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Reaching Judgment without all the Facts

How many people you know can look at a disagreement at the mall or some public place and tell you who is wrong? Hearing a few words from the participants will provide enough background to convince them they were right with their first evaluation of the scene. 1,170 more words

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Misguided Intentions, the Book

From birth through our teens we experience quite a bit of life that is out of our control. One could say we are not in command of our lives during that period. 805 more words

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A Visit to Home Sweet Home

Although I love living in Pittsburg, I do enjoy our visits back home. We go as often as we can manage to do it. It provides a chance to walk or ride down memory lane. 793 more words

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2017 Update of Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Book.

      Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953. Over the last several Arkansas , Gracie Hall-Hampton had become somewhat callous in her mannerisms. Friends, family, as well as a foe, say dealing with her could be a difficult task. 1,472 more words

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One Trick Pony or Jack of all Trades?

Some of you millennials may not have heard the term ‘One Trick Pony.’ For those who haven’t let me explain how it relates to people, places and things. 1,246 more words

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This, That, and so on;Vol III, March 2017

This, That and so on…Vol III, March 2017

I look at what is going on in the political world and immediately think about the Bush-Chaney White House. 1,434 more words

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