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The NFL's lack of Public Relations

The older I get, the more impatient I get with stupidity. Not your normal dumb things we do as humans. Because I would have a lot of problems with a few of my personal decisions. 917 more words

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Forty-Niner's Linebacker guilty until proven innocent?

I caught myself becoming more conservative in my approach to solving issues the other day. As always, a friend of mine and I were talking Niner football before the beginning of church service. 1,216 more words

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By Bhekizitha

Listening, reading and viewing the news can be a challenge for African-Americans because most present-day white journalist are opinion commentators rather than messengers of events (look at CNN, better yet, don’t look at CNN) and since African-Americans have a paucity of black owned news companies; indeed, many are celebrity gossip sites, real issues are not highlighted which affect black Americans and for that matter Africans across the globe. 189 more words

Misguided Intentions, the Book. # 2 Update.

From birth through our teens we experience quite a bit of life that is out of our control. One could say we are not in command of our lives during that period. 927 more words

African-American News

Georgia Cemetery Honors Unmarked African-American Graves

Discriminated against in life, they were forgotten by their community in death, buried in unmarked graves in the back of the Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, Georgia. 654 more words

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