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Are You Ready for This?

I recently learned about a new business called “medibid.” Billing itself as “the only real solution” to rising healthcare costs, medibid acts as a broker, allowing patients to register (for a fee) and describe what kind of healthcare service they are seeking and allowing physicians (who also pay a fee) to “bid” for the business at a stated price. 187 more words


The American Tragedy

The tragedy of today’s America is that the middle class is systematically being wiped out by the policies of both political parties.

Neither party is willing to put the goal, of finding a way to fulfill every American’s right to life in a time of exorbitant costs for medical care, before political expediency.  150 more words


Immediate Advantage

enTrust Immediate Care™ Introduces Immediate Advantage…

Practical Assistance in Managing Healthcare Costs

Houston, TX – January, 6, 2011 – Amid unwelcome news of skyrocketing healthcare costs there is good news for Houstonians! 347 more words

Affordable Medical Care

A Rant about Medical Tourism

“Medical tourism” is unforunatly the term being used by the general public to describe medical care abroad. The concept is not in error but the term is. 232 more words

Affordable Healthcare

Changing the Face of Stroke Recovery - Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we commented on our surprise at learning that 12 of 16 important stroke rehab criteria are not reported in the US.   415 more words

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Changing the Face of Stroke Recovery

About every 45 seconds in America, someone suffers a stroke.  In fact, more than 780,000 people suffer a stroke each year, and estimates put the number of families impacted by stroke survivor at more than 6 million.   485 more words

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Urgent/Immediate Care Clinic Instead of an Emergency Room

When should an urgent care clinic be used instead of an emergency room? At enTrust Immediate Care we think that is a reasonable question with a practical answer. 232 more words

Affordable Medical Care