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I Was A Teenaged Game Designer

The historical meaning of a subculture is continually recreated as time goes on. Unfortunately, I believe that the subversiveness and artistic value of some of my favourite game and music scenes are now being claimed by sexist and reactionary forces (associated with what we vaguely call the “alt-right”). 1,876 more words


Claudia Rankin

Yes, and the body has memory. The physical carriage hauls more than its weight. The body is the threshold across which each objectionable call passes into consciousness-all the unintimidated, unblinking, and unflappable resilience does not erase the moments lived through, even as we are eternally stupid or everlastingly optimistic, so ready to be inside, among, a part of the games. 14 more words


Tracy K. Smith

When Your Small Form Tumbled into Me

I lay sprawled like a big-game rug across the bed:
Belly down, legs wishbone-wide. It was winter.
Workaday. Your father swung his feet to the floor. 105 more words


Illinois City Elects First Negro Woman Mayor

From News One.Com:

Illinois City Elects First Black Woman Mayor

Mayor-elect Allison Madison says she wants to focus on youth enrichment and other community improvements.

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