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“The West has not brought peace and prosperity: it has destroyed what was left to be destroyed, made even more people flee a country that had already been bled dry, cut off the food supply to a population dying of hunger, and given arms back to warlords who dream of nothing but privileges, conquests and massacres.”

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“If we’re interested in women’s rights – that is, human rights – the question we have to ask about any war is always ultimately the same: what can be worse for a population than war?

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Afghan Taliban: Yes, We Did Cover Up Mullah Omar’s Death

The Afghan Taliban have used a hagiography of their new leader to issue a blunt confession about their former one, Mullah Mohammed Omar. The death of the militant leader, the insurgents admit, was covered up for nearly two years to ensure that Taliban fighters remained fully committed to the fight against the United States and its Afghan allies. 658 more words

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Afghanistan : extraits de cd

Mon ami, tu pourrais trouver les plus jolies métaphores, des alliances de mots si savoureuses qu’elles te donneraient l’impression d’être parfumées, que jamais tu ne parviendrais à décrire ce que provoque en moi la musique traditionnelle Afghane. 300 more words


German Envoy: 'US Considered Using Nukes Against Afghanistan After 9/11'

Ofer Aderet reports for Haaretz:

The United States considered using nuclear weapons against Afghanistan in response to the September 11 attacks, Der Spiegel reported on its website Saturday. 95 more words