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You're never alone...

You’re never alone, which should be a comfort to those who are strruggling with loneliness. Take a walk outside and behold da unending beauty of Earth and da creations of The Great Spirit in The Sky.

African American History

Our Man in Charleston, by Christopher Dickey *****

This is the most fascinating book I’ve read in a long time! Equal parts biography and American Civil War nonfiction, it details the experiences of Britain’s foremost spy, Robert Bunch, who was living in Charleston, South Carolina when the Civil War began and for its duration. 1,947 more words

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Mama by Quincy Hott

Assessing this biologically, you are what your mother is. She contributed more genetic make up. All men contribute is 5 picograms of nDNA matching the Woman’s nDNA, that’s it. 112 more words


African Americans Ain't Africans Radio Presents: Construct of the Sword...

African Americans don’t have a language, culture, spiritual practice or mind. Everything they have they have gotten, they have gotten from foreigners intent on confusing them. 63 more words


You got a Big or a Lil Momma?

In African American Culture, da names Lil Momma and Big Momma signifies an honorable  position of power in African American families, and it has nothin to do wid physical size, although in some families, size does determine who will wear da name. 171 more words

African American History

La Española: the earliest recorded Blacks in the early Colonial Americas

La Española, the island now divided into the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti, existed first as a Spanish colony during the entire sixteenth century, when its population became the first one in the Americas with a majority of people of African descent. 384 more words

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Ever Wonder Why the Fleur de Lis is So Popular?

Humans have adorned themselves for thousands of years. The Scots have colorful plaids that represent their tribe, Pacific Northwest Indians tattooed their chins, the Jews have the Star of David, Christians have the cross… seems everybody has a group they identify with. 252 more words

African American History