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Affirmative Action and the Reason People are Still so Quick to Denounce it

Affirmative Action is a policy meant to help those of historically oppressed backgrounds see higher acceptance rates to schools, jobs, and scholarships. It was conceived just half a decade ago and related very closely to other legislature from that time, including the Civil Rights Act, the… 964 more words


Sonia Sotomayer- Supreme Court Justice

I am just about finished with this wonderful biography of a very talented and educated Sonia Sotomayer, My Beloved World.  I read about this book on the blog of Lakeside Musing and I thank her for the recommendation. 291 more words

Federal Protections for Veterans

In 1974, Congress passed the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA). Although “veteran status” is often omitted from lists of protected populations because it falls outside the most prominent legislation,like Title IX or the Civil Rights act of 1964, VEVRAA provides equivalent federal nondiscrimination protections to veterans. 644 more words


Don’t Blame Diversity for Distrust

Evidence for continuing affirmative action.

Don’t Blame Diversity for Distrust http://nyti.ms/256tBbG

Some Pigs Are More Equal

Un-fun Times

College apps suck. They suck the life from your soul through your hands across the keyboard and into Google Docs. Bless copy and paste (for pasting into the college system, not plagiarism). 627 more words

Living With The World

Feminism bred Sponsor generation

As I grew up, my mother would order us, the boys, to do all the house chores all day leaving behind our sisters because ‘they couldn’t do hard labour’. 792 more words

Females For Feminism.

After reading the previously discussed article, ‘Trolls For Trump’ in The New Yorker, I couldn’t stop thinking about how evocative a barometer these book best-seller lists were, so I did some research on my own, and looked up the latest updates of the Amazon kindle list (if… 2,080 more words