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Bike ride 07/07/2015

Course and Stats.

KC to Honey Meadows to Craney Island Farms to the school complex then home. This course is fairly flat. My miles per hour was up a bit over yesterday. 112 more words


Bike ride 07/06/2015

Course and Stats.

Did some yard work then decided to go out and do a short bike ride.

I went up into Totopotmy, back into KC, over to Honey Meadows then over through the school complexes. 177 more words


Treatment of Afib in WPW Syndrome

Remember Adenosine, Beta Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers are Contra indicated in WPW!!

So, the treatment would be,

HEMODYNAMICALLY UNSTABLE patient: Electric Cardioversion

STABLE patient: Procainamide (Class Ia), Ibutilide/Amiodarone (Class III)


A May Setback

There’s a feeling I get when I first wake up from a cardioversion procedure and stare up at the heart monitor to see my heart beating normally. 174 more words

Atrial Fibrillation & The Cyclist

(I started work on this yesterday, that’s why it’s dated yesterday. Wanted to get it up the same day, but needed up helping my partner with a quilt! ^.^)


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marty Bass and Linh Bui have Coffee With Howie Mandel to talk about AFib — and the ‘Fibs or Facts’ campaign.

Ron Matz has People Are Talking about the Taste of Pikesville. 13 more words

Morning Edition