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Let Them Eat War

The United States seems to have avoided going to war with Iran — for now. But it would be a mistake to for antiwar activists to let their guard down entirely. 1,111 more words

On the Power to Wage War

The House of Representatives voted Thursday along mostly party lines to restrict President Donald Trump’s authority to wage war with Congress’ consultation and approval, and there’s a chance a few Republicans will join all the Democrats in the Senate to pass it in that chamber. 1,095 more words


US military contractors sued for funding terrorism in Afghanistan with ‘protection’ payments to Taliban

Bribes paid by international military contractors in Afghanistan were used by the Taliban to fund attacks on companies that didn’t make the payments, according to a lawsuit filed by families of those injured or killed as a result. 6 more words

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Happy Solstice + 6. (There's light up ahead.)

We were on the highway again, squinting at the sun as it flatlined at midday on the shortest day of the year.

“Looks like the sun is just up the road,” Swamp Rabbit said. 491 more words

Mainstream Media

Canada's Afghan mission ended in 2014 — the war is now a distant memory for most Canadians

It seems like a distant memory now but from 2006 to 2013 news outlets carried regular updates of the war in Afghanistan, reporting on Canadian soldiers being killed or wounded and chronicling attempts to provide aid and battle the Taliban. 1,622 more words

Defence Watch

The Afghanistan Fiasco and the Decline and Fall of the American Military

A devastating investigative report was published in the Washington Post on December 9th. Dubbed the “Afghanistan Papers” in a nod to the Vietnam War’s famous… 6 more words

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Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan Now, by Kurt Schlichter

The headline would have been just as appropriate in 2002, and the US would have saved much American treasure and both US and Afghan blood. From Kurt Schlichter at… 152 more words