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The Warmth of Other Suns ~ Isabelle Wilkerson

Been reading this wonderful book about the great migration.  I can’t say enough about it. Though I am not finished yet, there are some things I would love to share about it. 626 more words

A Good Word

Communication Is Still A Problem For Some

Over the years, I’ve written a few blogs and articles whereas the subject matter is communication. Specifically, written examples of miscommunication between people or loved ones.  1,761 more words

African-American News

The African Holistic Health Book tells you the natural way to treat illnesses and the acheivements of black people!

What are  two more important topics in the world besides money,

a car, a house, long hair, and a thin body?  Health and black History… 306 more words

Black People

Clementine Hunter, an African AMerican woman so jazzy with her oil paints!!

Clementine Hunter, an African AMerican woman born 1886,

was a folk artist who use to spend time in the cotton fields.

Oh, what a blessing. She spent her time in the cotton fields. 285 more words

Black People

It's Much Deeper Than The Donald's Audio Tape

Wow! It took an audio tape where the Donald was clearly heard talking about grouping women in general and one woman in particular. A tape where he actually used the P word when referring to a woman’s gentiles.   1,728 more words

African-American News

Martin Davis, a young African American designer for General Motors designs cars!

I’ve seen so many cars. I see my top three favorite cars most

often. So I decided to look up which cars are designed by… 409 more words

African Americans

Robert Smalls, the black slave who sailed his way to freedom!

Do you the different ways black slaves escaped to freedom?

Do you know about Henry Box Brown, the black man who

mailed himself to freedom? Well, in order to survive, the… 211 more words

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