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He's Fallen Off His White Horse

The Trump administration is playing “4-D chess” indeed!  The problem is they are playing against White Americans, against their own base.

Read this.

And this. 442 more words


When the window of diversity is opened in Video Games

Melanie Ehrenkranz: What happens when developer X releases their “diversity” report and they don’t meet your or any other social justice or feminists criteria? Do they get a scarlet mark next to their names? 880 more words


Katie Hopkins works her audience.

How did I miss this speech by Katie Hopkins?  More than a year ago she spoke at a debate at the Oxford Union.  The motion was  369 more words

Speech Critique

Notes for speech on the history of Title VII

Title: Unknown

Date: Sometime after 1991 based on reference to 1991 Civil Rights Act

Audience:  Unknown

Link to original:  https://petercrobertsonarchive.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/speech-fragment-scanned.pdf

In a sense the legal history should tell us what happened when T7 was created from the primordial oooz — from amorphous cosmos — the unformed mass.  322 more words

Affirmative Action

Black New York City Firefighter Files Suit Alleging Racial Discrimination & Sexual Hazing

A federal lawsuit filed by an African-American firefighter accuses the New York City Fire Department of permitting discrimination and sexual hazing, the New York Post… 334 more words

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Researched Argument Topics

The three potential topics that I’m considering for my researched argument are sustainability, affirmative action, and student debt. I like each of these topics because they can be examined not only on a societal level, but also on a campus level. 329 more words

Diversity Hot Potato

Menlo Park, California

Why is Faceberg hypocritically demanding the kind of diversity in the law firms it hires that it won’t demand of itself?

The answer might be along the same lines of Mark Zuckerbook opposing international border walls but building them around his houses. 64 more words

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