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Thou, You, Tun

You have power to undo
You have power to turn your fate
You have power to create platform
You have power to make a difference… 31 more words

Afghan People

Tumhari Yaad Aati Hai

Jab Bhi Kuch Sochne Bethta Hoon.
Jab Bhi Kuch Likhne Bethta Hoon.
Tumhari Yaad Aati Hai !

Jab Kabhi Muskrane Lagta Hoon
Kuch Alag Ehsas Hota Hai. 67 more words

Afghan People


The best relationship is relation of trust.

If it is firstly established,

Secondly maintained and

Thirdly persevered !

Afghan People

Without You

I have been lost in your dreams
My dreams are even incomplete without you.

I have been lost in your beauty.
Nothing seems beautiful without you. 31 more words

Afghan People


Everyone leaves.

Your friends
Your haters
Your lovers
Your enemies
Your motivators

But your IDEAS are part of your LIFE and which never leave you ALONE. 33 more words

Afghan People

World : An illusory

The World is an illusory.

Where everybody tries to deceive himself as well as others

We lie to each other

We blame each other

We cheat each other… 19 more words

Afghan People


Happiness cannot be SMALL !
Don’t feel it unhappily.
Don’t see it blindly.
Don’t see it from the closed window.
Remove shadows from your eyes. 14 more words

Afghan People