for the moment all of these issues seem to be working against the Democrats. 793 more words



Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wants to start indoctrinating your kids and grandkids as early as possible. K-12 apparently isn’t doing the job. Head Start is a failure and Early Head still doesn’t capture all the minds. 428 more words


Black South Africans are slowly moving into management positions—but white males still call the shots

Seventeen years after the adoption of affirmative action in South Africa, white males still occupy most top management roles, according to a report released today… 300 more words