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Exploring Africa: Curricula and More

One of us studied for a graduate degree in African politics and remains interested in both current political developments and the question of how to introduce American students to (some of) the history, politics, and cultures on the continent — which has more than 50 countries and is approaching 1 billion inhabitants. 466 more words

High School

Close Encounters with African Elephants on the Chobe River

It is time to head out once again on the tenders for an afternoon of wildlife spotting; today we are hoping to see savannah elephants. The African elephant is the largest animal that walks this earth and their herds wander through 37 countries in Africa. 25 more words


Yemen’s Past and Perspectives are in Africa, not a fictitious 'Arab' world

This is a 2-part video series based on a paper about the history of Yemen and its relationship with Africa vs. the Middle East. The two videos together are almost an hour or you can read all the material in the paper:  563 more words


Text analysis from Birago Diop’s Tales of Amadou Koumba (“The Humps”)

Later, when Koumba came into contact with grownups… the other, spiteful, cantankerous, and peevish as a bear with a sore head.

771 more words

Egyptian man reportedly injures wife brutally for opening a facebook account.

An Egyptian man brutally tortured his wife and locked her up upon discovering that she set up a Facebook page after he refused to create an account for her. 148 more words



Gimme some tobacco. 

I wanna smoke.


They say it ain’t good for me 

but my neurons love it to death.

They say it’s bad for my health.  54 more words


Giraffe Manor – Café Com as Girafas Rothschild

Talvez você já tenha visto alguma foto de pessoas tomando tranquilamente seu café da manhã, enquanto algumas girafas colocam a cabeça para dentro das janelas. Talvez você tenha pensado que era algum tipo de montagem, como eu pensei da primeira vez. 712 more words