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Incredible Holidays Of A Lifetime For Nature Lovers

If you love nothing better than getting up close and personal to wildlife of all shapes and sizes, then the chances are you are looking for a vacation that will satisfy your craving to see animals in their natural habitat. 497 more words

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Africans Should Decide What Is Best for Them, Kagame to the West

By Collins Mwai

President Paul Kagame spoke out against the tendency by Western countries and a section of the international community to impose their wishes on African countries. 853 more words

Africa: Will the West Ever Allow Africa to Create Her Own Pictures?

Photo: The East African, The Africa We Want.

By Pan Butamire

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” we are constantly told. However, none has considered con artists who paint replicas of our pictures and accompany them with trumped-up interpretations. 1,044 more words

Africa: More Than a Billion Live On Degraded Land, At Risk of Hunger - UN

Photo: The Equator Prize, Degraded soil due to erosion.

By Alex Whiting

Rome — “We cannot prevent drought but we can prevent the calamity and crisis that comes with that” 418 more words
Crimes Against Humanity

Africa Is Rich in Diamonds but Still Poor

Photo: allafrica.com, Africa is rich in mineral resources such as diamonds.
For months now, Africa’s rough diamonds have been increasing in value but the sale proceeds do not reach the people. 887 more words
Human Rights Violations

The African Retail Market

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the African retail market is characterised by approximately 90% of transactions occurring through informal channels. 489 more words

World's Cartographers Scramble To Locate Nambia, Africa's Newest Covfefe

As a Cartographer of The Order of Knights, John Williams can recreate, from memory, a detailed map of every major landmass on earth, including international borders, all lakes over 100 square-kilometres, and towns with more than one ATM. 263 more words