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John McCain - America's Unlikely Hero

For the second time this year, Senator John McCain appears to have preserved the signature domestic achievement of the man who once kept him from the presidency. 1,111 more words

An Open Letter to Some Senators from Robert Frost

Warning: Naiveté will be on display here.

This “letter” is directed primarily at U.S. Senators McCain, Collins and Murkowski although there are a few others who should be paying close attention to the implications for their states, and their constituents, of the Graham-Cassidy legislation that would replace the Affordable Care Act with a temporary set of block grants and the individual discretion to limit covered services, including pre-existing conditions and many basic regular services now covered by the ACA. 584 more words


Once More into the Breach, Dear Friends

Unchastened by multiple past failures of leadership and intellect, the Republicans in Congress have signaled their intention to bring one more piece of “repeal Obamacare” legislation to a vote before the month is out, so as to secure the benefit of a 50-votes-wins procedure. 490 more words


Does the ACA increase access to healthcare? A short review.

The abundance of opinion pieces, think pieces, and articles covering the ACA testify to the polarizing opinions and thoughts brought about by the 2010 enactment of the Affordable Care Act. 656 more words

Ending Radio Silence

I know I have been largely absent (or, actually, entirely absent) since my last post on April 20th about Bill O’Reilly but I am back because honestly, this shit is fucked. 1,044 more words

|Things That Get My Hackles Up|

008 – Improve the ACA, rather than just trash it? What a concept. Who knew? (An Editorial)

Uhh, actually LOTS of people knew … and still know.

The initial failure of the McConnell led Republican Senate to pass their version of wealthcare, may finally lead to an opportunity which might be a whole lot bigger than just the American healthcare system.  1,087 more words


The HealthCare Bill Would Cause Financial Ruin for People With Preexisting Conditions.

Republicans are going to insist otherwise, but their new healthcare bill is designed to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

If there was one goal Senate Republicans had set out to achieve in developing their health bill to show they were less “mean” than their colleagues in the House, it was to take away the House Republicans’ green light for insurers to once again discriminate against those with pre-existing health conditions. 1,124 more words