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Goings on at the museum

With the many activities and the Facebook site, I sometimes do not post here often. Many things are evolving.

There is work being done to better manage the painting of the mural. 241 more words

African American History

Old school song of the day " Motherless child. " Poetic commentary by Brotha Askari

No matter how hard we try otherwise, there are those of us who ALWAYS feel like a MOTHERLESS/FATHERLESS child. And that’s even when Mama and Daddy are living in the same TOWN, the same STATE, or, a few blocks down the STREET. 110 more words

African American History

Commentary: Race, politics, and, me.

Dis commentary is in response to readers who continue to ask, ” Why don’t I talk more about race and politics? ” I enjoy receiving such questions because they give me a chance to express my personal opinions and beliefs. 488 more words

African American History

" Funky stuff " by brotha Askari.

Summer Madness and Funky Stuff go hand n hand – when da BAND – is around to – FUNK thangs up. FUNKY STUFF is da ESSENCE of FRIENDSHIP. 70 more words

African American History


Make tonight a time of peace, rest, and reflection. Today is ovah n done. Gone. And, believe it or not, it ain gon wait on us to catch up. 229 more words

Black history for families. The attack on single black mothers.

Make no mistake about it. The single-black mother is under some SERIOUS attacks from people you wouldn’t even imagine! From the LEFT. From the MIDDLE. From the DOWN UNDER. 653 more words

African American History