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PHD's a plenty...

I have so many projects half done or PHD’s as I like to call them and I am enjoying hooking them all.  The problem has been deciding which one to pick up and which one to put down! 482 more words


Yarn a long Sunday #4

Well this is the last yarn a long Sunday in this March series.  It feels like ‘blink and you will have missed it!’ 

Easter has hurtled at us and March is almost through! 152 more words


Graphghan Update

So I have been working more than just my graphghan as you can see. This graphgan is very stressful for me. I just have a couple of inches done and I had to take a couple of days off because it hurt my fingers and wrist too much. 395 more words


It Just happened...

I have a small confession for which I hold my temporary insomnia completely responsible.  I have started  yet another crochet blanket.  But, in my defence it is a gorgeous broomstick crochet, and in a beautiful wild rose blush and it’s for my new bedroom.  179 more words


Yarn a long Sunday #3

Welcome to the third yarn a long Sunday…March is certainly flying by!

Thank you so much for last weeks natter…I really enjoyed your suggestions and helpful thoughts about how to fix my unravelled grannies…I think the general consensus was leave longer tails and weave them in  more thoroughly!!! 311 more words


Yarn a long Sunday #2

Welcome to the second yarn a long Sunday…I hope you have grabbed yourself a coffee or something else to drink.  Last week’s yarn a long was all about why you crochet, knit, craft… and I shared my story of post natal depression.  154 more words


Yarn a long Sunday #1

Yay…Welcome to the first yarn a long Sunday…If you have just stumbled here by accident, I do hope you will stay for a while and join in too.  508 more words