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On the Meritocracy and How Far it Should Go

I believe in meritocracies, meaning that I believe that in general our society should function such that jobs and positions are filled on the basis of one’s skill in said job. 2,099 more words

A Legal-Economic Understanding of the Basis of the Reservation Claims made by the Jat Community

Dhruv Shekhar is a third year law student at Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat,  having studied history previously at St. Stephens College.

M.N. Srinivas, the pioneer of Indian anthropology in the 1950s, defined a dominant caste[i] as one which is numerically eminent, while simultaneously wielding social, political and economic power. 2,990 more words

Law & Governance

The BBC does not discriminate against women

The BBC has been met with allegations of sexism from the left-wing commentariat and it’s own female employees after the Corporation admitted that two thirds of its top earners are men. 559 more words


Affirmative Action is necessary and Fisher v. University of Texas proved why

On June 23rd, 2016 the Supreme Court of The United States literally threw out Abigail Fisher’s a young Caucasian woman’s argument that she was rejected from the University of Texas due to her race and ethnicity under affirmative action. 733 more words

Social Injustice

Intentional Media Inclusion

Assumptions, we all have them and we all contribute to the widely accepted stereotypes with each of our words and actions. Assumptions can cause people to make generalizations. 1,420 more words

Social Justice

Man Claims Affirmative Action Benefits Upon Learning Half His Ancestors Were Women

After extensive genetic testing and research on his family tree, a man discovered that half his ancestors were women.

“This really changes things, I never realized that my great grandmother had so many ties to being a woman. 186 more words

America and Legacy Admissions

One of the much discussed and debated issues in education is admission through affirmative action, a policy which attempts to bring into consideration historical discrimination, often through preferential treatment of minority groups. 415 more words