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More Than 90% of Americans Are Insured for the First Time in U.S. History

More people in the U.S. are covered by health insurance than ever before.

According to newly released federal statistics, about 91% of Americans have health insurance. 199 more words


Advice-giving, Aging Parents & Adult Children

Advice-giving can trip up the elder parent – adult child relationship and even cause painful divisions between parent and child.

My mother will ask me a question and the answer is fairly straightforward, but then I’ll keep on answering, advising, really. 534 more words

Aging Parents

Yes, PHM Can Get You Paid

Skip Leavitt, PA, MBA, FACMPE

The case for effective population health management couldn’t be clearer. But still there is great reticence on the side of providers and health systems, many of whom believe that adding PHM activities will threaten fee-for-service revenue. 423 more words


Address Declining Fertility with the Conception Kit® at-home system

There are many ways women can address infertility challenges that may occur as they age including the use of the Conception Kit® at-home system.

In our culture, many women are waiting to have children until they are older. 587 more words

Conception Kit

Four Things Couples Should Know about Infertility

Couples can take control over their family planning by understanding a few key things about infertility.

When it comes to understanding infertility, it can often seem like there is a lot of information out there to sift through. 624 more words

Conception Kit

A Simple and Effective Fertility Treatment Helps Couples Conceive at Home

There is now an effective home fertility treatment available by prescription that gives couples the help they need to conceive a child.

To address the needs of couples facing infertility challenges, Conceivex, Inc. 496 more words

Conception Kit

Part Time Workers State of the Economy

Many people say the Great Recession is over or still in recovery. Many people are struggling to make ends meet working part time jobs, many at fast food. 117 more words

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