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how dangerous is dangerous

Another South African writers adds his voice in the ongoing debate caused by remarks made by that other writer Thando Mgqolozala. This new voice belongs to… 14 more words


cowardice and courage

Thando Mgqolozana is not the first one who wants to opt out of the festival. The writer Molefe has a few decided not to turn up at the Franschhoek Literary festival. 9 more words


clouds #2 by Mar4ello

As Seen on 500px – May 23, 2015 at 05:15PM


disturbing the peace

Marianne Thamm writes about a genteel peace at Franschhoek Literary Festival that was disturbed. She was on the panel when it all happened, so this is a firsthand account and reflection.


karobo kgoleng weighs in

A South African art journalist who has chaired several sessions at the Franschhoek Literary Festival gives her opinion. Karabo Kgoleng takes a wider perspective, and she looks at more than festivals and literary circles.


take a long hard look

Yet another voice calling to have a hard look. A look at overt racism. A look at covert racism. A look at a nation that is getting on its feet and that has to deal with its history. 9 more words


ek is baie bly

Here is another voice. The voice of someone is is very glad that Thando has raised his vocie for he touched important issues. The man who is very glad is… 15 more words