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Advocacy and Equity Planning's Influence on New York City's Housing Policy Landscape

As real estate development threatens to push out low-income New Yorkers from their homes, planners are scrambling to preserve or develop more affordable housing. Such policies as mandatory inclusionary zoning and community board preferences in housing lotteries have gained momentum over the last year. 1,075 more words

North Vancouver developer proposes new 'demoviction' solution

A North Vancouver developer is proposing a novel solution to the ongoing problem of so-called “demovictions.”

The term refers to the eviction of tenants at aging affordable rental properties as they face redevelopment. 304 more words


NAHRO Submits Comments on AFFH Rule Streamlining

Earlier this week, NAHRO responded to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s or the Department’s) request for comments on streamlining the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule by submitting… 257 more words

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NO on Prop 10: Repeal of Costa Hawkins is a Disaster for Affordable Housing

Disclaimer: For the last 42 years, I have lived through all of this, and understand the reasons WHY Costa Hawkins happened—to enable construction and the supply of housing. 538 more words
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Affordable housing bonds would be possible if Measure 102 passes

Oregonians will decide Nov. 6 whether local governments should be allowed to issue bond measures for privately owned, affordable housing projects.

Should Measure 102 pass, taxpayers would be responsible for paying back such affordable housing bonds. 10 more words

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Santa Cruz Legislative Watch: June 2001 - Affordable Housing Project Postponed

JUNE 2001


Tom Burns from the County’s Redevelopment Agency (RDA) was hired by the County to be the County Geologist in 1977. 2,603 more words

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Side Glance With Al Tee: Civic Election Edition - The Top Twenty?

Less than a week away and there are enough candidates running for mayor on the random ordered ballot to stage a basketball tournament. In fact, that’d be my suggestion for whittling down the number of candidates for mayor. 330 more words