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Is Ben Affleck The Best BATMAN? 

Batman v Superman might not have been the massive success Warner Bros. or Zack Snyder were expecting, but if we can agree on one thing it’s that Ben Affleck killed it as our new Batman. 466 more words


Just Make a Batman Film

A few weeks ago on the podcast we sat down and aired a few of grievances that we have with “nerd culture”. Amongst my biggest issues was the belief that Batman fans were yet to be treated to a Dark Knight that we’d recognised in the comics, or a Batman that wasn’t a director taking liberties with the character. 846 more words


Batman v Superman

Basically what spring break was all about (Talk about coincidences)
I walked into the cinema one thutsday afternoon and 2 and a half hours later, i walked out a happy gal rejuvinated, bursting with the kind of excitement that only comes around once in a while. 945 more words


White washing Hollywood?

I am personally fed up of the whole concept of white washing Hollywood. I think the biggest controversy at the moment being that scarlet johansen… 514 more words

Batman Toys, Hero Dads & Sad Ben Affleck

The other day the kind people at Schleich models were kind enough to send me a package to celebrate my parenthood and remind me of the fact that “dads are heroes too…” 133 more words


Surge Forward Ye' Mighty Nerds

Well yesterday was a pretty good day for comic book fandom as a whole, we have learned that Oscar Award winning Director/Actor/Man-Crush Ben “I’m Batman” Affleck is definitely going to do a solo-Batman film. 255 more words

Eventual Press Stuff

A "Sad Affleck" seeks advice from Adam Sandler about BVS bomb

Written by Rob Cholo, Staff Writer.

Hollywood, California–Hollywood movie star Ben Affleck is depressed. The prolific actor, who has been in over 40 films, which have been described as “hit or miss,”has also taken to directing with a 2012 political thriller,  594 more words