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Ghana Chronicles: Preventing Illness 

So yeah- I didn’t sleep on the flight at all but the wine, coffee and 2 glasses of orange juice helped my headache go away. I also overdosed on water just in case I was dehydrated.  123 more words

I Go. I See. I Do.

Pi Day Family Photo in Paris

Where do I begin with this lazy Saturday filled with basketball?  I know that the high school kids out there took the SAT this morning but I didn’t think that the brain drain would extend itself to someone so far removed from such mental gymnastics.   208 more words

African American Culture

Black People Code Switching with Other Black People

Dave Chappelle hilariously said it in his famous Inside the Actor’s Studio interview, “every black American is bilingual. We speak street vernacular. We speak job interview.” Chappelle was referring to what a lot of us black folks and sociology majors refer to as “code switching”. 496 more words

Bomb Girl Zedeka Poindexter Draws on Family, Food and Angst for her Poetry

This is a breakout season in the life and career of Omaha slam poetry champion Zedeka Poindexter.  Her work is getting in front of more and more people thanks to her live and YouTube performances, her readings, and her published pieces.   1,573 more words


From the heart: Tunette Powell tells it like it is

Tunette Powell has taken Omaha by storm since blowing into town like a mini-hurricane a few years ago.  This journalist, author, speaker, nonprofit co-founder, mother, and daughter is a high energy, speak-her-mind advocate for giving at-risk young people the foundational support they need to heal wounds and to pursue dreams.   1,061 more words


Romare: Projections

I was a massive fan of Romare’s Meditations of Afrocentrism when it was released back in 2012. At the time I was taking a literature module at University that focused on the works of Toni Morrison but that introduced me to a whole load of African American literature and culture that I had previously been unaware of. 547 more words


Black Out African-European-American Family Edition

Oh Tumblr is talking about it so it must be true.  I must admit that I have loved seeing all of the beautiful black people so far.   128 more words

African American Culture