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The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp


Codis Hampton II’s Episodic Thoughts of Hamp Offers Fly-on-the-Wall Insights on Movers and Shakers


Episodic Thoughts treats readers to amusing observations on the private discussions of movers and shakers and lawmakers. 582 more words

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It's Another Family Reunion

You ever wonder why old folks like to bring up the past. Sure, one of the reason is that it reminds them of their younger days when they were spry, fit and could chase the wind without a care in the world. 1,692 more words

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Black Hair Care, Open To All Entrepreneurs

Sometime last year, I was surprised to learn that the United States 1965 decision to ban the import of any wig that contained hair from China contributed to the Koreans domination of the US Black Hair Care Industry.  1,375 more words

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Al Sharpton launches hunger strike for Lynch confirmation

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s advocacy group and female civil rights leaders launched a hunger strike Wednesday to press for the confirmation of U.S. attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch. 8 more words

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Joe "The Black Eagle" Madison does 52 straight hours of talk radio!

SIRIUSXM’s JOE MADISON achieved the historic goal of a 52-hour marathon broadcast, which raised more than $150,000 for the construction of the SMITHSONIAN’s NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE – See more at: … 6 more words

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The walking Dead's add a black guy, kill a black guy rule

Now let me first state that I love AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s my favorite TV show. It’s also one of the most diverse shows on television But I have noticed one troublesome trend, being the old black male character when a new black male character shows up is the equivalent of being a “red shirt” on Star Trek. 24 more words

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