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It's Much Deeper Than The Donald's Audio Tape

Wow! It took an audio tape where the Donald was clearly heard talking about grouping women in general and one woman in particular. A tape where he actually used the P word when referring to a woman’s gentiles.   1,728 more words

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Martin Davis, a young African American designer for General Motors designs cars!

I’ve seen so many cars. I see my top three favorite cars most

often. So I decided to look up which cars are designed by… 409 more words

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Robert Smalls, the black slave who sailed his way to freedom!

Do you the different ways black slaves escaped to freedom?

Do you know about Henry Box Brown, the black man who

mailed himself to freedom? Well, in order to survive, the… 211 more words

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Will You Cast Your Vote For Our Country?

One Trump supporter said that his candidate won the first thirty-six minutes of Monday night’s debate. He touted his slamming of Mrs. Clinton on the trade pacts that are so unpopular with a majority of US blue collar workers. 1,134 more words

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ACT's Symposium Request for Dialog

ACT (Antioch Community Team) sponsored a symposium that I attended last Saturday evening. The issues of why police are shooting and killing black folks at an alarming rate of consistency were the topic. 1,617 more words

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Don't Take Our Kindness for Weakness or Stupidity

Author’s Note: This is the fourth article of four; all dealing with the subject of reaching certain ages in your life.  Codis Hampton II

Some day’s we wonder; if after seeming clueless to others should we say something to destroy their image of us? 1,259 more words

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Will The Donald's Rebranding Work?

I look at Morning Joe, and other shows where the host/hostess is clearly Republican voters are almost begging Donald Trump to take a vacation. Don’t say anything, they advise. 1,488 more words

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