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Toni Morrison

There is really nothing more to say—except why. But since why is difficult to handle, one must take refuge in the how. — Toni Morrison, … 7 more words


Yusef Komunyaka

I stared at a tree against dusk
Till it was a girl
Standing beside a country road
Shucking cane with her teeth.
She looked up & smiled… 29 more words


Alice Walker

When life descends into the pit
I must become my own candle
willingly burning myself
to light up the darkness around me.

— Alice Walker, 13 more words


Camille Dungy

I guess I thought
you were hungry
for something beautiful.
Come now. The brightness here
might fill you up.

— Camille Dungy, “What to Eat, What to Drink, and What to Leave for Poison,” … 18 more words


Have the 1990s Caught Up with Us?

My country is in turmoil. We’ve lost our way somehow, reversing the very precedents that those before us worked tirelessly to establish, diminishing our souls by desensitizing our minds to death and our hearts to injustice. 1,132 more words


Morgan Parker

Today darling I am rising
from the lavender bathtub
of self-loathing. I don’t take drugs
to shut up I take off
my pants when I get home… 55 more words


Brenda Marie Osbey

the first thing you learn about desire
is that it does not wear down with time.
there comes a time
when you can no longer get your pleasure… 38 more words