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Considered one of the greatest photos ever taken, Afghan Girl (made the cover of National Geographic!) captures the haunting beauty of a young girl trapped in a desperately poor, wartorn land.  301 more words

Afghan Girl - A Life Revealed

This is the story of the photograph taken in 1984 by Steve McCurry and used as the front cover of the National Geographic in June 1985… 359 more words


One Magical Instant

At one magical instant the page of a book – that string of confused, alien ciphers – shivered into meaning.
Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; 337 more words

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Simply the best. A man so important to photography, Kodak gave him their last roll of Kodachrome. He did not waste it.

Inspiration from Inspiring Artists

 Steve McCurry is an American editorial photographer. He captures different cultures in portrayal form. He used contrasts of colours when editing so the dull tones blend into the photograph, this makes his photographs stand out, and is what attracted me to McCurry’s work. 234 more words

National Geographic: Judging by Covers

Don’t judge a book by its cover; but a magazine? It’s inevitable, especially with National Geographic. I’ve been reading the National Geographic book The Covers trying to find what it is about a photo that magnetizes your eye. 201 more words


Portraits and History

Portraits are pretty straightforward. Whether it’s by traditional medium or photography, portraits through history have spoken a lot of the artist or photographer as well as the subject. 255 more words