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The Flying Carpets of Afghanistan

If you want to buy a carpet in Afghanistan, then the Chicken Street is where you will find one.

The cost of carpet varies from size, material, and its manufacturing country. 51 more words


The High Walls of the Rich in Kabul

It became normal and even an expectation of the basic security requirement for expats or the influential people to live in houses like these, yes, with high walls. 87 more words


Redeployment: A Book Review

Another paper I did for my class. 

In the widening chasm between civilians and soldiers, there’s an IED on the bridge. Phil Klay’s short-story fiction collection, “Redeployment,” blows up platitudes like, “Thank you for your service,” and “Support the troops.” Humans tell stories to make sense of the condition of our being. 703 more words

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Jammu Kashmir Conflict: Potential Variables Leading to Clash of Civilizations in Himalayas....Nayyar Niaz Khan

Jammu Kashmir Conflict: Potential Variables Leading to Clash of Civilizations in Himalayas

Nayyar N Khan

Armed conflicts both on micro and macro level have always played a significant role in shaping the political trends in South Asia when visualized through the prism of modern day evolving tendencies. 1,313 more words


The War in Afghanistan and the Media's Double Standards

Walter Russell Mead is properly scathing when it comes to his discussion of the media’s coverage of the war in Afghanistan. As he reminds us, back in 2008, candidate Obama ran on the position that Afghanistan was “the necessary war,” and that he would do whatever it took to win it. 435 more words

Suicide Mission: Why a War With Iran Will End in Another Defeat for the U.S. Military Machine

MAY 2ND, 2015

imothy Alexander Guzman

(RINF) – On Hardball with Chris Matthews, a U.S. mainstream media program interviewed President Barack Obama and was asked about Russia’s decision on lifting a ban on the sale of S-300 air-defense missile systems to Iran. 1,280 more words