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who knew

the complexity of

human love

is incomprehensible

yet every night

i look at my phone

your name appears

and my heart

seems to comprehend

what this feeling… 11 more words


two minorities diverged in a yellow wood

and they both wish they hadn’t

blinded with blue and red

but really white at that

pulled his gun from his side… 14 more words

When The "Public" You Collides With The "Private" You....

Black History: Special Delivery!!

A powerful quote from our Black Mail founder, Enid Gaddis.

Something for my sisters to ponder……..

“When the public you collides with the private you……. 138 more words

Black History

touch me

i left it in your hands

simply because

they’re bigger than mine

and i’m sure they can

carry much more than

i can.

but ¬†you touched me… 31 more words

thoughts change

between the early morning

and the late night

but this morning

i couldnt help but

wonder how my life

would be if every day… 24 more words

my soul longs for

the day that my

body will catch up

with my man

but until then

i will continue

to be


black… 10 more words

if we can

lets come to

some sort of


and i promise

to abide by

every unwritten

piece of our


but you have… 6 more words