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Harvard students are taking legal action to support the university on affirmative action

In another installment of Harvard University’s legal battle over affirmative action policies, several current and previous students have joined the fray in support of the university. 407 more words


Safe spaces, Feminism, Social Justice, Political Correctness, Identity Politics - bleh - OVER IT! WARNING - have TRIGGERS? - grab your bottle because they're all in here.

Here are some things that I believe to be true. Tomorrow I might have learned something and the truth could look different. By sharing what we see as true, honestly and without agenda, we can all help each other see more clearly. 697 more words


"Death by HR" - Diversity Programs Don't Work

As we’ve seen, HR costs continue to rise because cost savings from outsourcing are swallowed up by increasing regulatory burdens. The hiring of “Chief Diversity Officers” (CDOs), HR executives making a median salary of… 3,376 more words


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Washington, D.C.

Hechinger Report:

The federal government is trying to increase the number of minorities in the teaching profession by, in part, allowing institutions to maintain a low bar for entry into teaching programs.

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History response paper

Yonis, Pick an issue of our times. What is its history and what would you do about it as President of these United States?

– War on Terror. 33 more words

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Affirmative Action: Is It Fair?

A Moralistic Fallacy is the assumption that “what ought to be is what is — that the undesirable opposes nature”.

The belief that all people, despite distinct race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age or handicap should have equality of outcome in society, despite genetic differences, in itself is a moralistic fallacy. 997 more words