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Missy Salick | Founder of Virgo Girl Media

Meet Missy Salick.

Missy self-published her first novel and soon after, decided to dedicate her time helping others “turn their passion into profit” with the establishing of Virgo Girl Media. 625 more words


African Americans Ain't Africans Radio Presents: The Summer Thus Far...

Join us on Tuesday July 14th, 2015 as we discuss the events of the summer used to distract us from Trans Pacific Partnership, and what they mean to the African American. 59 more words



Since moving from the city to the country a few years ago, the major difference between the two environments is and always will be life. In the city, life is centered around trying not to be bored by finding something to do. 236 more words


A poem...

I said it before, I’ll say it again

African Americans Ain’t Africans.

Now many will laugh and some will attack

That’s all they do, but they never bring facts. 153 more words