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EKG Interpretation - Treating AFib

In the past few decades, the marriage between technological innovation and medical necessity has created countless machines capable of providing a greater

Aortic Stenosis – I am on the Mend with Time on my Side. This is my last blog on this subject. Thank you for reading.

It has been three months to the day since I was wheeled into the operating room at the Ottawa Heart Institute. On that famous day, my breastbone was sawed in half then spread apart, my lungs stopped functioning on their own, my heart ceased to beat, my aortic valve replaced with a porcine one, my heart zapped back into action, my chest closed with sternal wires and my lungs went back to breathe on their own. 951 more words

Leaky Heart Valve - Treating AFib

Read more about one of the crucial things you need to know about afib patients with a leaky heart valve condition. Know more about this AFIB abnormality

CoQ10 May Reduce Afib in Heart Failure Patients

A new randomized trial of heart failure patients found a benefit in the reduction of atrial fibrillation when CoEnzyme Q10 is supplemented.  Atrial fibrillation is a common cardiac arrhythmia which could occur in almost 27% of patients with heart failure. 290 more words


Joey's first post

I am a stroke survivor as well as a survivor from brain bleeds caused by the drug given to me for the stroke.  The intent here is to tell my story and to tell you readers how my recovery is progressing.   34 more words