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Down In The Delta; MudBound Explores Racism In Post War Mississippi

Two families from different back grounds with one common interest; Mississippi farmland.

In Mudbound the Jackson’s, an African American family of sharecroppers struggle to survive. Hap Jackson, played by Rob Morgan, husband to Florence Jackson, played by Mary J. 312 more words

African American Community

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah; How He Struggled With Racism, Religion And Self Identity

Trevor Noah tackles race, religion and how he struggled with his identity while growing up in South Africa during apartheid in “Born A Crime”.  535 more words


Get To Know: Filmmaker Phillip Johnson

Van Buren: Do you prefer filmmaker or film director?

Johnson: Filmmaker (even though I wear many hats, camera, editor, sound and lighting, producer, and writer) – Hopefully I will outsource most of that for larger projects and continue wearing many hats for smaller personal projects. 900 more words

African American Community

The Tale Of Catherine Devereux part 3.

After a week had gone by no one seemed to mention the slaves that were last seen leaving with the white woman. To the slave quarters everyone went to end the work day. 993 more words


Why We Must Never Forget Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass is recognized as the first black man to receive a federal appointment requiring Senate approval, serving as a U.S. Marshall of Washington D.C. It is this and many other notable accomplishments that makes Douglass an important figure in not just African American history, but American history. 493 more words


The Tale Of Catherine Devereux part 2.

“So if the slaves worked hard they didn’t have to worry about getting whipped?,” asked Zoe.

“Not necessarily, overseers sometimes found reasons to whip the slaves.” 305 more words


The Tale of Catherine Devereux part 1.

“Zoe how was school?”


“Just ok?”


“What did you learn today?”

“Since its black history month we talked about Martin Luther King in History class.” 320 more words