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Can Blockchain end Reservations in India?

The system of reservation also called as (Affirmative Action) in India comprises a series of active measures, such as reserving access to seats in the various legislatures, to government jobs, and to enrolment in higher educational institutions. 634 more words


The Collective

People are individuals and problems exist when others apply collective rules. Skin color doesn’t show who grew up with privilege and skin color doesn’t even always show a person’s ethnicity. 185 more words


Over 50 and Counting

One of the things I’m an advocate about is inclusive employment for those over 50. They bring to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be crossed over to other matters. 196 more words


University of Sydney’s great progressive debate on meritocracy.

Critics of the progressive University of Sydney called out a decision by the University of Sydney Union to apply quotas to the Australian Easter Debating Championship or novices debate. 284 more words

One Reason Why the Alt Right Can't Have Nice Things

Nice things like an infrastructure, proper financial support, dedicated legal help, competent full time staffers, etc.

Remember this?

In case you are wondering where some of that money goes (apart from helping happy penguins enjoy that suburban blue state lifestyle), see this panhandling screed: 247 more words

The Paradox of Levelling the Playing Field in the Name of Equality

Concepts of equality have long formed the keystones of Western philosophies. Revolutions have been fought in the name of equality, our courts are built around the idea that we are all equal before the law, and activists have spent the last century working to break down the systematic inequalities affecting our societies. 637 more words


Employers Should Take Notice of New Jersey’s Expected Equal Pay Law

Thomas J. Szymanski

The Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act (“Act”), directed at remedying discriminatory pay practices in the workplace, was passed by both houses of New Jersey’s Legislature and awaits the signature of Governor Phil Murphy. 678 more words

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