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Syrian War Daily – 17th of January 2018

Hello and welcome to the 309th installment of the SWD.

Military events/news are listed below by the governorates: 1,507 more words

Military Updates

Deportation Alert and Call for Protests in #Düsseldorf, #Germany

No deportation to Afghanistan! Afghanistan is not safe!

On Tuesday, 23 January, people are to be deported from Düsseldorf Airport to Afghanistan, Kabul. We, as the Dusseldorf Alliance “Afghan outcry” in association with refugees of all backgrounds, their supporters and human rights activists, as well as numerous other initiatives and organizations from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) condemn the planned deportation and demand the immediate suspension of all deportations to Afghanistan and the recognition of the need for protection of refugees from this area. 897 more words

The United States and Pakistan: Best Frenemies Forever?

The United States is once again ratcheting up the pressure on Pakistan to fall in line with U.S. policy in Afghanistan by ending the Afghan Taliban’s enjoyment of safe haven. 1,281 more words


Interesting Facts about Himalayan Ranges you never Know

People know about the snow of Himalayas one of the youngest highest mountain chain but a surprising fact is that this mountain raises generally 20mm yearly. 190 more words