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Today's Farewell Speech

Sanibonani, one last time!

I didn’t expect to feel quite so sad today – I thought this would be a celebration of my time at the… 473 more words


BonsaiLunacy - What This Blog Is And Why I Created It

Hi there! I suppose I should introduce myself before anything else.

I’m a Colorado high schooler who recently developed a passion for bonsai. This blog is just as much a learning experience for me as it is a place to store my work and display it. 344 more words

Bergo AFRA

Numpang promosi yaaa

Jual Jilbab Bergo AFRA

● bahan kaos PE Double, adem, tidak mencetak di badan
● simpel, mudah digunakan, tetap bisa terlihat trendy… 17 more words

My Heroine for All Time: Beatrice Achaleke

This month we are celebrating women who inspire us!

So, I want to share with you the profile and bond I have with a very dynamic, dedicated and accomplished woman. 634 more words


[PHOTO] Chairmate List

Kenapa cuma 8 orang?
Nah itu! karena banyak yang kga mau difoto -.-
Jadi ya beberapa dulu~ Awalnya mau dilanjutin besoknya eh tapi kga kesampaian terus :D hehehe-