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World Bank to provide USD 380 million to Afghanistan

The goal of the aid is to help Afghanistan “cushion the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Afghan households, support critical food supply chains, and provide emergency support to farmers,” the World Bank said in a statement.  120 more words

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US Department of State: On the Loya Jirga in Afghanistan

Washington, DC (STL.News)  Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of the US Department of State released the following statement:

The United States commends the participants of the Loya Jirga to be convened on August 7 to consolidate national support for peace.   531 more words

The World in Writing: International News from August 3 to August 6, 2020

When examining the news from the international world, it is impossible to guess how events will shape up. Things change so quickly from day to day that the international world is never static, never completely at peace and never completely at war. 1,738 more words

10 Days, 10 Countries, 10 Songs: Day 6

If asked to pick a song that represents Afghanistan as a whole, I’d probably choose something by Ahmad Zahir or Farhad Darya. They are the biggest names, though I could list dozens of other outstanding singers. 359 more words


Expansionist China: विस्तारवादी चीन की नजर अब ताजिकिस्तान पर, पामीर पहाड़ों पर जताया अपना हक

  • चीन की नजर अब ताजिकिस्तान के पामीर पहाड़ों पर
  • चीन ने कहा- पामीर पहाड़ों को हमें सौंप दिया जाना चाहिए

चीन के विस्तारवाद को नए क्षेत्र और नए देश मिल रहे हैं। अब चीन की नजर छोटे और गरीब मध्य एशियाई देशों में से एक, ताजिकिस्तान पर है। चीनी आधिकारिक मीडिया ने कहा कि पामीर पहाड़ों को चीन को सौंप दिया जाना चाहिए। चीन और तजिकिस्‍तान ने वर्ष 2010 में एक समझौते पर हस्‍ताक्षर किया था। इसके तहत उसे पामीर इलाके का 1158 किलोमीटर इलाका उसे मजबूरन देना पड़ा था। 12 more words


US Department of State: Pompeo’s Call with Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar

Washington, DC (STL.News) The following is attributable to Principal Deputy Spokesperson Cale Brown:

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo spoke today with Indian Minister of External Affairs Dr. 100 more words