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US Military: Political Interference Creates Another Monstrous Hybrid

We’ve looked at the dysfunction spreading through every government service as the combination of Civil Service and union protection with affirmative action hiring has lowered standards and reduced accountability, shielding the incompetent and criminal while negating the efforts of conscientious employees. 6,226 more words


US Military: The Desegration Experience

Fighting units of US military were integrated at the start; blacks and whites served together in the colonial forces, and black men were integrated in fighting units in the Continental Army and Navy during the Revolutionary War. 2,563 more words



There are efforts in RSA where the government tries to correct imbalances as a result of the apartheid government. The idea is to give those who were previously disadvantaged a chance. 915 more words

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A Theory of the Socialist State

Is there a theory of the socialist state? We can draw together a theory from a careful study of the experiences and statements of the Soviet Union and China, the two places where a socialist state has begun to emerge. 1,302 more words


Another Hoax

Santa Clara, California

Tech Crunch:

Intel CEO says leadership team has received threats for company’s stance on diversity

Intel is widely seen as a leader around corporate diversity in tech.

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Affirmative action on college campus

Affirmative action policies have made news headlines for decades. The most current of which is the Supreme Court case Fisher v. University of Texas. After bringing her case to the Supreme Court twice, Abigail Noel Fisher is the in midst of fighting the University once again. 701 more words


Is Affirmative Action Counterproductive?

Affirmative Action has been advocated for because it helps force diversity upon college students and helps underrepresented ethnicity groups attain better “opportunities” in college and the working world. 245 more words