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Considered one of the greatest photos ever taken, Afghan Girl (made the cover of National Geographic!) captures the haunting beauty of a young girl trapped in a desperately poor, wartorn land.  301 more words

National Geographic: Judging by Covers

Don’t judge a book by its cover; but a magazine? It’s inevitable, especially with National Geographic. I’ve been reading the National Geographic book The Covers trying to find what it is about a photo that magnetizes your eye. 201 more words


Portraits and History

Portraits are pretty straightforward. Whether it’s by traditional medium or photography, portraits through history have spoken a lot of the artist or photographer as well as the subject. 255 more words

Steve McCurry inspirational videos

Steve McCurry is a very well know photographer who has worked extensively and often for National Geographic. He is responsible for the Afghan Girl image that was one of their most famous photographic covers. 21 more words

Learning Photography

Kabul, Afghanistan - An internally displaced child

Kabul, Afghanistan – An internally displaced child washes her feet at a hand pump as she and others wait for their parents to collect food relief aid from the World Food Programme


Drawn by light

An exhibition about photographs for photographers. This original collection perfectly represents the biggest milestones in photographic history since the beginning of it. Most of the pictures were donated by the… 321 more words