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Dead or alive? The story of the Taliban's missing leader Mohammed Omar

In the autumn of 2001, as a US-led invasion loomed, Taliban leader Mohammed Omar addressed his followers. He told them they faced a powerful enemy, and that death and defeat were probable in the struggle lying ahead. 7 more words


China’s Man in the Taliban

In a July 30 article in the Global Times, a nationalistic Chinese newspaper, an unnamed analyst warns that Mullah Mohammed Omar’s death will deal a heavy blow to the Taliban. 1,151 more words


Now More Than Ever: The Story of Greater Manchester CND

As the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approaches, Philip Gilligan reports on the inaugural screening of a film celebrating decades of anti-nuclear campaigning. 483 more words


Will Mullah Omar's Death Help the Islamic State?

The death of Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, confirmed by Taliban spokesmen on Thursday, introduces an element of uncertainty to Afghanistan’s future at the same time that the Afghan army and government prepare to go without U.S. 713 more words


My Kindle world tour of crime fiction #1

The retirement project: to read one crime novel set in every country listed in The Times atlas of the world.


A Curse on Dostoevsy… 280 more words


Allenby to deliver lecture on civilizational conflict

To many, the past is only a window to a time forgotten, never necessary to revisit and analyze. But a lecture today will show that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. 522 more words

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