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Don't Take Our Kindness for Weakness or Stupidity

Author’s Note: This is the fourth article of four; all dealing with the subject of reaching certain ages in your life.  Codis Hampton II

Some day’s we wonder; if after seeming clueless to others should we say something to destroy their image of us? 1,259 more words

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Will The Donald's Rebranding Work?

I look at Morning Joe, and other shows where the host/hostess is clearly Republican voters are almost begging Donald Trump to take a vacation. Don’t say anything, they advise. 1,488 more words

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Reaching the Age of The 50's Plus Decade

Author’s Note: This is the second article of four; all dealing with the subject of reaching certain ages in your life.

Here is a thought, supposed you turned fifty to sixty years old during one of the last few months. 1,374 more words

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Checking Our Life Progress at Age Forty

My online pastor, don’t trip, I also attend First Baptist in Pittsburg. As I was saying, a few Sunday’s ago Doctor Lance Watson of Saint Paul’s Baptist (Richmond, VA.) began a new sermon series.  1,233 more words

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Amazon.com the online hot spot for the amazing and uniquely designed! (see things you wouldn't ordinarily see elsewhere with Amazon

What do you think when you hear the website Amazon.com?
I personally think of a site where you can buy stuff
with a really amazing presentation . 343 more words

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African American skateboarders on the prowl, the story!

What’s something new I’d like to try? Skateboarding! I want to

skateboard through the city of Detroit. Well, while were on

the subject of skateboarding, I’d like to mention someone… 266 more words

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Dalila (DD) Dynes, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Dalila (DD) Dynes, a practicing hair stylist was the owner-manager of a North Oakland Salon for the last sixteen years. Her specialty was serving a diverse clientele with varying hair color and texture. 754 more words

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