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The Sidewalk

There’s this woman who sits outside a convenience store I pass sometimes. I first was drawn to her because it was strange for me to see a woman, who could easily be my mother, sitting outside on the ground. 580 more words

My Friend's Husband Sent Her to the ER

A friend and I were making plans to get together.  It had been a while since we’d hung out, too long.  She crossed my mind and I thought it was odd that we hadn’t talked but she’s married and I’m single.   766 more words


Solange Knowles headlines progressive 'Peace Ball'

WASHINGTON (AP) — The main attraction, Solange Knowles, didn’t hit the stage until close to midnight, but the 3,000 or so enthusiastic guests packed into the National Museum of African American History and Culture weren’t going anywhere. 543 more words


"...when ure hero falls"

So this week, two things happened that shook the African-American community:  the first was Bishop Eddie Long passed and the second was Steve Harvey met with President Elect Donald Trump.   685 more words

Trump’s America: What Trump’s policies mean for the Black community and how we can hold his administration and ourselves accountable in the revitalization of Black communities

I wrote an article about Trump’s policies and proposed alternatives and solutions to problems Black Americans face in many of our communities. You can read the article by clicking the link below. 9 more words


Hospice and the Need For Community Education

According to this 2015 article from New York Times, federal statistics showed that “nearly half of white Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in hospice before death, compared with only a third of black patients”.  81 more words

Senior Older Adult And Elderly

Very Superstitious

In one of the stories I’m currently working on, my protagonist, Ruby, purposely drops a mirror on the floor. The act is a defiant disavowal of the superstition that says, break a mirror and suffer seven years of trouble for it. 715 more words